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  1. He almost never posted anything falcons related anyway. It was all him on vacation. And he still follows guys on there too...
  2. No, he didn't. I still follow him. He still follows a handful of our guys. He still has pics up...
  3. Brick store is awesome Btw... I doubt that I've ever been more high than I am right now...
  4. I'm planning on hitting the first bowl at about 3:30pm. Kiddo is off of school today, so I gotta wait til my better looking, more responsible half is here...
  5. So, and I'm trying to think about what this lawsuit really means... What benefits do the Dems see? There's gotta be something that they know now that we may not be privy to. Could the discovery process in this help with Mid-terms? And although I'm a bit skeptical about the suit, they did successfully sue during Watergate, and won.
  6. BTW, Looked at the methodology for the poll that shows Lesko ahead. There's some issues... 81% of respondents were 55 or older. 11% considered themselves Somewhat Liberal or Very Liberal. 47% considered themselves Very Conservative or Somewhat Conservative. 50% affiliated with the GOP, 28% with the Dems. Now, on the surface, this is what you might expect from an aging AZ population. Problem is, most of the areas covered by the 8th are filled with families, or are generally younger. For example, Glendale has a Median Age of 33.4. Sun City West on the other hand, which is also in the 8th, has a median age of 75.6. Anthem, where I'm at, is 38.3. Litchfield Park is younger. Peoria, younger. The poll doesn't actually address those who are voting. 47% were between 18-44. And Sun City West becomes a GHOST TOWN once the temps hit upper 80s-low 90s (which it did about 2-3 weeks ago)... When you talk to the snowbirds, who are currently leaving in droves, you'll see that they typically vote here. They're generally around in November, and they generally have a permanent address. Problem for Lesko is, they are leaving or have left before the special election takes place. They simply won't go out of their way for a special election.
  7. There's also the word on the streets. This is my district. I hear what people are saying. People have experience with Lesko, she was in the State Senate for a time. People don't like her. On top of that, we're talking about a district that shouldn't even be competitive. Most races in this area result in a win by default, since the Dems know there is little chance to actually win.
  8. Same with the AZ 8th district right now. People in AZ love their guns, but they're about to elect a Dem who is pretty vocal about more regulation...
  9. It's not even close to impossible. In fact, you can order the parts online and build one in your spare time. Or, just hit craigslist....
  10. He'll spit some nonsense about how they're spoiled, secret millionaires who don't mind children getting diddled at home while the teachers sip mojitos at the Phoenician... ***Full Disclosure*** My Wife loves the Phoenician and spends as much time there as physically possible...
  11. Yup. Wife just got the email.
  12. The GOP is pretty worried. I've been getting mailers every day for the last week...
  13. On that note, and I know this one hasn't gotten the publicity that Senate Seats will, but the Dems are about to flip the AZ 8th district... The GOP is worried about this one. This has been a pretty republican district for a while now, and I didn't think a Dem stood a chance. But the rumblings locally are that Lesko is dead in the water... PHOENIX (KSAZ) - It's down to the wire for the hotly contested race to be the next representative for Arizona's 8th Congressional District. With the special election set to be held a week from Tuesday, Republicans are hoping to hold onto the seat vacated by Rep. Trent Franks. Rep. Franks gave up the seat, following a scandal in 2017. If the polling is any indication, the special election will be a tight one. The latest poll from Emerson College calls the race a statistical dead heat, giving Democratic candidate Hiral Tiperneni a slight 46% to 45% edge over former GOP state senator Debbie Lesko. "It's just reconfirming what we've already felt," said Tipirneni. "We know that folks from all across the political spectrum have been connecting with our campaign, and that our message and our platform has been resonating with them." "I've talked to a number of people who were experts at polling, and they said this one isn't really credible," Lesko responded. "It's really an outlier." Congressional District 8 is a district that heavily favors Republicans. "The numbers, technically the voter registration not being in our favor, and I get that, but people aren't necessarily voting party line, even though that's the assumption that everyone's making," said Tipirneni. Lesko says she's not taking anything for granted, with just 8 days to go. "They're trying to take back the house. I just don't want to let that happen," said Lesko. "I count on winning, but I work very hard, I don't take anything for granted, I just really think I'm a better fit for this district." The poll is an outlier, as many other polls have Lesko ahead by double digits, especially with the expected voting population in that district. This all adds up to some election night drama next week.
  14. I dont think so.