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  1. Thats kind of a joke in itself
  2. Oh nose Julio not fulfilling your every needz!!
  3. Different scheme in Chicago maybe
  4. Moving to DT, obviously
  5. please do, guy
  6. you are extremely emotional. my apologies assuming you were a male and called you guy, i know we are in a very gender sensitive era and assuming anything can get sensitive people all in a tizzy.
  7. I was never trying to dog Matty Ice on this, it's just clearly obvious he isn't Brady nor does he have Brady's staff to help either. The year Brady had a guy of Julio's talent he threw over 50 TDs and they went 18-1.
  8. oh lawdy keep shaking those pom-poms fanboy and disregard what I said originally and argue some other crap.
  9. ok guy, if thats how you see it. I guess I should expect some kind of blind lashing despite the obvious.
  10. Matt Ryan has not even remotely come close to show he can pick apart a defense like Brady has for over a decade. Im not saying he can't, but he hasnt yet so it's doubtful he will. They are prolific every year, we aren't at that level.
  11. Yea cuz so many people mistake mr for Manning in his prime. It’s unbunkable, guy.
  12. too bad we have the broke mans version of Peyton Manning
  13. Ridley duh
  14. There is no best WR yet but based on speculation Ridley is in that discussion. I would have liked Hernandez but cannot be disappointed and getting Oliver in rd 2 I think we got 2 good players
  15. pretty much always