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  1. There's a handful in rural areas, but mostly because it's expensive to convert and only makes financial sense if there's a large enough population to pay for it. Cable companies ain't doing it unless they get a grant or unless the population density makes sense. They generally just cut the line and leave people without hook-ups now...
  2. It's not a combo on your end. It's on the ISPs side. So in my area, they have fiber laid everywhere. But, you can't get fiber at the house. Only cable. The fiber runs between the CMTSs around the neighborhood and connect everything to Cox's network. So, it's a "cable/coax" network that they sell to the users, but basically everything outside of the connection to houses is fiber. Even the smaller cable companies do the same. They run fiber around as the main line, then coax to individual houses. When I worked in the NOC, the worst outage we could get is a "cut trunk", me
  3. Don't listen to him, I had Comcast for years, switched to fiber, i'm currently on copper. I've also set up numerous offices with fiber/copper/dsl/etc... Fiber is fine. It's not some magic bullet. Copper is fine. DSL sucks. I'm getting 1gig from copper. I can get 1 gig through Fiber. To your question, between fiber and copper/coax, it's really up to the company you're dealing with. Most already run a combo of copper and fiber, so you're actually probably dealing with both now. Your equipment will work for both outside of the termination equipment. The output for both is an ethe
  4. We really just need that 1 guy who can throw the ball well, catch the ball well, tackle well, cover well, punt well, and just dominate all facets of the game. Imagine Trae on the Falcons. He could throw the ball... TO HIMSELF... run through the defense while blocking for himself, then, kick the extra point. Then, he could either kick to the waiting opposition, then tackle them... OR... he could onside, recover his own kick, while blocking, and run it back for a TD. All while drawing fouls by flopping around in unnatural ways...
  5. I just figured out why Trae's hair makes me laugh... My daughter had the same hair type and style when she was a toddler...
  6. I hope, for the city or Atlanta's sake, that you guys lose this series. It would make the year a decent one, give ATL a year to build, and you wouldn't get your hopes up by making it to the finals. I just don't see either of these teams beating the Clippers, let alone the Suns. It's like the West and east are playing two totally different games...
  7. She's a bit thin for my liking, but she's definitely a specimen...
  8. Oh Lord... Ayton has murdered a man for the 3rd time. Same dude. Dead, thrice.
  9. I'm getting into the Suns now. Bring little goofy *** Trae over here. Suns in 4.
  10. No, she's just starting her term, so I don't think we'll see any for a bit.
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