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  1. Such a bust we cut bait and told other teams you don’t want him, he isn’t worth a “2nd, 5th or 6th.”
  2. Buuuuuuuussssttttt production and attitude bussssst
  3. Nah, fine him - suspend him without pay. Then place him on IR. Let him sit and then leave. Bye bish
  4. Lol I agree but still better than Beasley in the tunnel and ranked dead last
  5. That’s a no for me... at least Fowler has some edge and looks like he wants to contribute. Beasley would have just given the lineman a loving hug right back and let teddy go.
  6. Arthur Blank paying refs to ensure we lose. Lol I keed I keed
  7. I never wanted McDaniels but chilllll. Today was one game. The 19ppg avg is with a brand new QB in his system. Just like every year one MR2 has looked off with a new OC and way better the next year. Brady was a big reason McDaniels has such a good streak but it’s more so having the same guy who knows what’s going on.
  8. There was an article last week where it said agents talk behind the scenes. Mentioned Atlanta as a favorite for some top choices and that agents were talking if Quinn fires they would arrange meetings behind the scenes long before they could actually meet. I’ll try to find that thread.
  9. Said that right now he doesn’t want to drastically change the roster and that would be up to the new GM to move things around. He said that if someone called for a player, and it made sense for the team and it benefitted the player, they would consider making a move. Referenced the Sanu deal (didn’t name sanu) but said it was a move that benefitted the player and the team so they did it. If it makes sense, they will make moves.
  10. Go offense.. imagine the career Matt Ryan would have had if he didn’t have to learn a new OC every two years.. if we are starting fresh and getting a QB, give the new QB a consistent system.
  11. Zombie Peyton Manning won a SB with the Denver D.
  12. Maybe Quinn is just trying to bring his career full circle. first season started 5-0 to end up 8-8 last season start 0-5 end 8-8? miss the playoffs and false start the rebuild.
  13. No one really denies that Ryan is apart of the problem.. but he is one of the least of our problems. Upgrading QB wouldn’t fix this team. Why is it all or nothing with the majority of you guys?
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