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  1. Man this guy is ahead of his time, pure genius really
  2. That part. What foolishness if I've ever heard it
  3. I never try to predict this team's record because they're notoriously an up-and-down franchise. Then, I saw their offseason moves and was like nah, they're resting on last years laurels. Now, I'm not even watching thru full games. I stopped watching the Bills game when Matt threw that be toss up to Gabriel in the 2nd Quarter after Jones and Sanu went out. Somehow I could tell he had given up with that throw and the game was lost at that point. Against the Dolphins I stopped watching in the third after Sark called one successful screen play to Taylor then began calling toss plays again and again with no tight-end focused plays until obviously too late. It's easy to see Sark & Ryan aren't as in sync as they'd like us to believe. Basic plays that work for us aren't being called consistently enough and Matt trying to prove that he's elite by unnecessarily squeezing balls into tight windows while missing wide open first downs are not something I care to see after last year's dominance. Also, during the press conference when they both talked about converting on 3rd-and-long I thought it was weird to emphasize because even being in 3rd and long means something isn't quite clicking. I'm kinda befuddled by this team. They have the one step forward two steps back thing mastered right now. Something I've seen again and again and again and personally I'm sick of. We could have signed Greg Robinson for the money we gave to Poe, traded Trufan drafted another second round corner and at least kept Dimarco and the QB coach Ryan had last year. Instead we have a "Mike Smith offseason" and argue how masterfully executed it was. I'm burnt out on the Falcons.
  4. Worrilow looked great in a backup role and he added a level of worksmanship that couldn't be matched. Even when he was overplayed he always showed major effort. As far as I'm concerned that's where Duke Riley's ceiling lies. I don't see him EVER making a Pro-Bowl. We traded out of the second round for a backup linebacker, smh. That was a pretty dumb move considering Ishmael played just fine last year.
  5. As per usual: Depends on how Ryan plays. If he is confident which I haven't seen this season outside of the Packers game, we win, if he is Snowflake (my new nickname for Ryan) then we lose. Simple. As many creative narratives as you can spin are listless compared to this one major caveat. How he plays this weekend is ultimately going to create a very long lasting perception of his viability and value not only for this year but also the remainder of his career..
  6. I wonder if this is how Cowboy's fans felt about Romo right before he broke his arm & they drafted Dak...
  7. It's becoming frighteningly obvious that this Franchise STILL has not changed very much. Even with the new stadium digs and things couldn't be more predictable right now. We are still overpaying talent and letting key role players get away. How many 10 year guys were in this program last year? Not just on the field but off the field? As much as I admire Dan Quinn's confidence I am extremely saddened by how misleading this last offseason was. Multiple ten year guys from players and coaches were either replaced or let go a lot of them being integral role players for this franchise. Now, I could see a gradual shift in things occurring but losing both coordinators as well as underserved role-players like Chris Chester, Patrick Dimarco, Sean Weatherspoon, Jonathan Babineaux, Tyson Jackson, Dwight Freeney, Jacob Tamme ummm who else...oh yeah, Worrilow. (Who was a HUGE unsung hero in my eyes) YOU DON'T LOSE THAT MANY ROLE PLAYERS IN ONE OFFSEASON AND EXPECT TO COMPETE AT THE SAME LEVEL THE NEXT SEASON! I don't understand how these millionaire Front Office guys can't seem to deduce something even a non-professional can see, smh. It's eerily predictable and reminiscent of quite a few major U.S. companies who either over or underestimate not only their own industry market but also the competition and end up losing leverage long-term while attempting to appear cash competent in the short term. Resigning Trufant for a Top 5 corner salary was a mistake, especially since EVERYONE now knows our best corner in on the other side. Replacing a 10 year OC with a guy who's never even coached in the League before was a huge mistake. Trading out of the 2nd round of the Draft to pick-up an over-glorified back up was a mistake. Not finding an adequate replacement for Chester, huge mistake. Not resigning Dimarco another biggie. I saw SOOOO many warning signs of the inability of this Franchise to actually truly connect it's philosophy, strategy and native market right after losing another game you should have won, that I now doubt this Franchise ability is even win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. Replacing both Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Coordinator with guy's who've never done it in the same offseason AS WELL AS losing that amount of role players and voila' YOUR FRANCHISE'S WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY JUST CLOSED EARLIER THAN NEED BE. One can not simply BUY a Super Bowl nor OVERcompensate guy's into becoming champions. Look at what happened last year: Team plays better with #1 Corner out, Role-players step up with Rookies to create successful mentor-mentee relationships and great fieldplay synergy, West Coast Offensive mastermind finally locks in his style of coordinating with underperforming yet capable starting Quarterback, team finds ways to win even without their #1 world-renown wideout, ummmm what else oh! Size balance! Just because Grady Jarret played well in the Super Bowl does not mean that Rashede Hageman was any less important towards that outcome! Have a balance of quick-undersized guys and big-strong guys created a team worthy of Super Bowl chemistry. TO ANYONE SIMPLY ONLOOKING THOSE ARE MINOR DETAILS BUT FROM SOMEONE WHO REALLY UNDERSTANDS GROUP-TALENT SYNERGISTICS THESE MISTAKES ARE MAKE OR BREAK TO A FRANCHISE ON A SUPER BOWL RUN. And now what's happened? Everyone's seeing thru the bs again and Matty Ice is back to playing like Matty Snowflake. Dan Quinn isn't even speaking as much and Marquel Manuel is starting to look more like the REAL Head Coach than anyone, wonder why that is? GOING FORWARD: Stop resigning guys that you can afford to lose while letting key role-players walk, Stop drafting project players every year back to back and grab guys who are READY and let them play, draft Matt Ryan's replacement to show him and everyone else here that no one man is bigger than the team and IF YOU GET A COORDINATOR WHO REALLY GETS IT DON'T LET HIM GO. Duhhhhhhh! What an idiotic franchise, smh. I'm done with my rant and go luck to the rest of my fellow Falcon fans, I expect a playoff birth and then a first-round loss as per usual with these folks. Good day.
  8. Not sure if you know this but it's not "the country" that these soldier's are dying for it's the country's "illicit government" that they are actually sacrificing their own blood sweat and tears for. The U.S. Government is a well known global war-mongerer. The trickle down effect is all that you're seeing now. Kaepernick ain't got **** on Obama or Trump or Clinton or whoever. Just a quick FYI.
  9. I'm gonna pretend you didn't just reference dollar bills and coins to make your point..
  10. Stole my word ...I'm so proud of you!
  11. Should have posted the gif of that little hop-step he did that gained about 10 yards I wanna say in the 3rd quarter to get a first down.. That **** was impressive.
  12. You guy's are the holiest group of nut-huggers I've ever seen I swear. Just because we all don't turn around, pull our pants down and bend over at the drop of a dime doesn't mean we're ungrateful. Matt took awhile to get to MVP level he's always been solid. The question is is he gonna stay at that level. That's the point. This rash of insults makes you guy's seem insecure about something.. Maybe deep down you have your doubts too but it's easier to get along to go along huh? We all don't need to be nut-huggers to be considered diehard fans my friend. Just my honest feelings on this topic. Don't like don't read. Simple.
  13. So do I need NFL Game pass to do freeze frames as well or what? (Totally gonna blow this PMF guy outta the water one day lol)
  14. 3rd pick was definitely on Sanu, totally catchable ball. Almost like he wasnt expecting it but Matt also had a chance to NOT be predictable and fool the coverage. Alas that is just not one of his strengths tho is it?
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