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  1. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Go sit out every other play for somebody else.
  2. Beasley does more jogging than anything else.
  3. that our guys are just trying to strip the ball and not wrapping up. This is the worst tackling in 25 years and that is saying something. Clearly guys not wanting to get hurt and just going through the motions.
  4. First possession after half and we have two runs to Freeman who isn't 100%, Then miss a third down pass and give to Steelers for literally the rest of the quarter. No urgency for a team with defensive issues. That is the common theme with our whole organization...no urgency.
  5. The terrible look is when a 39 year old man makes him whiff all day.
  6. Draft position is so overblown. Even if you have a good position you still have to make a good selection and then hope the guy is what you thought and stays healthy. The least interesting thing about the NFL is the draft.
  7. Maybe it is because Julio won't practice. How can they be on the same page?
  8. Both year's we had Quinn. He is the problem. We had a Superbowl won and he couldn't just take a field goal. We had this game won and we couldn't get in from the 9 in four plays. No tight end throws. No runs. Just think about that shovel pass...was it one of our 4 best plays for that situation in training camp? He has had questionable clock management and related decisions at key points in many games. A good coach has two rings with this talent.
  9. If you don't feel good enough about third and inches to even attempt then you may not be playoff material, much less Super Bowl.
  10. If he would just extend the ball after a catch he would have had a touchdown and a first down today. That is before we even talk about his TD drop.
  11. Missing Jalen Collins. Trufant sucks. Overrated.
  12. College coaches. College slogans.
  13. Enough already. Retire it. We have been emotionless. Our QB is the ring leader. Get ready for some more vanilla answers in the postgame press conference.
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