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  1. First Mike Smith who couldn't manage the clock, now Dan Quinn who can't manage leads, the defense, his staff, or the clock
  2. We need this injury bug to go away and stay healthy. A few more injuries and the team could be depleted beyond hope.
  3. Depends on the injury take. We have some key players injured with some shaky backups filling their roles. If, Takk, and Rico can't go, it will be a long game for our defense. McGarity being out scares me too. MR may not have the pocket to throw from. Will Gurley return to form soon? Julio is banged up, will he just be a decoy? Gage and Ridley will have to step up big time. Can Hurst rebound from being demoralized? With all that being said, I'm not too optimistic, but knowing the Falcons they always do the opposite of what's expected of them... so they'll probably win..
  4. Yeah two losses that will come back to haunt us but NO taking a loss is always a good thing
  5. Also when Mike Smith called the timeout giving the Browns, of all teams, the time they needed to kick the FG for the win at home. I was at that game with my dad who is a Browns fan. They were celebrating in our stadium high-fiving each other. It has been downhill ever since with false semblances of hope.
  6. As a Lions fan, I would expect to lose and get happy if we didn't. As a Falcons fan, I hope to win, looks like we'll win, this is a 99.9% W and then we lose.
  7. Honestly I am. I was just getting into football then and used the Dolphins a lot on Tecmo Super Bowl. I do remember some of Marino's last games and I remember that the team had Irving Fryar and Mark Dupre if memory serves correctly. I remember Bryan Cox on their defense. Didn't the Bills have their number season after season in the playoffs? I don't think the Dolphins had much of a rushing game either did they? I think I remember Bernie Parmalee (irony) on that team correct? They made the playoffs more than these Falcons correct?
  8. To be optimistic after a once in a lifetime... well twice in a lifetime loss like that. Both by the Falcons by the way. That's something I wish I had. I'm trying to find the silver lining, but I am not seeing it. The defense had 5 takeaways and they still lost. The only optimism I have about that is that MR threw 5 picks one game and we still managed to win. We're up against the 2-0 Bears next week. Help me be optimistic. How does this team rally together and beat them?
  9. That would remind me of the dark ages when we had Harrington and Leftwich at QB
  10. Matt Ryan cannot be blamed for this. He wasn't standing there looking at the onside kick in awe. Coaching is the problem here. Has been for awhile now. As much as I don't want to admit this, but the only reason we got to the SB was because of Shanny. Blank needs to get the emotions and heart out of the hiring and firing process. I'm sure execs at Home Depot would have never gotten this much leeway, if they performed as poorly as DQ has as a head coach.
  11. Yeah that's the sobering part. They forced 5 turnovers, didn't turnover the ball and still lost! The chance of that happening in another game is pretty slim.
  12. Hopefully TD, DK, RM (unless the defense improves drastically), and the special teams coordinator follows DQ out of the door.
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