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  1. Is this one of those give to receive situations? Give a ring to get a ring (sb)
  2. Well Arthur Blank looks like he is in the mafia so he might as well scarp. I thought the gangster would settle down in his old age... oh you meant Antonio Brown.
  3. Brees is a future HoFer and an MVP worthy Qb... But... every time he has a great season, someone had a slightly better one or the aints go 7-9. And as we all saw with MR2 this year, your numbers don’t mean sheet towards MVP when your record is poo
  4. My favorite was the TD over Curtis Lofton. or the crazy catch against the iggles
  5. Just prepare for more hilarity once Mahomes gets it. Saints fans will be crying again that the NFL hates them and that’s why.
  6. I have a feeling they suffer a mini hangover from being so emotionally “robbed” they didn’t after Diggs crushed them but hopefully they feel this sting a little more
  7. Most Valuable Player 1) Patrick Mahomes (19 votes: Battista, Bergman, Blackmon, Brandt, Bush, Carr, Casserly, Chadiha, Frelund, Hanzus, Jones, Jones-Drew, McGinest, O'Hara, Rosenthal, Schein, Shook, Wayne, Woodson) 2) Drew Brees (1 vote: Teope) More salt on the wound for the saints.. not looking good for Brees. If he misses it this year there is a good chance he never will.
  8. SP: hey Ahole! I paid you to make sure the Rams lose! Ref: noo.. you clearly wrote “Rams win.” It’s written here on the back of this Vicodin prescription
  9. I can read lips and after the no call the ref said to Sean, “Mr. Favre sends his regards.”
  10. I’m ready to shove that whistle down that dudes throat..
  11. Well that chop block was a sorry for the no PI
  12. No way packers pick again at 32... FTS
  13. I dont want to see anyone get hurt but i would definitely wish a speedy recovery to some of these saints...
  14. Eli Manning has more than Foles. More than Brees. More than a lot of guys. Rings the only thing that matter?