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  1. it's early, but i dont even think there is a #2 in the nfc.
  2. i know op doesnt really believe we are going 19-0, but to anyone who is expecting that or hoping for that, i wont even feel bad about their disappoint
  3. i think the Lions are a decent team, I forgot how beastly Ansah is until I was reminded last night. His injury last year paved way for VB to lead the league in sacks. That said, I think we will limit their offense and out muscle them with our offense. Dolphins might be sneaky but Lions I would put ahead of them between the teams beating us. Buffalo, no chance, we will destroy their zone defense.
  4. yea there is nothing there, especially no brotherhood. maybe just a hood.
  5. im in love with the defense more than the offense and thats saying something cuz the offense is legit.
  6. Gonna be tough considering they might be looking for payback
  7. Inside pass rush pretty much ruins any pass game. A good time for Poe and Jarret to make to make their presence felt while Tak, Reed and Beas swarm from the outside.
  8. I asked a question, how am I right? And I am just mocking this average after one game thread.
  9. so his average for week 1 over the last two years is what?
  10. For the smart people: if you take out the 300 yard game last year and just do his average, what do you get?
  11. i have no idea why i quoted you there, looking back it was supposed to be directed to something else.
  12. If you dont know the difference between Chicago and Seattle I see no point in furthering a conversation.
  13. They would have beaten us yesterday, pretty bad. Remember they played Seattle a bonified SB contender, we played the team with the #2 pick this year. What are you thinking?
  14. Soooooo, Hooper's play was a fluke and we are lucky to have won. Gotcha.
  15. I did not see a team resembling championship calibre yesterday, not sure how you can grasp for that. I do expect to see one next week when we play the Packers, hopefully yesterday is our wake up call. We are pretty fortunate not to be 0-1 right now.