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  1. Jiminy Crickets I hope not because that would mean he epically sucked. That's the team that started the season trying to use two of the worst QB's in all of the SEC. I think I'll stick with the story that he was told he would be a 1st round pick if he came out and just decided why risk injury or COVID.
  2. I'm sorry, but TATF rules impossible any conclusion that doesn't say all sacks are the fault of Matt Ryan holding onto the ball too long proving once again we must have a 22 year old very mobile QB
  3. I can't wait until Matt is actually gone and TATF realizes you can't just pull a Patrick Mahomee or Russell Wilson out of your butt every draft year. Talking about the performance of other young QB's across the league, not one of them is operating behind this LOS, with no running game, without their #1 receiver, using Dirk Koetter's offense.
  4. ...and you can't just throw the ball away when you are not outside of the tackle-box... and with DK's archaic schemes having everyone covered over and under you don't want to throw a pick...
  5. I think somebody switched tapes on him and he was actually watching The Longest Yard.
  6. Ryan haters love any opportunity to trash him, but blaming him for the state of Dirk Koetter's offense is the equivalent of blaming the sinking of the Titanic on the lookout guys on the bridge while you ignore the iceberg and the ships design flaws.
  7. Laying an egg after a bye most certainly is Quinnesque. This team needs to clean house so bad they should get rid of this guy as well:
  8. This entire regime needs to go, and it should begin with McKay before he has a chance to go hire any of his doofus buddies.
  9. Debo looked like a drunk fat man trying to stop himself running down a steep hill.
  10. Shredded chicken and chorizo street tacos, and a lot of Modelo
  11. I see the Ryan Derangement Syndrome is out in full force today.
  12. It's UGADS. UGA Derangement Syndrome.
  13. Don't we already have enough guys in the secondary who are capable of forgetting their assignment and costing the team a championship by allowing to happen the one single thing they absolutely can not allow to happen? Hard pass.
  14. He attended Grayson High School here in Georgia in my district. It was pretty open knowledge that there were shenanigans going on when he chose Ole Miss instead of some other schools that recruited him. Remember Hugh Freeze inexplicably made Ole Miss the place to go for a couple of years before leaving in disgrace after being found guilty of multiple recruiting and academic violations. Nkemdiche had openly flaunted his new found affluence immediately after signing with them. It was almost comical how everybody knew what was going on and I knew then the guy lacked any sense whatsoever
  15. After you've been caught breaking the rules is not the time to claim innocence by arguing that the rules are wrong. Plus... screw 'em; they are the Saints. I am not going to defend those craphounds in order to make some larger policy statement. Whatever the maximum penalty is, is what I hope they get. Personally I believe SP should be banned from the league for a year and the franchise forced to sit out next years draft. Keep your eyes on the prize people.
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