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  1. I’ll give you Harrison, maybe Irvin, Nelson does not count. Thanks for pointing out one definite tho although they also had Waynes and was better than the other two you mentioned.
  2. MR2 is a really good QB but never has been elite, unless you want to redefine the word. But you dont have to be elite to win. My only concern is this win dressed up over some issues, and we were WAY to close to being 0-2, where this thread would not have been even thought of being created. Surely the staff will recognize those concerns. Case Keenum thrashed Philly's secondary last week so I am taking this little win with a grain of salt. But it could also be what catapults us on a hot streak.
  3. Just so thankful it was the Eagles down their top 2 WRs and not us
  4. I bet she did lol
  5. I’m still trying to think of when a top WR last won a super bowl since like Jerry Rice
  6. That’s a shame. I’d stick with Freeman tho.
  7. Yea absolutely, I wasn’t trying to be unsympathetic to those injuries
  8. The shoulder and calf weren’t football injuries, supposedly
  9. Was Ben R intentionally left out of your argument for a reason?
  10. Maaaaaaan, I almost forgot about that name
  11. Yea one more good year doesn’t erase 3 mediocre to bad years sandwiching one really good year.
  12. Where is this assumption we have the most talent coming from? I think it’s pretty crazy.
  13. Intrigued is a good word. Still concerned about getting gashed in the run game like I was last year but do feel a little better with Clayborn back and upgrades with Davison and Bailey.