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  1. have you seen the Pats skill positions? He would struggle mightily there
  2. W. We are not going to land a top 5 pick so for those of you hoping to lose for that reason then good luck with your life. Hoping to lose to fire DQ, I guess that’s somewhat reasonable.
  3. We match up well with them. We dont execute very well though, eventually we will win some games.
  4. Packers offense is fire because of Rogers. Put Rogers with Julio and Ridley he'd have broken every record already. That team hasnt drafted a first round skill position in like ever during his tenure there.
  5. huh? Less what? The offensive line is full of 1st round picks. Two first round elite level receivers. A 26 year old first round RB. A first round TE. I'm just not sure you thought that through or just ignore the obvious.
  6. they have Cam who has played well for them so far and it appears they are warming up to him. Plus they have minimal receiving talent, I dont see how Matty would be successful there
  7. not often but Garrett, Leslie Frazier and I believe Romeo Crennel was an interim in KC in recent history. Only Garrett has been somewhat successful or at least had some longevity.
  8. Greg Williams was interim coach who actually had the team playing well. They made wrong move with Kitchens.
  9. 2 years not patient enough for you?
  10. Demario Davis is really the only real contributing FA they hit on and you can add Malcom Brown is playing well too.
  11. A good line, HoF QB and a hungry defense. We have none of those.
  12. Go cry some about pass interference calls that don’t go your way
  13. They blew their load after the last two games. Nuttn left in the tank.
  14. The Panthers are terrible, don't be fooled by beating a terrible team. We aren't good either.
  15. No, they play the Panthers twice. Did you see that team yesterday? They wont win 2 more games all year.
  16. They've been bailing out QBs for several years and counting.
  17. I’m still furious he kept the ball in our best player, the MVPs hands the entire game
  18. What's stupid is that you didn't notice he was being used as an example in regards to guaranteed monies. Carry on raging though.
  19. We literally can’t afford to trade Julio. But let’s talk about it anyway.
  20. Difference is they are putting pressure on the QB and also covering much better.
  21. Well, pipe dream considering the obvious, is that we will rally at some point and win some games to get us out of the top 5 possibly top 10
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