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  1. A lot of fans don’t really understand what they are really seeing when they watch a game. Those folks tend to be the loudest.
  2. Yet you found it necessary to quote that long azz post
  3. Then we can fire Kubiak and hire the next guy people think will make a difference. No, not the 11 guys on the field, they dont matter near as much as the one guy in the booth.
  4. big change from the offseason last year, where taft believed we were so superior in talent than EVERY other team and coaching would hardly matter because of such talent disparity.
  5. Just because you dont care for their names, doesnt mean they havent played well. NFL games often come down to a handful of big plays
  6. Is it too much to ask to win the Super Bowl every year guys?
  7. I dont criticize many calls because I am not there to game plan. But eliminating half to two-thirds of an already shrunken field on 4th down with game on the line is just bad thinking, regardless of the physical freak you are designing the play for
  8. Julio is a fugging awesome, he just isn't the #1 WR in league like many here suggest he is.
  9. They waste their own primes. You can't have all pro's at every fugging position, salary cap eliminates that possibility. Stop making excuses for players not meeting expectations.
  10. As soon as Ryan started rolling out
  11. Lattimore no wonder people think he has been good
  12. Panthers problem is they can have the best QB 8 weeks in a season but the worst QB the other weeks. Maybe he should learn to be more consistent instead of making embarrassing birthday rap videos in the summer.
  13. Their front seven is beastly, but so are the last two we faced in rams and panthers. Matt won us both of those games by eluding pressure with small movements and getting open receivers. He has upped his game this last month.
  14. yea i dont see how anyone thinks the stains match up with Minny at all. I expect a beat down, they got all cocky last night after barely escaping Carolina's few mistakes and reffing gaffes.