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  1. Julio is better but probably will not have better numbers. AJ Brown is a stud and Julio will benefit from him and that fun game.
  2. DTs have a tendency to fall off a cliff with the exception of a rare few. Treat Matt like the Saints did Drew, like a year or two at a time? We’ll see how Jones’s does in this defense before worrying about extending him. Knee jerk thread?
  3. Unfortunately my friend, both situations are pretty extreme as a Falcons fan. We literally are in the worst cap situation in the league and our most prolific player not longer wants to play here. It's not necessarily doom and gloom for this coming season, but we are not a better team without Julio. We will have to pay JJ $23M not to play here. And not to mention, his trade value decreased slightly by him telling everyone he is out. What is rational about either of those? Other than we are just fans enjoying entertainment, but in the context of the conversation, it is pretty extreme.
  4. **** dog, you are in some deep denial. Between this and the cap "problem", not sure what you dont get.
  5. Look up on the main page, there is a thread with the links and video
  6. He just told Shannon Sharp on air he is outta here and just wants to win.
  7. I’d be totally surprised if SF passes on Fields, especially for Jones. I would love if they did and we got Fields tho.
  8. If Chase You g was in this draft, Miami would have kept their original pick.
  9. So they would trade their #2 pick for our #4? Hmmmm let me think about that dumb logic for a second.
  10. I think we should give Meg her 10th first round starter on offense to help out. That would leave either FB or a slot WR. 11 first rounders on offense, 10 isnt enough!!!
  11. have you seen the Pats skill positions? He would struggle mightily there
  12. W. We are not going to land a top 5 pick so for those of you hoping to lose for that reason then good luck with your life. Hoping to lose to fire DQ, I guess that’s somewhat reasonable.
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