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  1. I stopped smoking yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to stab someone in the face today... I feel like such a tweaker...
  2. Protip for you guys looking for a PS5 on Walmart at 3pm... Open the PS5 page in one window, and your cart in another. Put something in your cart first, then when the PS5 says added to cart, hit checkout on the cart page. The cart will pull up with the PS5 in there...
  3. Meh, mine is more for the kids. They want the PS4 upstairs in their playroom, and I got them the PSVR with the intent on letting them have it when the PS5 comes. I'm patient. But, I want the kids to be the "cool kids".
  4. I'm talking a solid hook to the jaw. He doesn't need to know you're fighting.
  5. I'll cashapp you $50 if you punch him in the face and film it. **** those guys.
  6. The Playstation queue is sorta random. I had days were I refreshed all day, and the queue never popped, but they never went in stock. I've had days where they were seemingly testing the queue, like yesterday, where it pops and there's no wait and they're out of stock. I'm putting my dev hat on today to see if I can find a chink in the armor...
  7. She accused me of threatening to kill her because she contradicted herself here vs twitter one day. She posted some nonsense, referred to her twitter, so I looked it up and she had posted some other crazy **** on there. I posted the tweet to prove a point. Somehow, that got turned into me, Mad, and PG threatening to kill her. I don't feel sorry for her. Put it online, you're asking for someone to look it up.
  8. I don't even play with them anymore. I had a recruiter talk a big, big game. I know the company, so I was open to it. Did everything, sat through like 2 interviews. They wanted to fly me to corporate to meet them all in Cali. I stopped the dude and was like, "hey, before we go this far, I need to see the comp..." Dude came back like $100k less than I make now. I was straight pissed. I just told him, I'm not interested. Then, he wanted to haggle, like "what would it take to get you to take it?" I told him "Another buck forty a year..."
  9. Yup. I get headhunters pretty non-stop, so I've gotten to the point of just asking "How much does it pay?" Once they tell me, I generally let them know that it would take significantly more to get me to move. No one has came close yet...
  10. Yeah, no... If you use your position to oppress others for activities that you partake in, **** all the way off. Being gay has nothing to do with it, but it's a fair target if you deny it, then use your position to **** over other gay folks.
  11. Yeah, but I would say that transient places like ATL and PHX are going to shift more towards dems moving forward. I saw something about metro Phx bringing in substantial numbers of young people vs the number of old. Before, Phx would see a huge increase in the 55 and older crowd. Now, the shift seems to be much younger people. And with pot being legal, hopefully the old folks start to view AZ as little CA and avoid our commie state like the plague...
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