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  1. Beasley was a high pick m...
  2. We dont necessarily need Poe, just a good anchor man. I doubt they cut him but I guess that depends on his cap hit.
  3. i dont think we even have to try to tank to actually have tanked
  4. I think Tyreke Hill is the best. Physically, Julio should be the best but he plays in Atlanta so that is kinda holding him back.
  5. Haha yea without Julio Calvin would be just another guy
  6. Hard to match Beasley here here although I expected more out of TeCo given the tremendous opportunity
  7. At least now they have the fan base all down, maybe they can shock us again. Will need more than a little 3 game win streak tho.
  8. such a sick play
  9. He needs passing TDs not running TDs for validation guys.
  10. Yea thats true, I am marking down Thursday as an L for them. I just can't see the Stains sweeping them again this year after they beat the THREE times last year.
  11. I'd be very surprised if the Panties dropped the last three games of the season. I hate to say it, but they could be the best team in the division. Also hate to say this, but Cam is on fire and their offense is more than competent. And they have the best defense in the division. I say they go 11-5 at worst but possibly 12-4. If we go to their house and beat them, it will be impressive. Where they are now compared to where they were in week 2 is pretty drastic. But I did rewatch their last two games so there is some recency bias going on in my head.
  12. It's a week-to-week league, momentum changes very fast so yes it will be an emotional roller coaster
  13. wow just wow
  14. To be fair, thats the only fair comparison