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  1. haha came to say the same thing. Falcons could do this. Falcons could do that. 50-50 chance. Either they will or they won’t.
  2. NFL trends on stories. For some reason I see two stories playing out: 1) “Battle of Los Angeles” LA Charges face the LA Rams. NFL “proves” two teams can be successful in LA. Rams Win 2) “Drew Brees vs Philip Rivers” The show down between the two QBs the Chargers chose. Chargers Win
  3. “You have to know there is pressure there.” because heaven forbid your blockers do their job for once.
  4. Aaron Rodgers: 0-37 when trailing by more than 1 point in 4th quarter against teams with a winning record. which one is worse? .
  5. Umm Julio had a good game.. he had a 50yarder brought back on a questionable Mack penalty and it’s not his fault they stopped throwing to him.
  6. That 2-0 was making me feel a let down was imminent. Glad they held on!
  7. Saint was closer to that ball... BiG aRm BetTeR tHaN AcCuRAtE stUfF..
  8. “Let me just half *** this coverage and stand next to you.” -Alford
  9. Stadium looks like a preseason game
  10. Too soon if this really is the end.. let us mourn
  11. Kneel the ball twice then run it up the gut twice if needed with Zeke
  12. I meant to put remember when people thought lattimore was good. my bad
  13. Haha payton challenges wins and gets no points, just to potentially lose on an easy challenge he no longer has
  14. nah plenty would say trade Matt for a 7th