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  1. It feels like he has been relatively quiet since week 1
  2. I guess it matters the cowgirls were down their two best offensive players and lost their best defensive player. The ongoing saga of the Zeke thing gets extra commentary.
  3. AC went ballistic. But equally as important, realizing Jake's value to the team. Good LT's are harder to find than good QB's.
  4. The so-called dream isn't near as bad as the fact it was shared to instill some confidence in a few message boarders.
  5. did this idea come in a dream too?
  6. a winning streak based on a dream, yea thats worthy of sharing
  7. I dont like the idea of Jake going against guys like KK, Star or McCoy on a playly basis. Jake is more athletic and does better with speed guys going wide, as his footwork is pretty solid.
  8. home teams always start at -3.5, so if it's at -3, Dallas is a .5 favorite
  9. irrelevant hypothetical. i could go into reasons why, but simpleton is as simpleton does.
  10. Whoa, stats and stuff. They tell the whole story. Why even watch a game? Average Joe Schmo can copy and paste stats.
  11. What made KS so good last year is how he set plays up for later in the game. It doesnt matter that the playbook hasnt changed. Timing is everything, and SS lacks that. What were we supposed to do anyway? Hold KS hostage and not let him take a head coach gig?
  12. Who knows, watched his presser, looks pretty mopey. Would love to play poker with him, he is easier to read than my daughters first 100 words book. But I will say if he plays inspired, we are in for a tough day.
  13. Will their offense look any different without Kelvin? Do we prepare like it will be the same and how can we adjust if they show some new looks? This season tells me to be skeptical with our offense against their defense, but sooner or later, we will bust out(I hope).