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  1. #riseup is bad mojo and a relic of a goofball slogan driven regime. That needs to be cast aside just as Quinn was..
  2. Cam is shot. Go with Rosen. However slight the chance, there is still a chance Rosen could end up your QB of the future without having to invest a high draft pick in one. At the very least that is a much higher upside guy than Cam.
  3. It's not fair to ask that question here. He is a UGA product so automatically at least half the board thinks he's trash.
  4. Meh...if he gets hurt in the 1st qtr of game 1, it will be season over at well.
  5. ... and if haters continue to cast their stones at Ryan, they cast those stones at Smith and TF as well. I personally believe Ryan has one final run (21-23) in him and the decision to stick with him and to draft for immediate help instead of the QB for 2024 and beyond was the right one to make.
  6. There's already plenty of that at TATF
  7. This post is exactly why I only come to this board about once a year.
  8. Opening this thread quickly became my biggest regret of the day.
  9. Yeah well I rank CBS sports 29th out of 32 in regards to NFL commentary, so there's that.
  10. I'm waiting for that day when the Falcons are up in SB 34-13 with possession and only 2 minutes to play, when the Goodyear Blimp explodes and crashes into the stadium. That's how real the curse seems to be.
  11. Well... yes, and you up your risk exposure with as many threads as the OP does, just throwing crap against the wall.
  12. Drops will always be subjective but they are defined as being obviously the fault of the receiver who should have been able to make the catch with reasonable and ordinary effort. So if anyone wants to claim it's Ryans fault for bad throws behind receivers or late throws that cause ball and defender to show up at the same time; they would be mostly incorrect.
  13. I always thought the smell was sour milk.
  14. Jameis is ready to get to work? This guy must have just shown up at his local grocer..
  15. Tennessee trading for a 32 year old WR with a large cap hit makes it sound like they are the team at a crossroads. They are the team that needs to win now, because WR's drop off a lot faster than QB's.
  16. I think that is a bad take. We had to outscore people because we poured a lot of resources into offense. Had we not given up a draft to get Julio, we could have used those picks on the defense. We chose the path that made us have to outscore people.
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