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  1. Koetter could still go to the Vikings:
  2. Fair how? Teams rushed a lot more back then. Defenses weren't the same. etc etc... Let's not get started on the rule changes.
  3. I just didn't pull these two out of a hat; from what the media tells us, these are the two leading candidates for the job.
  4. I grasp it but others don't grasp the basic concept that you can't compare OC stats from the 90's to OC stats from 2011 - 2017.
  5. and that's my point. The only true comparison is the 2014 season. I admit you can't compare the HC stats when both coaches were active, but it's still food for thought or discussion. It's not like Kubiak didn't have a say in the offense...
  6. You left off 2014 with the Ravens when both OCs were actually OCs. Also, these stats are over a decade ago... The only way it would be an apples to apples comparison, like you all are claiming, is if Bevell was an OC those same years. Since some of you seemed to be more interested in blowing up threads than discussing the content, how about comparing the 2014 season when they were both OCs and ignore the rest.
  7. Shanahan isn't an OC anymore but a HC so his system shouldn't matter correct?
  8. How so? The NFL was a different league, with the exception of 2014, when Kubiak was an OC.
  9. I get what you're saying the NFL was a very different league when Kubiak mainly an OC. Even if you look at what I posted 2014 is a fair OC comparison and it's still pretty close.
  10. may as well bring in Hue Jackson at OC while we're at it.
  11. I thought about doing that but I wanted to compare from the same sample size for the same years.
  12. I was posting this info and then I accidentally refreshed my browser window and gave up. You can compare them here though: To make a long story short, Bevell's offense was great at rushing, and Kubiak's were balanced and a lot better at passing.
  13. I can add them. I got the stats from
  14. I know this game is a lot more than just stats, but it does give us a slight apple to apple comparison. Why are so many deadset against Bevell? Bevell's Offensive Stats: 2011 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 303.8 (28th) | PPG: 20.1 (23rd) 2012 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 350.6 (17th) | PPG: 25.8 (9th) 2013 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 339.0 (18th) | PPG: 26.1 (8th) *Super Bowl Champs* 2014 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 375.8 (9th) | PPG: 24.6 (10th) 2015 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 378.6 (4th) | PPG: 26.4 (4th) 2016 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 357.2 (12th) | PPG: 22.1 (18th) 2017 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 330.4 (15th) | PPG: 22.9 (11th) Kubiak's Offensive Stats: 2011 - Texans (HC) | YPG: 372.1 (13th) | PPG: 23.8 (10th) 2012 - Texans (HC) | YPG: 372.1 (7th) | PPG: 26 (8th) 2013 - Texans (HC) | YPG: 347.2 (11th) | PPG: 17.2 (31st) 2014 - Ravens (OC) | YPG: 364.9 (12th) | PPG: 25.6 (8th) 2015 - Broncos (HC) | YPG: 355.5 (16th) | PPG: 22.2 (19th) *Super Bowl Champs* 2016 - Broncos (HC) | YPG: 323.1 (27th) | PPG: 20.8 (22nd)
  15. Armstrong had to go. Marquand had a ton of injuries to deal with on his side of the field, but I guess Quinn lost faith in him... Sark had potential and some key injuries as well, but I don't think he and Quinn meshed and I'm not sure if he won the players over either. All of these were Quinn hires, so that has to reflect poorly on him. Now that he's DC his fate is in his own hands now.