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  1. We should start a friendly game of “who goes to IR next?” You guess the number on the jersey and each week whoever is closer without going over wins....
  2. Ok it’s official. He is on IR and they said “falconsare hopeful he can comeback later this season” on the Atlanta Falcons.com story... This better not be a subtle way of saying they are choosing to get Freeman back instead of Debo.
  3. Was at the game tonight. Coooold AF!
  4. Malcolm (Jurassic Park Jeff goldblum) voice: mike Smith hires Koetter. Both let go. Koetter hires mike smith. Koetter fires mike smith. Life, it uhh... finds a way
  5. Respect - i went to a Rams - Buccs game (friend is a Buccs fan) a few years back. It’s a cool stadium and atmosphere. Definitely don’t hate the Buccs as much as the Aints and Panties. still enjoy watching the Falcons beat them though
  6. Agreed. After tonight, Matt is playing better than “Showtime” Kermit.
  7. People hated him after week one, this is why I hate TATF after a loss. Ryan is balling but won’t get the credit do to the defense being dead
  8. Jameis will reach third base before he has to throw it..
  9. This guy makes me ask, “can we get Worrilow back?” At least that guy kept his mouth shut, worked his *** off and was a decent tackler.
  10. If the Falcons were in an Uber right now I’d be worried about their cheeks. But they aren’t.. so just replay that W dinner speech... hahah that’s embarrassing
  11. Not get get political or PC but coincidence they have the Redskins playing on Columbus Day / indigenous people day? Surprised there wasn’t more of an uproar
  12. Might not be quitters but they don’t look like fighters either...
  13. THis is good.. maybe Quinn will wake the Fawk up
  14. Richards missed that block. Didn’t fill that hole and instead blocked the butt of the guy in front of him.
  15. No two weeks or two teams are the same... that’s why these arguments make no sense.