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  1. Walk out of Sky Harbor and it feels like they preheated Phoenix to 425*
  2. Oh, Phoenix is hotter than Houston. Like, much hotter. In June, an average of 12* hotter. Average High in Houston is like 91 at peak. Average high in PHX is 106 at peak. Side-note... JJ Watt always comes off as a "holier than thou" DB, even as I recognize that he's a great person and does wonderful things...
  3. Yup. Spend so much time trying to trace what it's doing that I end up getting interrupted and I have to start over. Drives me nuts. The worst is when you start digging in, find something that makes you go "why is that in here?" Then you end up tracking down some nonsense that someone added for a "future enhancement" that never came to be...
  4. Clean code is why I hate coding. Well, the lack of it. I like everything organized, formatted, noted and readable. These fools will throw everything together in a goulash of code, and fall back on "it works". The longer I'm in the industry, the more I get away from coding. I still do a fair bit, but not nearly as much as I used to.
  5. Yup. I'm good at it, hate it. Avoid it like the plague. I have devs for that...
  6. I quit tobacco, which sucked. Nicolette mini lozenges did the trick
  7. That's a different issue altogether. Understand that I'm certainly not in the "you should just pack up and move to where the jobs are" camp, I know it's not that simple. With that said, you can't expect jobs to just pop up in an area because that's where you live. When I was in Indiana, the job market was either go work in some warehouse/factory for $8/hr, or work in a restaurant or bar. There were almost zero IT jobs. Trades had taken a major hit. I was a diesel tech, couldn't find work for over a year, and the offers I did get were for $12-15/hr (I was making close to $80k before
  8. Yup. The industry is starving for good people. So much so that bad employees are being held on to because they know the position will remain empty. With that said, it's an easy transition from a mortgage processing/OPs role to a role similar to mine. Just need to take some initiative in learning the tech side. I just hired a dude who went from processing to the admin role. He's starting with us at $130k...
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