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  1. I always thought the smell was sour milk.
  2. Jameis is ready to get to work? This guy must have just shown up at his local grocer..
  3. Tennessee trading for a 32 year old WR with a large cap hit makes it sound like they are the team at a crossroads. They are the team that needs to win now, because WR's drop off a lot faster than QB's.
  4. I think that is a bad take. We had to outscore people because we poured a lot of resources into offense. Had we not given up a draft to get Julio, we could have used those picks on the defense. We chose the path that made us have to outscore people.
  5. I know you don't need to be a mod to delete them. That's what made my post so whimsical.
  6. You should get a mod to delete the duplicates.......
  7. Agree on Tajae, and he doesn't need to get the same amount of targets; he just needs to perform capably with the targets he does get. The rest of those targets now go to Pitts and the other targets in what becomes a much more diverse look offense.
  8. That's accurate. He does lack the arm strength of some of those guys. I mean there is absolutely no doubt that Rodgers, Mahomes, and some others can flat out throw a ball farther downfield and on a tighter rope than Ryan. The main fallacy is made when people claim that is such a detriment to his game that he must be replaced with someone similar to those guys in order for the Falcons to win a championship, or whatever it is they try and claim. He can make every throw necessary to lead a prolific aerial offense that includes deep throws, as long as they are not Dirk Koetter off-rhythm
  9. I think we will be fine if we find another WR to take Julio's spot and just let Pitts abuse defenses from the TE spot in ways no other TE can do. We don't need to have him running Julio's routes and doing Julio things. Our offense no longer has to have that out of the Julio spot. We need to move on from our 2017 offense and embrace a new identity where we have different expectations from different positions.
  10. The memories unearthed by this thread just hive sop dap.
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