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  1. haha I have to admit, I laughed at this
  2. well of course, some people may look like idiots to the average joes. especially when we like to make different decisions than the average person
  3. I am not bragging about it. Someone came at me saying I was an average joe also. I was telling them how it really is. I am glad a lot of people here have money on this board. I was just basically saying millionaires and almost millionaires are not average joes so to speak
  4. well I am just saying how it is...if yall don't like it, don't come at me
  5. someone seems grumpy haha....I guess not everyone can make different decisions in life and be like us
  6. I typed it that way on purpose....nice try, lol
  7. nope not even close lol
  8. I am not boasting, just saying I am not an average joe....
  9. How did you make a billions tho? and how long did it take you
  10. nope, I am almost a millionaire that is smarter than a lot of people on this board...... you played yourself
  11. and not having money being an average joe doesn't make you not one either See a lot of the fans on this board after the falcons lose
  12. agreed but when your only a fan and your not successful in life calling them dumbasses means you are something lower
  13. haha not a child but nice try lol
  14. you calling millionaires dumbasses....ok average joe
  15. What are you smoking on trading Jones....
  16. Only in the stupid fans that will come out. In the players, they will not think like that. There is a difference in what fans think and what players think
  17. maybe you just need to retire from this message board when you make comments like this
  18. Does not matter to fans like you but ok
  19. It is probably discouraging to the players and falcons org to have fans who complain and whine all the time like they could do better......
  20. This is not a different NFL...it's just has good teams that have good records and ones that have bad records. Some teams are not as good as they were last year....stop trippin'
  21. Nope fans like you are permanent losers....bye Felicia
  22. Bye Felicia
  23. You mean most of the pathetic fans will pack it in...the team will never