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  1. No... if you have a difference of opinion you are *****ing, whining, hysterical, or just plain stupid! /purple
  2. Urban Lier picks and chooses his jobs very carefully... He's not going to take a job in the AAF or XFL where he runs the risk of tarnishing his reputation if he isn't successful. He will wait for another college job where he knows he can recruit before his health problems go away and he comes back.
  3. I for one am not "freaking out". Saying we need 4 corners and I'm not sure we will better ourselves in FA or the draft is very far from freaking out.
  4. Hopefully, but if we use a I get that, but if we attempt to do it with the draft we are just assuming that player will be as solid as Poole would have been. I'm not convinced you can pick someone up 4th round on that would be that good. If it were that easy to find serviceable corners in the mid to later rounds then no one would have cornerback depth issues. We will enter this season with Tru, Oliver.. a 2nd year player who has never started, and a converted safety who has only played sparingly at CB. I hope you and others are correct that we will hit on a capable replacement. There is an assumption being made that it is a given we can hit on a later round draft pick (or FA), but not all draft picks and FA's work out and Poole was a known commodity very capable as a dime (or back to nickel if we suffer 1 injury).
  5. That was my point... so we probably wont be drafting Gardner-Johnson to replace Poole because he will probably go in the 2nd round.
  6. Gardner-Johnson is better suited as a safety and will be gone by the end of the 2nd round if not sooner. We don't need to be drafting that position that early. I'm going to stand by my comment that we will regret not keeping him even if we have Kazee slotted to take his nickel spot. I know we don't want to pay the 4th corner that amount, but it wasn't going to kill us with the other cuts we've already made and others we can still make. Hopefully we can bring him back at a lower salary if the market isn't there, but one way or another we are going to need a good player in dime packages, and I don't really want to invest early draft capital for that position.
  7. No No way Absolutely not Terrible idea.
  8. 4th corner isn't all that far down the depth chart considering teams use 3 pretty regularly, and come on... not all draft picks pan out. If drafting quality depth was easy then everyone would have it, and they clearly don't.
  9. I am sure we will, but there is no guarantee a draft pick will offer quality depth right out of the gate.
  10. Okay.... Oliver is a starter, and Kazee becomes the nickel.... but... We've seen what a lack of quality depth can do, so I hope we stay really healthy at CB.
  11. I had fried chicken for lunch.
  12. What I don't understand is you have surgery and you know are fixed, and it's not like an overly long recovery time; next season and you're ready. Or... No surgery and hope you heal... If it's my career, I'm probably opting for making sure and putting in the hard rehab work. Then the concussions... Multiple concussions close together scare the bejesus out of me. He had 2 grade 1 concussions in under 3 months. I love the guy but no way do I go into this season counting on him to remain healthy. I think it was extremely dumb for him not to have his knee fixed, but my main concern is the concussions. He runs with reckless abandon and lowers his head.
  13. No they dont, but I was mainly talking about the other FA investments at guard. I dont blame anyone for not knowing Schraeder would collapse like he did. No one could have seen that.
  14. So when did The Onion start using a Twitter account?
  15. We didn't penny pinch at all. We just invested unwisely; overpaying for veterans who had already crested the top of the performance bell curve and were bound to regress or start breaking down physically.