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  1. Glad to see someone that feels the same way I do. I am getting flamed for posting in another thread about being pissed that Ryan keeps getting pulled (Although I admit it is the right thing to do) before getting his stats up. I think it's awesome that Vic is leading the league and I am proud of him and Ryan for playing there *** off week in and week out. I want to see our guys get their due respect!
  2. Good. I was busy watching my team play and not worried about what anyone else was doing. Really want to see Matty Ice get the MVP this year
  3. Yes it was the right thing to do. But I love this team and our quarterback and I want to see him get the credit he deserves. Everyone can call me a whiner all they want and say I am not a true fan that's fine. Just want to see our guys get their props
  4. I'm gonna get bashed for this but oh well: lets be realistic here-our defense is not good enough YET to win a Lombardi. Yes we will make the playoffs but everyone knows defense wins championships. We have a lot to be excited about-the D is young and improving and we field the #1 offense in the league. But when the clock hits January defense is what gets it done. And we are not there YET!! But another off-season adding pieces to the D and look out
  5. First of all-if someone has by chance posted something about this already I apologize-I haven't been on in a while! Although I understand why he has done it the past two weeks-and truthfully it is the right thing to do..By benching Ryan the last two weeks after we have gotten up to a big lead Dan Quinn HAS SCREWED MATT RYAN OUT OF THE MVP AWARD!! I hate Tom Brady and the Patriots more than just about anything in this world and it makes me sick to think That Brady will win yet another MVP. He is a cheating piece of crap and truthfully he doesn't deserve it. That team wins without Brady-it is the coaching genius of Belicheck not Tom Brady that wins them games. But we all know that piece of garbage Belicheck will never ever pull Brady out regardless of the score. So basically just off of stats Brady will win the MVP. Thanks a lot Quinn.
  6. Agreed! Defense plays SOFT!! No aggression and awful play calling
  7. Both the lines played soft. We didn't exploit mismatches in the secondary (especially after Carroll got hurt) and this game-just like every game continues to have me wondering why in the f@## Quinn is so dead set on playing soft zone in the secondary! The middle of the field is where teams continue to expose us
  8. I expect is to make the playoffs via a division win; but honestly don't expect much more than that. But the good news is this team is very young and after one good off-season re-loading on defense we will be a serious contender and a Super Bowl favorite IMO.
  9. The Eagles are a good team that has been on a skid recently. The key to this game will be our O-line vs. their D line. They have a stout defensive line and can get pressure but their secondary is vunerable and IF Ryan gets the time he can pick them apart. If we can control the line of scrimmage we should win this game; but they are at home and this will be a tough game. 1-Protect #2 on offense 2-Guard the middle of the field on D (which we haven't been so great at this year)
  10. Go on NFL replay and watch when our defense steps on the field. Atrocious
  11. So do I but apparently you haven't seen our defense play this year!
  12. I have no bones about predicting a Falcons loss if I see one. My prediction this week is the same as last week-we win simply because of how depleted our opponent is. I would have picked GB if they had all their weapons and I would pick TB if they had all theirs. But they don't; so I think we take this one. But make no mistake about it-our D will continue to give up a ton of points-even against a depeleted Tampa team. Not being a downer-just keeping it real just like you!
  13. Amen brother. Our defense is going to give me a heart attack if I keep watching games this year. For once I would like to see us hold someone below 20pts and our offense continue to do it's thing
  14. I think we win but I think it will be another close game. We SHOULD dominate considering how short-handed the Bucs are but our garbage defense continues to keep the Bucs in the game and give up points
  15. I agree 100% with everything you said. I think either a pass-rusher or my personal opinion-a FS. I haven't heard of any good FS's possibly being available but I am sick and tired of late in games when we have a lead watching QB's slice up the middle of our defense. Neal has had his moments and he is just a rook, but overall safety play to me has been AWFUL! That being said, improved pass rush will strengthen the secondary-I saw an article on NFL.com that said that we could potentially get Cameron Wake for a 4th-I would be all over that!! (Although I think the Fins would want more than that for him)
  16. With the trade deadline fast approaching I really would like to get everyone's thoughts on this: Should we make a trade and if so for what player? I usually don't agree with making a midseason trade unless it is a no-brainer; but this year we are fielding the #1 offense in the league but our defense continues to make every game a shootout. MR2 is in his prime and we get into our new digs next year-I say make a trade for some defensive help! Thoughts??
  17. I know. We field the leagues #1 offense and every week we are in a track meet because this defense is so AWFUL. I feel like we have to score 30+ every single week in order to have a chance to win
  18. I agree-the guy is versatile and can play multiple positions; although I would like to see him at DT. We rarely seen to get good pressure and push up the middle. We could really use a good FS too but I haven't heard any rumors of any being available for trade. Our secondary has been brutal lately and from what I can see a lot of it has to do with the safeties-we have some good corners and I know Neal is just a rook but man they have been making some bad reads and taking poor angles on tackles!!
  19. Agreed. Absolutely sickening! We had better spend a TON of money and our entire draft on D this off-season. Quinn was brought in to fix the defense and I know everyone says "give him time to get his guys" but we are going to end up with the worst D in the league (AGAIN) by the end of the season
  20. This is my thoughts as well. We NEVER EVER get pressure up the middle. Sounds like Richardson from the Jets might be available-we need to make a trade. We have the #1 offense in the entire league yet we are going to continue to lose games because this defense is so incredibly AWFUL. We have got to do something to try to stop the bleeding!
  21. Echoing the words of every Falcons fan every Sunday!
  22. ^^This^^ Screw that ********* and that team. I know I am a hater but I am so sick of them
  23. Thank you! I'm not making excuses for the teams mistakes and play; but anyone with two eyes can see there has been some really bad officiating
  24. No but I can blame them for clear missed PI calls two weeks in a row on Julio Jones as well as the countless other ones in every other NFL game. Heck they were picking up flags in the Eagles game
  25. Appreciate your opinion; but giving up 33 points is not "more than good enough". Just my two cents
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