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  1. Pitts has a TD over 25yards mayfield hits a key block for a big gain. Defense has 2 INTs. If I have to name drop it’ll be between two of these three: Jones, Foye or oliver
  2. I don’t feel it’s super bold but wouldn’t be shocked if Rid has a 3td game 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Welcome Back Dirty Birds! FTIggles, FTMedia, FTExperts and most of all FTS! Let’s gooooooooo!
  4. 🍿🍿🍿Get your popcorn! $.05 Get your POPcorn! 🍿 🍿🍿
  5. Quick - TATF! Am I suppose to be outraged or happy with this one?
  6. Or #8. I’m sure whichever bum currently wears it would give it up
  7. Because it should be obvious this isnt TFs roster and he can’t fix it over night. Therefore, it is premature to be overly impressed or not impressed with him.
  8. We have a weak roster but that isn’t necessarily TF fault. How much turnover of the roster was expected with no cap space. This roster is a product of the past few years. Just like we won’t see a full TF roster for a few more.
  9. At least next offseason he will have a little more to work with (cap wise) than he did this time. Just have to give the team some time.
  10. Cool. It’s almost as if he inherited a dumpster fire and has only had a few opportunities to add buckets of water to it. May take awhile. edit: Enjoy the show
  11. Might as well see who is cut before grabbing a QB
  12. Again , same thing as Julio, Rodgers is going to be traded which means he goes where he is sent. Sure, he may have some input, but Green Bay gets to find the trade partner. He will most likely end up in the AFC. Not that he can't go to an NFC team, just not likely..
  13. Can’t wait to see Payton choke sign Freeman after he fumbles to lose a game this year. Nostalgia.
  14. Which put you in your feels more? Julio Traded or Roddy Released?
  15. Hopefully it’s a Taylor Gabriel situation. I remember when we signed him in 16 I felt meh, no big deal. Glad he was a big deal for us that season
  16. I mean we haven’t been making the playoffs with Julio. Why don’t we wait to see if he Leaves and how the season goes
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