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  1. He told the coaches, “I’m going back in.” ugh that’s so awkward....
  2. Hot take: I am not worried about the eagles.
  3. Honestly, if we start 0-2 we are Hive sop dap because there are 14 more games the could be butter down the mountain. Mental toughness? More like swift and fts and running out of nonsense to add to this thread
  4. Down vote
  5. I’d say a fair question when we are close to or have been eliminated from the playoffs. Not so much after week one
  6. This fan base sometimes. Let’s get a new QB as well
  7. Can’t catch a break was very poor choice of words
  8. Atlanta. Eagles Sunday night
  9. Bryant didn’t miss a single kick or PAT. Kicking problem has been solved. Boom
  10. Week One we lost to a shciotty Tampa bay team. Then went to the super bowl. I don’t care about a L in week one. WOULD LOVE THE WIN but will not panic
  11. With the RB numbers coming out of the backfield, keep in mind they are slightly inflated with facing Kamara and McCaffrey twice a year.
  12. Here’s to a clean, safe and entertaining game that leaves analysts saying, “we may have just seen a preview for the NFCCG” (wishful thinking) lol and a Falcons win. Rise up. FTSFTP
  13. First off: the Falcons-Vikings bromance that is in full bloom on reddit and other social media is amazingly awesome and hilarious. We take out the Pack and you guys take out the saints. FTS and FTP. Ill be at the game this Sunday, brother is a Vikings fan, and I’m really excited for it. I think the two teams match up well and don’t think it’ll be easy either way. Falcons defense is healthy and that is huge. The defense flys under the radar but they are definitely built for speed and to swarm the ball. Our DL looked sharp all preseason so I’m looking forward to seeing them in game. We have a little worry spot with Oliver as our number two CB going into his second season. I’m sure the vikes will test him early. Offense, looks like we are starting both 1st round rookies at RT and RG so I’m sure that will be tested as well. Im slightly worried about their conditioning as we move into the later stages of the game. Outside of that, we have all our talent healthy and back. We have a more competent OC who produced one of Matt Ryan’s best years. Now he has a more polished and seasoned Ice so I’m interested to see how Ryan does. This offense should be just as aggressive as ever. Some people around here think Julio might not play due to his contract not being done but it seems as though he will play with or without the new contract. Should be a good game. I have a feeling Kirk may take a step in year two and I’m interested to see how our new ol does against your pass rush. Also want to see if we can get the pressure on Kirk and how Our secondary plays against your WRs (kind of want diggs to sit but wouldn’t mind seeing them at full strength) these are just my thoughts and opinions. I’m only one fan but think it’ll be a great game
  14. It’s not a bad look when we don’t know what’s keeping them from finishing the deal. You have to have all the details to determine if something is a bad look and who the bad look is for. The deal will get done when it gets done.
  15. Yeah like brees throwing at the end of the NFCCG instead of running it... these guys, for the most part, run what the OC dials up. danged if you do, danged if you don’t.