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  1. People are stupid. A bad four play call and drop from Julio kept you from the NFCCG and he had an off year? Tipped/dropped passes for INTs and so on. Only trash thing is him getting caught sliding into some girls DMs
  2. Ridley with a catch on the sideline!
  3. Boooommmmb back to Vanilllllaaaaaa - Sorry.
  4. I want to see what Grayson can do this year.
  5. Ridley wins National championship in ATL and then a super bowl in ATL the next year? that would be... neat (Minus UGA losing..)
  6. Sark had his moments... each year they get better. Shanahan year one was hard to watch. Sark year one was hard to watch. We all wanted both fired after year one. Sark had flashes last year. Ill wait till week 5 regular season before I form an opinion for this season on sark. Just saying.
  7. "Sark bad play calling" I thought this was preseason week one? I thought they do Vanilla offense week one? I thought Shanahan in year two did vanilla offense preseason week one? __ Yes __ No __ Maybe?
  8. Buster does the new penalty AND gets hurt doing it... whole reason its there. the irony
  9. I think Duke is the one that Murdered KZ at the end of the play as well
  10. Just kidding - I’m blind as ****. edited to not look like an idiot
  11. I agree the players should be eased into things when coming back. A lot of these guys are doing a lot in the off season though. Sometimes, the injuries are unavoidable
  12. The pocket presence - sorry Brooks Reed. Alford bit hard on the look off.
  13. A back up that won the super bowl or a rehabbing Wentz that isn’t at 100%? Either way it doesn’t matter as the falcons need to beat the Eagles, I would take wentz.