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  1. A sitting jury being made public? Why not?
  2. THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF THE PRIVATE INSURANCE SITUATION You pool money together, so that everyone can get their bill paid when they need it. Problem is, idiots don't understand that Privatized Healthcare simply doesn't work. Car insurance works, because not everyone gets into an accident, and when they do, the cost to replace a car is relatively cheap. Also, everyone is REQUIRED to have liability insurance if they're driving. This means the pool is deep, and those getting in accidents don't bankrupt the system. The good drivers pay for the bad. Medical insurance doesn't work. Almost everyone will need medical care at some point in their life. If not, they'll most likely have a child that does. or a spouse. But because it's not required, the pool is filled with sickly people who use more than they put in. Because of that, the insurance companies charge more to make up the difference. Not to keep it even, but because they're for profit, and they have shareholders to answer to. So they have to cover their costs, then charge a bit more to make the stock go up.
  3. She says that Canadians come to Arizona for Healthcare. Called them snowbirds. They don't come for Healthcare. They come for the weather. They're called "Snowbirds" because they come down when it snows up north, and the go home once the snow is gone. They aren't all from canada. We get a lot of Washington, Montana, Dakotas, etc as well...
  4. FIFY. He used something unrelated to prove his point... Now, he's talking to himself. I've never seen anyone tag their own screen name in a post before. Old people are weird...
  5. Then post evidence. You haven't and you won't because you can't.
  6. What does Canadian wait times have to do with either of your claims? You just took a sharp left... Me: "Falcons look good this year" WFW: "Bees look like miniature Hamburglers if the Hamburgler's clothes were Yellow and Black. HA! Just sayin!"
  7. It doesn't though... You've made a few claims. You claim that people come here for treatment... they do not. You also claim that we have the best healthcare in the world. We do not. By any metric. At all. I can document the facts. Here's some fun links... https://interactives.commonwealthfund.org/2017/july/mirror-mirror/ https://medicaltourism.com/Forms/facts-statistics.aspx So... you can keep making claims, but you aren't providing any FACTS. You're providing OPINIONS.
  8. It's looking that way.
  9. They do not. This is one of those Fact vs Opinion situations. The fact is, they go elsewhere.
  10. Yup. Obama said that not going for single payer was his biggest regret. I think they'll try to push something through first chance they get.
  11. They don't. They go elsewhere.
  12. Thailand, Turkey and India all have better heart surgery success rates than the US. From Patients without Borders...
  13. This isn't true.
  14. Ajit Pai is getting demolished right now. Looks like he might cry...
  15. He probably had the best people helping him.