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    NYCFalc reacted to Spts1 in Matt Ryan-Rich McKay Apologists UNITED!!!   
    A perfect match. Overpriced quarterback standing in front of the logo of a overpriced car brand. Expensive to maintain and everything has to be perfect for it to work...
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    NYCFalc reacted to Hurry_Up_And_Buy in Matt Ryan-Rich McKay Apologists UNITED!!!   
    1... 2... 3... IT'S NOT HIS FAULT!!! 🤥

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    NYCFalc reacted to Osiruz in A tankers' delight   
    Zach Wilson should be available between picks 3-10. We need a new QB badly. 
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    NYCFalc reacted to Lornoth in A tankers' delight   
    Just let people decide how they want to enjoy the season. If it's rooting for a win or a loss, does it matter? The team's not tanking (on purpose) either way.
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    NYCFalc reacted to Vandy in CB Alontae Taylor needs to be a Falcon   
    Can he play safety? Because we need a free safety and DL...not more corners.
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    NYCFalc reacted to insight in Matt Ryan Does Not Make Players Better   
    Yeah, but it's a weak argument, Julio is the one drawing double and triple coverage making it easier for other receivers and Matt Ryan.  Sanu went to the Patriots, with arguably the greatest QB in history and struggled due to the lack of other weapons around him.
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    NYCFalc reacted to falconsd56 in Can we please hire Joe Brady   
    And not to mention.... carolina is not particularly impressive on offense.
    I know Mccaffrey is not in there but there was nothing about what they did that was  "wow that was amazing"
    I mean even on the flea flicker.....Rico still read it well and got a hand on it....if he was 3 inches taller then that is an int or at very worst a pass defended.
    What was impressive is the individual efforts of guys like Davis..but that is independent of play calling.
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    NYCFalc reacted to JDaveG in Can we please hire Joe Brady   
    He’s 31, has been a coordinator for one season, and has never been a head coach at any level. Hard pass. 
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    NYCFalc reacted to PriMeTiiMe in Can we please hire Joe Brady   
    While I do like Joe Brady each week that passes he struggles more and more in critical 3rd and 4th down situations. He is still very young so he might need some more years before he is fully ready to become a HC.
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    NYCFalc reacted to JetJones11 in College Games: Fields & McCaffrey   
    Lol the season is over dude calm down ... that 6-2 at the end of last year helped us soooo much this year right ? I thought we were gonna build off it ? Vikings embracing the suck just traded Yannick we should start selling guys who won’t be here next year too ... remember when we could of traded Beasley Trufant and Freeman but DQ and TD foolishly thought we could win it all and look they’re both fired and we got nothing back for those guys 
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    NYCFalc reacted to Snafu in College Games: Fields & McCaffrey   
    Meaningless to who? Definitely not for the coaches or the players whose careers and futures are on the line.
    So when you say meaningless, I'm assuming you mean meaningless to you. If that's the case, I have some news for you. What you feel and what you think doesn't ******* matter.
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    NYCFalc reacted to Ergo Proxy in Matt Ryan Landing Places. Teams with cap space   
    Teams without space to trade Julio:

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    NYCFalc reacted to youngbloodz in Could we actually see Julio Jones in Las Vegas?   
    Nope not happening this year. Neither is a Ryan trade
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    NYCFalc reacted to Zzzzz in Could we actually see Julio Jones in Las Vegas?   
    Another article where the author decided to pretend the salary cap and all its rules doesn't exist.
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    NYCFalc reacted to JetJones11 in Could we actually see Julio Jones in Las Vegas?   
    Cause he has no heart ... constantly disappearing in big moments 
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    NYCFalc reacted to abcranford2 in Which offensive coordinators do you think would be the best fit for Matt Ryan and our offense?   
    Joe Brady is the only name I want to hear
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    NYCFalc reacted to arrogantBEAST in NFL rumors: 5 most-likely Matt Ryan trade scenarios   
    He would be traded. The new team takes the contract too. Hes off our books.
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    NYCFalc reacted to Ezekiel 25:17 in NFL rumors: 5 most-likely Matt Ryan trade scenarios   
    Why does none of these scenarios mention the MAJOR CAP HIT IN DEAD MONEY for us????
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    NYCFalc reacted to lju713 in Trey Lance...the name to know   
    Bieniemy would be the perfect coach for Lance. Reid's offense has flourished with Vick, and now Pat Mahomes. Pat isn't a scrambler per se, but is mobile and accurate on the run. I don't we will pick high enough to pick Lawrence or even Fields. I like both because they are GA natives and that would be good for tickets sales and the fanbase.
    But something in me tells Lance will be on the board when we pick. He may be the dark horse of this QB class. Underdog who was under recruited, and will have a chip on his shoulder. His skillset will rejuvenate this offense.
    We could sit him a year like P. Mahomes, build the roster up,and give him the keys in 2021. What are your thoughts
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    NYCFalc reacted to The Real Tony G. in Finally a happy Monday. Let's look at some coaching candidates   
    You don't trust Beinemy because he coached under Andy Reid but you think Carmichael had control of Sean Payton's offense?
    Also, the Andy Reid OC thing wasn't a talking point when Nagy got the job in Chicago, nor when Peterson went to Philly and won a ring before Reid did. But suddenly it's why Beinemy can't get a job. Funny.
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    NYCFalc got a reaction from 4LoveoftheGame in BREAKING: Dan Quinn to be Fired Monday or Tuesday   
    whats the point of the delay? kinda insulting
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    NYCFalc reacted to Sidecar Falcon in 49ers benching Garoppolo: Potential Trade Partner   
    I’d want at least 3 firsts and 2 seconds. 
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    NYCFalc reacted to caponine in BREAKING: Dan Quinn to be Fired Monday or Tuesday   
    Can Ryan go with him ?? 
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    NYCFalc reacted to PriMeTiiMe in Matt Ryan isn't going anywhere   
    New Coach + New GM + Top 5 Pick + 36 year old QB = Draft QB
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    NYCFalc reacted to athell in Who do you think the Falcons will get their first win against?   
    First?  They've already beaten themselves 4 times.  We are 4-0 baby!
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