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  1. I don't really dislike the Falcon's second pick here, so we're trending in the right direction.
  2. He'll be a solid #2 corner in a couple of years. It's not whether or not he'll be a contributor at some point... it's about taking him at #16 when they probably could have traded back and still got him.
  3. He's grabby, but in his defense with those little T-Rex arms, hopefully no one will notice.
  4. Falcons gonna get Falconed... ....and then Falcon themselves
  5. Our status as a laughing stock has nothing to do with uniforms.
  6. I can't tell if I like them or not... all the flashing strobes in the posted video caused me to have an epileptic seizure.
  7. Quinn and TD have one year to save their jobs and if they fail the franchise will not want to have a bunch of iffy players under signed contract for a new regime.
  8. I am sure Vic is a great person, and my comments about anyone as a player have nothing to do with them as a person.
  9. Is that really what you thought the story was about? Not to astute there, chief.
  10. This thread needs more memes.... and as far as Vic goes... I hope he latches on somewhere I despise and eats up too much of their payroll while delivering too few results.
  11. Yep.. Like running on 2nd 5 after running on 1st down when the Chiefs couldn't stop the run and they were up by 3 desperately needing to burn clock and NOT turn it back over the Mahomey after 2 incompletes and 8 seconds run off the clock.
  12. That's right... Kyle needs a leash and unfortunately DQ is more prone to be led around by that he should be controlling...
  13. Blah blah blah... Anytime I see anything he, TD, or DQ have said... I hear the sound of adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon.
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