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  1. So undersized.. (that’s what she said)
  2. Wait... I know that couch...
  3. What amazing insight. Aaron Donald does a swearing emoji and Jalen Ramsey tweets “wow.” Some how that was enough to warrant an article.
  4. Two NFC South QBs are now associated with 30 30s
  5. Said fast and physical... retiring to un-retire and join falcons confirmed
  6. AND we can getSanu back if the Pats release him
  7. And we can get Sanu back when they let him go!
  8. It wasn’t a “meaningless” game. Maybe the storyline for us and playoffs are dead BUT the Niners needed this win to help secure #1 seed. The best team in the NFC needed to win and we beat them. Quinn held a team with no future in January together to beat the best. but - I am very pissed about this wasted season and indifferent on Quinn
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