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  1. This signing is nice but I hope we still draft a QB in the later rounds. Maybe a shot in the dark.
  2. Leaning towards the Bucs. They do have the home field advantage after all.
  3. The Texans put themselves in this situation. They offered/promised Watson a say in the hiring process, and then reneged on said promise. It backfired and now they have a disgruntled player. Why did they even bother, if they weren't going to uphold their word? I'm sure if the situation were reversed and Watson broke his word, people would still flame him.
  4. The DC is in his 70s and experienced, so what does that mean? Also we don't have the cap space to rebuild anything, so if we take a QB here, then that would mean either JJ, or MR are gone.
  5. Eyeing is one thing, but selecting is another. We'll see... But if we do select a QB at #4, then I guess that means a rebuild is on the way?
  6. First and foremost, figure out a way to establish a pass rush and get at least 30 sacks in a season. Last year we had 29 and the year before 28...
  7. Wow already?! Time flies. Yeah he's about to get a nice pay day!
  8. Wow. The Rams could have asked for Golliday too or something lol.
  9. Yes. TD had his moments and great picks, but there were a ton more mediocre to terrible picks mixed in. When cast off of Atlanta most of these picks didn't do anything elsewhere.
  10. Perhaps team threw all over them because they realized they couldn't get anything on the ground going. Also most teams in the NFL run the ball if they have large leads. If the offense (DK) was at fault, then that means that the defense would have to stop more runs. The zone defense with a lack of pass rush was shredded, I haven't looked this up, but I bet Atlanta gave up the most YAC from that raggedy zone and poor open field tackling. I'm hoping Pees comes in changes this and the defense improves drastically. Initially I was thinking that there were too many holes to fill on defen
  11. I believe it's the bend but don't break philosophy. They may be afraid of giving up a big play if they commit too hard and get burned in the process, or miss a tackle.
  12. Yeah a change of pace back, but he could be a salvageable two if necessary though.
  13. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Good catch! I corrected it. Blame it on lack of coffee and wishful thinking!
  14. C'mon you have to put some "respeck" on Hill's name. To be able to do this in the NFL requires some type of talent and skill (brilliance) and great blocking 🤣: We were missing some key components. Julio was often injured, and so was Gurley. Oh yeah not to forget Gage with the knee injury. The starting OL, as expected, suffered injures as well.
  15. They started to find their own, although that zone was consistently bad.
  16. Hill showed flashes of brilliance, but he's not an every down back. That's for sure.
  17. True. The bend but don't break approach was constantly broken. Teams would carve up the zone for easy scores.
  18. I know! If I recall, the first game we had two sacks against Wilson. I was so excited. Being that sacks were hard to come by in 2019. Then everything fell apart.
  19. The only way we should keep Allen is if he takes a team friendly contract, but if he wants to see if he can get paid elsewhere so be it. I say keep Brian Hill as a change of pace running back. for a one-two punch, but we need to find the "one".
  20. Well if you recall the first few games (not sure how anyone could forget) the Falcons had leads, so the teams had to abandon the run and pass to comeback and get, against all odds, wins. Also when having a large lead, a lot of teams tend to run the ball to burn the clock.
  21. Starting quality LG - the vast majority of people on the board are sold on Gono, but I'm not; we'll see. Starting quality C - Mack is more than likely gone in free agency, if he doesn't retire. Hennessy was drafted to be his successor. Will a newcomer challenge Hennessy's succession? Starting quality HB - Woeful was the run game. Hill showed flashes of brilliance, but he seems to be more of a change of pace back than a full time started. We need a 3 down starter. Gurley is not that guy anymore. Hopefully we can strike gold here with an undrafted free agent Dynamic play calli
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