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  1. I said Evidence. You know what that is, right?
  2. Closest I get to country is Post Malone and Lil Nas X.
  3. Oh, absolutely. The issue comes in other ways though. "in his image" comes to mind. If he created us in his image, what did he go off of for the aliens? (With the understanding that they must be physically different, considering their technological advances and space pirating ways)
  4. Ok... Lets play. Name one piece of evidence to show that magic man exists. Just one.
  5. There's more evidence of singularity than a magic man.
  6. It's gonna die. Or, and this is much more likely, they'll say that this is just a test from god to test their faith. Then, they'll force their beliefs onto the beings, tell them about the sins of gay marriage, and send missionaries to their planet...
  7. Yes you did. My WRX can't fly. Yet.
  8. I gotcha. It's just frustrating. At the last bank I was at, I had insurance through them. The HR Director and I were pretty good friends, and she had some projects that I had to help her with. The info was a bit privileged, so I couldn't pass it on to my team. She basically was breaking down the cost of each employee, at each level, and how much we spent on them. The company's insurance premium on each was astronomical. For me, I paid some $600/month, but the company paid like $16k a year. Costs are through the roof, but as stated, no one understands the real cost.
  9. I'll take "Things that aren't happening for $1000 Alex..."
  10. Hold up... My wife pays about $10k a year in premiums through her employer. Never mind the $2k+ we've had to pay out of pocket due to a broken arm, 2 broken teeth, and Tubes for our 6 year old. Point is... this isn't a problem with the cost. It's a problem with how the cost is being framed. Whenever the "we'll raise your tax rates" convo comes up, they like to make it sound like Tax Rates going up = Less bring home pay, when in all actuality, the rise in tax rates will be offset by the lack of paying premiums.
  11. I feel personally attacked by both of these. A.) It's not a Prius, it's a Ford Fusion Energi. B.) My wife drives that one and C.) the Resist Sticker is on the Suped Up Bad A*s Racing Unit.
  12. I don't disagree with Castro's decline. Not in the least. I more disagree with Mayor Pete's rise.
  13. So... and this has nothing to do with my stance on who I want to win... I don't trust this poll as far as I can throw it. Here's my reasoning... Every other poll shows different results, with none showing Mayor Pete even sniffing 10%. Every other poll shows Klobachar at or below 3-5%. Also, they explained the methodology as basically "We called 500 people that we chose". They didn't explain what they actually asked. They didn't explain who the asked the questions that we don't know were asked. This is why polling is such nonsense. This poll, conducted by a 501c, was picked up by the Hill, Politico, etc, but there is no way to actually look at the data, since they don't actually provide it...
  14. Sure, and I don't disagree. My only real issue is the same issue I have with a ton of players... A few flashes shouldn't cover up bad play. Too often, people see something like Baker Mayfield last night and say, "He won the game, 19/35 for 325, 1 TD, 1 INT. Good game". But it wasn't. His throws were bad. His accuracy was bad. His decision making was bad. He just got away with it because the Jets were worse. With Kazee, it's easy to look at last year and say "7 ints. Good season." Sure, but everything else was bad. The D was bad. Tackling was bad. His coverage was bad. He had flashes. Hopefully he gets better and I'm proven wrong about him.
  15. Just cutting out the stats to shorten the post... My negative target is Kazee because this post is about... Kazee. Weird how that works. I know, it's odd that someone is staying on topic... I'm singling out Kazee because we're talking about Kazee. I put 2 examples of 4 TDs out there. There's plenty more. Look at the Chubb run last year. Guess who missed? Ravens game. Watch the misses. One at :34 is bad... :53 he's off his man doing god knows what... 1:03, we'll say maybe this was on Debo. Maybe. 1:08... Missed tackle for a TD.