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  1. According to Pro Football Reference, the Falcons had the last ranked pass defense, the 6th ranked rushing defense, and the #19 overall total defense. With the meltdowns in 2020, I suppose I overlooked the bright side of how great the team was against the run. This is promising! If we can keep the relevant cap casualties to a minimum, form some type of pass rush, shore up the safety positions then I believe that the defense is salvageable as is without having to do a full overhaul of the team to address the defense. Which players do you think we'll be outright cut, or signed aw
  2. With the Jags's dumpster defense, they had better use that pick for a defensive prospect. I could live with the Falcons taking a RB in the 2nd round, but I won't be mad if they don't. A lot of great running backs come in the later rounds, are even undrafted. Here's hoping finding that diamond in the rough. If there's one back worth reaching for (not a pick #4 mind you), I feel it is Najee Harris. I've been following him since high school. With the right team and coaching, he could be a franchise changing running back. If he makes it past the first round, I'll be shocked.
  3. I don't think the Jags would even consider that trade if Ryan was added to the package.
  4. I equate Matt Ryan to Joe Johnson, formerly, of the Hawks. Both are/were great players for Atlanta, but with contracts that are detrimental to the team's overall growth. The same could be said of Julio Jones, so I'm not just picking on Matt. I'd even argue that the Hawks were, overall, more successful with Joe Johnson on the roster than the Falcons have been with MR & JJ. Yet, people were elated when Danny Ferry found a way to offload Joe and the abysmal contract to the Nets. I think the majority of Falcons fans, especially on this board, will be pissed if either player gets traded (i
  5. A healthy Julio Jones (considering he's not traded) Matt Ryan gelling with the new playbook (considering he's not traded) A C and LG and o-line depth for the inevitable injuries Definitely a starting quality running back and solid backup. Minimal players out from COVID-19
  6. A lot of people seem to be sold on Gono. I remember watching him, literally, getting tossed around like a rag doll out there play after play; both run and pass. I hope I'm wrong and you all are right.
  7. Good take. We also will need a safety or two. I think Rico will be cut outright, and Neal may be a cap casualty. We'll see.
  8. Inquiring minds would like to know, what do you think will happen with Alex Mack?
  9. Promising footage, but this is the Jags...
  10. Matt Ryan's play is not the reason that his job is in limbo; it's his contract. He'll probably restructure again, to free up some cap. Julio Jones seems to be in a similar position. https://bloggingdirty.com/2020/11/09/matt-ryan-cap-numbers/#:~:text=After looking at possible options,million cap number in 2021.
  11. Agreed, that guy is the Jeff Fisher of defensive coordinators.
  12. I want a Super Bowl and we're not going to get that with Matt and Julio contracts, as they are today, on the books. We can barely make the playoffs; better yet, we can't even get a winning record. So that must make you one of those "Falcons for life" that got us in this situation in the first place. https://overthecap.com/free-agency/atlanta-falcons/ Most of these 2021 free agents are going to be released. There's only a handful worth signing with no cap space. Mack, Hill, and Neal will be cap casualties. Gurley & Harris should be released outright. Koo will want more money
  13. OK so the coaching can be fixed now since that it's a clean slate. Draft a RB yeah that's a start since we have backups on the roster now. We have to start investing in a C since Mack's best days are behind him. We could use another G & T on offense too for depth since OL are often injured. The defense has way too many holes. We need at least one new starting S, another CB to start alongside Terrell, another DE that can pressure the QB yet also seal the edge running lanes, so that maybe Fowler can do something. More depth at LB and on the D-LINE. And that's before the cap
  14. So what do you suggest, more missed playoffs until Matt retires or leaves after his contract is up? Would you say that the Bucs acquiring Tom Brady was a bad move since they didn't draft him, they should have drafted a QB instead so they could build via the draft?
  15. Yeah and how long will it take for that to pan out? We only get 7 picks (barring any trades), we have so many holes on the team and whiffs on high draft picks. It's not like we're going to win the Super Bowl because of a few draft picks from 2021. Matt Ryan and Julio probably have a few good seasons left. Savvy free agent acquisitions and trades along with draft picks can change the directory of a team. If we're solely building a roster through the draft then that sounds like the beginning of a rebuild, and we need to clear up some cap space to keep the young promising talent rather than
  16. We could, but unless we are extremely lucky and all of these draft picks make the team and become solid contributors in 3 years.
  17. It's not so much as Matt Ryan the player being the problem, it's his contract. Especially now. He took a few team friendly extension which allowed the Falcons some talent, but now the money is due, and the team is devoid of talent and depth at certain positions. Before I get labeled a "Matt Ryan hater," Julio falls in this same boat! Not so much the player, but his contract. That's why Blank was saying don't be surprised if they are traded. I wonder if Matt or Julio would restructure their contracts again?
  18. Who knows, but at least we could build a roster without Matt's salary on the books.
  19. Bledsoe was a franchise QB for the Patriots; he gets injured. In trots this guy named Tom Brady...
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