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  1. Which put you in your feels more? Julio Traded or Roddy Released?
  2. Hopefully it’s a Taylor Gabriel situation. I remember when we signed him in 16 I felt meh, no big deal. Glad he was a big deal for us that season
  3. I mean we haven’t been making the playoffs with Julio. Why don’t we wait to see if he Leaves and how the season goes
  4. I’m still waking up after a long night 😂
  5. The numbers I listed were where he had them ranked. I’ll edit my post
  6. Our four in the top 63 were: ranked #2. Pitts #35.Mayfield #56.Grant #63. Dalman
  7. What happened to Tay Gowan’s draft stock?
  8. At least we are not thrilled with a 4th round as opposed to being underwhelmed by 1st round reaches (that typically panned out) and 3rd schiet. time will tell. I’ll wait to judge
  9. Very possible. 1. I’m glad there is competition 2. Dolman was this regimes pick/fit. Hennessy was inherited. let the best man win
  10. Not after what SF offered. Saints can’t match that offer
  11. I can’t wait till the draft is done tonight.. falcons eyeing ... everyone. falcons trading ... everyone. falcons could be ... falcons might ...
  12. This is true, so maybe he doesn’t have a shot - but - he knows the players and the coaches probably evaluated him before making releasing him. He has familiarity with the team and has good size and mobility. He is an ok 2 or solid 3 option.
  13. I have a feeling Benkert will be back. We will only pick up one in the draft (who knows which round) and Benkert is a solid number 2 or 3
  14. Keep Julio for a few more years and ATL is a lock for AJ Brown in FA.. lol
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