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  1. No matter how rare, it is still based on a very small sample size and can hardly be used a predictor of season long production being my point. It deserves it's props for what it was.. much like that time Ryan Tannehill had the 3rd highest completion % in NFL history because he went 18-19 in one game.
  2. Larry Csonka Claude Humphrey
  3. Not to downgrade Tru, but we've played 2 games and in 1 of them the opponent hardly passed at all because they were sitting on a lead and running all over us. I avoid making conclusions based on such a small sample size.
  4. Agree... and while I credit DK for having that check in (and Matt picking it up), it sure did take a long time to get a play in to beat it.
  5. As long as we continue to get the same kind of play out of our D-line, then our D will continue to ball. That's the magic sauce we were missing and it seems to have finally been added. Other than 1 play, I also think we were better with VB off the field and if we have the horses to only use him situationally, then we know have that missing thingz
  6. The Saints vs the Falcons is an exception, lol
  7. Unless put on the IR, he will be back in time for our game. During that game we will get called for about 15 penalties and the Saints will be called for 2. Ours will be big as well. I fully expect at least one of those enigmatic "well my clear and obvious is different from your clear and obvious" PI challenges to go against us in a big way. I'm not a big conspiracy guy, but you know the league would love the narrative of Brees the savior showing up just in time to salvage the season with a heroic performance while not 100% against the Falcons.
  8. We have Dan Quinn and 50+ years of being the Falcons, so I would call that a wash.
  9. Two things happen when it works. The offense either actually goes for the sticks or the other safety recognizes his responsibility there and slides over to pick up that receiver. We know which one didn't happen there. ------- Nice recognition by Matt on the TD. Nice tackle by Oliver at the end. Maybe not the best all around game but that was a huge stop.
  10. He will probably rush 3 as they 8-10 yard us all the way down the field.
  11. Yes... 1st drive. It worked great.. so we put it on the shelf and decided to not go back to it.
  12. So? My point is take a single position and go with it. You make one post saying we're going to have growing pains in game 2 and another talking about how we're playing for 1st like you feel strongly we will win. We lose and you show up here and say "i told you so!" We win, you go to the other thread and say "I told you so.. 1st place baby!" lulz
  13. If he would have led him properly he would have gotten Sanu killed and everyone would be complaining about that as well.
  14. Are you bi-polar? One thread is "breaking news we're playing for first place!" Second threae "Well get ready for more growing pains."