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  1. Statistically, it's more likely than not that other life forms exist...
  2. It's absolutely true...
  3. We didn't have to evolve both at the same time. We know, from science, that as humans developed there were overlaps in species. We also know, from science, that there was cross-breeding between the species, which helped along evolution. But, facts and all...
  4. This made me want to give my cat Icy Hot...
  5. Adam and Eve aren't real people.
  6. It's never "Blank and me". Always "and I".
  7. I'm going to say this very plainly... If you're a vet, and you vote for Drumpf, you need to get to the nearest VA Hospital for a mental evaluation. I'm not being a smart ***. Not sarcastic. I'm serious. Either you have a mental deficiency, or you have an undiagnosed mental issue.
  8. It's the absolute absence of religion...
  9. So are you suggesting that atheists shouldn't be allowed to marry?
  10. No it's not.
  11. These aren't approved or underwritten by Fannie or Freddie. The best you'll get through them is a 97% LTV, with minimum FICO of 680. And PMI. The only federally backed loan that is Zero down is the VA Program, but you still have the VA Funding Fee, which is basically a nicer word for PMI. Stay in your lane. You can check my work if you want... https://www.fanniemae.com/singlefamily/mortgage-products
  12. This isn't the Govt. It's greedy mortgage banks who saw their customer base dwindle as the rates went up. This was caused by your boy repealing the PMI break that Obama put in place, and his pull back of regulations. but what do I know, I just consult mortgage banks all day long...
  13. I'm Irish/Scandinavian. I don't kiss the blarney stone or have a Viking Ship...
  14. No... You can claim that you have African American Ancestry. Not African American, which would require a bit of cultural effort. Which is exactly the approach that Warren took...
  15. I'm pretty sure that JDave is slowly turning into WFW, he's just more articulate.