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  1. It allows one to never have expectations and therefore can never be disappointed. It's a good way to go. I guess.
  2. He's a rookie man. He will have growing pains just like any other rookie.
  3. I'm so tired of the glimpse of hope only to be blinded by the failure! That is all I have to say about this team. I am tired. So so tired
  4. Quinn doesn't seem to have a problem cutting **** that doesn't work. Ie southward. If shanny is a problem I think quin will resolve it
  5. Quinn doesn't seem to have a problem cutting **** that doesn't work. Ie southward. If shanny is a problem I think quin will resolve it
  6. You guys are over reacting about Quinn. It's the offense and Matt Ryan that suck
  7. I don't think quoin is the problem. We brought hi. Here to fix the d and he has. The offense us as bad as I have ever seen it under Ryan. You can't blame a defensive head coach to feel comfortable putting the game in the defenses hands.
  8. I would like to add that Matt Ryan is a *****.
  9. If we don't dominate this game, I will lose all confidence in this team
  10. I get a huge chuckle reading all of the negative stuff in this thread. I am one of the most skeptical and realistic people when it comes to team expectations hi can you guys not see that we have been dominant this whole year. Despite Ryan playing like ****, we have still been virtually unstoppable. If we lose tomorrow I will start to worry. All that needs to be done is clean up the turnovers and run the ball more. The future looks great. Even this year. If things get cleaned up a bit, we can give anyone a run for their money.
  11. If the coaches choose to make the right decision and run the ball more, say 55 to 60 percent of the time. We will make things much easier for Ryan and be difficult for any team to beat. We have lost games but not been beaten yet this year.
  12. This is what I have been screaming. Matt Ryan's footwork is horrible. You just can not be accurate when your footwork is as bad as his. He has to have confidence in his line and stop throwing while leaning backwards. There have been countless times I have seen him do this unnecessarily this year.
  13. Yes. Exactly. Matt started the year off stepping into his passes. He has horrible foot work and technique right now. He needs to finish his throws going forward, not backwards.
  14. Exactly, I'm not the least bit worried about this team. We are very very close to being a nightmare for any team to deal with. If everything gets put together, watch out. I have never felt this good about the Falcons chances to make a deep playoff run. We have a dominant defense. We have a dominant offense that keeps beating itself. We haven't been beaten yet. We have lost games but haven't been beaten.
  15. If you can narrow down the field by 1/2 by locking down that side you can provide more help on the other side. Make sense?
  16. Defense is not the problem. It has been carrying the team of late. When is the last time you could say that.
  17. If we don't turn the ball over: Falcons-31 9ers-16 If we turn the ball over 3 times again Falcons-17 9ers-21
  18. Hello mdrake. I'm glad to hear about the boat shoes. Any man who doesn't own a good pair of boat shoes is missing out on life's finer things. I hate spiders. Own 42 fire arms. Live in a red state. Have 2 bratty yet lovely children and a wench wife. I have a valid drivers license. Prefer my bourbon neat. Have vacationed in the Dominican Republic. There is a lump in my foot that hurts every time I take a step(should probably get this checked out). And like most of you, a huge falcons fan. I own two pair of sperry gold cup boat shoes. How about yourself?
  19. The good news is, we should be undefeated right now. We haven't truly been beaten by anyone, it's been us giving games away. Clean things up and we can roll with any team in the league. We want to peak late anyways. If we start peaking after the bye week prepare for a Super Bowl appearance.
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