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  1. 1. CB 2. LB 3. S 4. DT 5. LG
  2. Deja vu.
  3. He's the next Andy Reid.
  4. Andy "Choke" Reid finally met his match against an even bigger choker. Kyle "Superbowl Lead Blower" Shanahan!
  5. Good analysis, but I am not sure if we will be able to re-sign Hooper. I have a sinking suspicion that a team will offer him a nice contract that he won't be able to refuse. With that being said, re-signing him may not be a viable option. I also wonder if any team will extend an offer sheet to Younghoe Koo that the Falcons cannot match.
  6. Toilolo is essentially another offensive tackle. He may not be a great pass catcher, but when the edge rush is destroying your QB, put him and to get a nice chip on the edge rushers while the tackle finishes up the block. I think it's difficult to roster a blocking TE these days when most offenses need at least 5 fresh bodies at WR and a receiving TE.
  7. Exactly, "You cannot just replace players via draft—drafts are no guarantees and it is a big time gambling." The Falcons will have room to sign other people in Free Agency in addition to the draft. A lot of people think that a lot of these free agents will want to sign on with the Falcons in free agency; especially Hooper and Campbell... I think other teams will offer them more money and money talks. Trufant may walk too. This all remains to be seen.
  8. Matt Ryan without a shadow of a doubt.
  9. The next flavor of the month, we need to trade Dan Quinn for the # __ pick in the ____ round of the 2020 draft!
  10. Duly noted, but I guess what I'm saying is unless 2 of those picks hit on offense, sooner than later, their offense won't win them any games.
  11. I'll give them credit for keeping a nice defensive corps filled with young talent, but they struck out on offense. It finally came back to bite them this season in the loss against the Titans in the playoffs. The defense wasn't enough to overcome that sad showing by the offense.
  12. Will pass on Gates. There are too many decent TE's in free agency to go for one that long in the tooth. Ebron, Eifert, Hunter Henry (doubt it), Clay, Toilolo (joke), and even Vernon Maxwell (if we're talking about older, injury-prone, productive TEs) that we could fall back on.
  13. We have to draft Matt Ryan's successor eventually, but it may be too soon to reach for Tua.
  14. Freeman will be released. I highly doubt anyone will trade for him and take on that albatross of a contract. Mack will more than likely be released. This sucks, but I see it happening. Trufant will be re-signed Hooper will sign with another team for more money, ala Dimarco a few years ago. Neal will, unfortunately, be released Beasley will be released, but then be re-signed with a team-friendly deal in free agency. Campbell will sign with another team for more money.
  15. You mean I'm not the only one?! Before the season began, people were hyping both teams as if they were going to meet in the Superbowl this Feb, but I knew better. I tempered my expectations until the regular season and saw reality.