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  1. I mean, the poor man can’t get abused by Julio anymore if he joins us.. except for practice of course.
  2. Understandable, but if you are in Win now and going for it, short term is a little important. Just saying, you had the vibe they were going to go deep in the playoffs and didn’t add anyone to contribute.
  3. See how many picks they just whiffed on? Being from Wisconsin, everyone was shocked GB took QB RB in the first two rounds. Their two strongest positions. Should have been WR, LB or DB. If you draft smart, the number of picks doesn’t matter. But I’m down to trade back and get more if the falcons use them wisely
  4. Something to keep in mind though, they wont be starting here for 1-2 years. So they all have time to learn the curve if they land with the falcons.
  5. It depends on the person. Plenty of first time coaches have done great calling their own plays. Just depends on the person and if they can handle it
  6. Him and Moore were really good that season.
  7. Does he still count as a UGA guy.. or can we draft him? I don’t know how this works
  8. If we don’t hire him, someone else will eventually. So the saints will get the picks no matter what. We will at least get a guy that can potentially hurt the saints by building a dominant team
  9. Uh, currently waiting for falcons news and enjoying moments in the past.. not really “living” there. Sheesh
  10. Ignore the name of the team they are currently with and look at their accomplishments. one was a part of many consecutive 7-9 seasons before a bunch of solid drafts have lead to four straight divisional titles. It’s not alll of his credit, but he played a part and watched the work behind the scenes. we just had a bunch of 7-9 or worse seasons. I would looove that turn around and someone with that exp. I don’t care who he currently works for, or handing that team the picks because he will eventually get hired somewhere and that team will get the picks either way. I’d like to use
  11. Some times great leadership means keeping things in office... you all want them to talk to the media and public like that’s a good thing...
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