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  1. We have a bye week to heal up before going up against a division rival.
  2. Shanked punt. no wonder he was sitting on the couch until recently
  3. And now watch after this turnover if he comes out guns blazing...
  4. Yes!!! We need to keep this up and don't let the foot off of the gas put up 50 on them if they have to!
  5. OK we know the Falcons usually come out looking good the 1st quarter. Can they keep this up for the next 3 and maintain the lead is the question!?
  6. No. I'm not saying that at all... We should have gotten a first down.
  7. He needs to call out that series where we went 3 and out and punted with our kicker. That's some BS
  8. On the post game press conference, AS said he went with Davis because do ball security and trusting him in that situation... Well he secured the ball, just not the first down.
  9. So that explains why he ran with Davis the last drive. Ball security...
  10. I was at the game that probably sealed Mike Smith's fate. He called a timeout to allow the Browns time to kick the winning field goal. I can empathize with the fans that showed up to the game today and witnessed that collapse in person.
  11. Is he going to the Aints? He won't if this team remains the way it is currently
  12. 3 dropped interceptions from the same player had a lot to do with it. It's how the Giants lost
  13. Absolutely demoralizing loss. I don't feel good against the Jets after that...
  14. Just do a throw off and Washington is dumb enough to intercept it
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