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  1. How will we do that with our current cap situation and glaring holes all over the defense. DL, and S to be specific. Can we keep Oluokun?
  2. Exactly and nothing was accomplished then. The backloading of his contract begins now. Unless he restructures.
  3. I wish that were true. We have no depth and lack quality starters in multiple positions. QB - If Matt Ryan gets injured it's over. Our long-term backup just retired. RB - Don't get me started. I don't think that our RBs would start for any other team. They might even be 3rd stringers. Hill is a solid back up, but he's not the guy. We always get a gritty FB that does their job. No worries there WR - the most talented position on the team with the most depth. If JJ can stay healthy and he's not traded we all know CR is the man, and we Treadwell, and Zaccheus show promise to hang
  4. Wow Alex Mack has regressed. Well at least there's hope, according to PFF, for the future since the 3 OL are relatively young.
  5. Trade down and draft Kyle Pitts??? May as well trade down into the 2nd round and draft a RB.
  6. Hmm... their former head coach / GM did everything in his power to sabotage the Texans by getting rid of all the talent for nothing.
  7. If given the opportunity, the Falcons should move on from him as well. I appreciate all of his services. Julio (and MR) has been a great Falcon but we're not going to win a Super Bowl with him either.
  8. Yeah but how many rings does he have? Yeah I already know you're going to say it's not his fault, but we're not going to win one with MR. Let him get a chance to win a ring if possible. With all of the glaring holes this team has, his contract (along with Julio's) is one of the reasons why the team won't be able to fix these issues due to depth and having to sign cheap cast offs (see Gurley)
  9. Because of his and Julio's contracts. We can't sign much depth because of their contracts. We'll have to win on the strength of those two and a few others alone.
  10. I hope this is right, because his and Julios salary are stifling the team's chance to sign more depth, so we'll have to win with those two, Ridley, Foye, Jarrett, Jones, etc.
  11. Understandable, but I don't know how much draft capital they'd be willing to give up for Rico.
  12. Rico to Dallas, and Takk to whoever might be feasible. Might can get a 6th and a 7th respectively. Maybe
  13. Mack might net us a pick. The others.... teams may just try them in free agency to see if they can make a roster.
  14. Would "your" hamstring magically be healed? "Your" contract makes "you" a Falcon for life. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/julio-jones-7721/
  15. "You know we just have to execute in all three phases..."
  16. The defense actually did their job! Now let's see if the offense can answer...
  17. If he wasn't so injury prone, he'd probably be traded by now. I hope we can get something for Takk.
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