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  1. And after discussing and agreeing on the attack with Russia and making sure they were OK with it...
  2. Right, I think we've actually circled around to our original thoughts about why he referred him to the SDNY. If I remember, We assumed that he did so in order to let the state pick up any state charges. That was directly in relation to Drumpf being able to pardon federal charges preemptively. If the investigation takes place in NY, it makes sense that the SDNY handle that information. It also allows for Schneiderman and now Underwood to remain in close proximity to the investigation. Since the suspected crimes took place in NY, they would ultimately be the one's prosecuting in the case of state crimes being brought. Now, the Feds would get first crack, but if the Feds charge, Drumpf will be tempted to pardon. So Mueller can basically say "If he pardons you preemptively, you'll be charged at the state level." Either way, If Cohen doesn't spill the beans, he's spending the rest of his life in jail, and his family will be bankrupt. So, he only really has 1 viable option, and that's to flip.
  3. Sure. But he's being charged on the state level, no? Nevermind. I forgot that he hasn't actually been charged yet...
  4. There's a reason Mueller referred these crimes to the SDNY...
  5. Not of state crimes. And even if he did, then Cohen wouldn't have the protection of the 5th amendment, so he wouldn't be able to invoke the 5th during testimony. He could pardon Manafort, but the same rules apply.
  6. He also criticized Drumpf in his resignation letter to the RNC.
  7. He's either getting arrested or flipping... Just a matter of when...
  8. I'm there. Abolish ICE. I know our courts won't allow it, but we're getting into International Atrocities here, so I wouldn't mind some people making a trip to The Hague
  9. So... take care of a clump of cells, cause "all life is precious", but screw kids once their born? FTR, I know you're on the right side of the child separation policy, but a lot of Rs are not...
  10. Sure. There is context between 2014 pictures and the detention centers now that is often not discussed, but we still locked up kids. Not indefinitely, and we didn't take them from their parents, but still kids locked up.
  11. $10 says his pants are on backwards...
  12. Well, the processing centers could've been less like prison. And frankly, the reason we did it was to "deter" them from coming over, which, when in the context of unaccompanied minors probably wasn't the most horrible thing. I get your point, kids show up with no families, if they made it across, where are they going to end up? Sure. But it still wasn't the best approach.
  13. Ok, but you said "Most". Which is false. See Europe. See Africa.
  14. This is false.
  15. It's actually pretty comparable.