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  1. Ya know... the list of positive attributes was made to look about 3 times longer than it really is by restating the same things 3 different ways. On another note... 95% of the people here demanding we draft a QB are doing so because they think Matt is a statue in the pocket. Replacing him with another statue isn't going to placate them.
  2. I am not going to get all giddy about leadership saying the right thing. I am sure TD and Quinn said some things over the years that people loved and said was the right thing. I'm going to wait and see what they actually do. The rest is just words.
  3. A second or 3rd RB is something you should draft in the 5th round about every 4 years. Hard pass. Shouldn't even be a legit question.
  4. When your narrative is embedded in the cement of having failed to win a SB, confirmation bias is easy to find.
  5. This topic should be banned. I mean like if you bring it up... instaban.
  6. Too soon... Then again, I'll think the year 2030 will be too soon.
  7. That's fine as well... maybe you drop down and get Jones. The point in regards to the OP that we don't have to move on from MR immediately to prepare for the future, and moving on immediately doesn't guarantee a better chance of success than making one last run with him.
  8. I don't buy the narrative here. The OP says that picking up a QB at 4 is ludicrous as if everyone who wants to hold onto Matt feels that way. Picking a QB at 4 and making one last run with MR are not exclusive of one another, especially if that QB picked is someone like Lance who would benefit tremendously from learning from MR for a couple of seasons. During that time we would have an opportunity to make one last run. To buy this spin that we must dump MR right now is to say you think out best chance to win a SB the soonest is to dump MR and take our chances with an unproven co
  9. It's one of those moments when you wonder about how things went wrong in your life to lead you here at this moment in time.
  10. The Rams think they can be contenders for the next 3 or 4 years with Stafford who is a big upgrade over Goff. Goff was an indecisive turnover machine. If they are contenders, the 1st round picks won't be early 1st rounders by any means. The Rams were really handcuffed by Goff's contract and anyones willingness to take it on, so they were going to have to give up draft capital to get someone to take him. Detroit was able to get a haul for Stafford, but it's not as laughable towards the Rams as some are making it seem. When you think you need one piece to be a serious contender, y
  11. 2016 was a historically good offense. Historically good in terms of the history of the NFL. Anyone who holds that up as the standard to use to judge Ryan since then and moving forward is being completely unreasonable.
  12. Yes he was, and I was wrong about him. I was pretty hard on him because of the learning curve of 2017, but in 2018 he became a scapegoat for some guys trying to save their jobs.
  13. 27 seconds in and this thread had given me a splitting headache.. I often wonder why I do this to myself.
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