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  1. Amen. I was about to say the same 2 examples. For years they were the darlings of the NFL getting sympathy no calls at home. Seriously. How many holding calls did they get away with in the Superdome from 2009-2013ish? Meanwhile they were HANDED their Superbowl appearance by refs swallowing their whistles against Farve's Vikings with all those cheap shots... ya know, the same game that eventually led to the bounty gate suspensions. Noone should have sympathy for that team. Not just Falcons fans. Sean Peyton can suck a fat one.
  2. It also helped that NOLA had flags thrown on their O and D holding for a change. We've watched them get away with it for so long, especially in the Superdome. Dallas did everything they could to throw that game away at the end but their pass rush and Breeze being wildly off target a lot let them limp over the finish line. Those two linebackers they have 55 and 54 are legit.
  3. Funny how the Saints look beatable when they actually get flagged for all the offensive and defensive holding we e have watched them get away with at Home for years. Yes the refs missed some calls both ways but man was it nice to see the Saints line and secondary actually get flagged for a friggin change. Not to mention their dirty play.
  4. With our old QB coach as the offensive coordinator. The one we let go and brought in Sark. Smh.
  5. If that's the case then he isnt too good at that either. The crap they took on the field in last years rematch with the Patriots should have made that obvious.
  6. Watching Barkley I'm having a hard time seeing how we stop him from another 200+ yard total game. At least not without handing OBJ another career game. We have got to figure out how to put some pressure on Eli like we did Winston at the very least. Meanwhile Engram is back and we all know how great we do against pass catching tight ends and running backs. /S
  7. He isnt flashy enough for the average Atl fan. You have to remember half our fan base thinks Michael Vick was a great QB. I feel Sanu is disrespected the same way. He doesn't get enough chances to display his speed (like when he just ran away from Pittsburghs dbs on his TD) and catches a lot of short routes. People love flashy receivers who get long balls and TDs. So of course they think Ridley is our offense. When the reality is it is Julio and Sanu getting him single coverage that opens up the td throws he has been showered with. Not that he isnt obviously talented, but the avera
  8. He probably also wanted to go for it on 4th and 2 to seal the game rather than try a 58 yr field goal....
  9. Still dont like him. There, I said it. Blew multiple red zones yesterday including the one at the end that could have sealed it. Keep hanging close to 40 a game though and I'll come around. I want more Julio in the red zone and utilizing Coleman in the short passing game like we did in 2016 w hom and Freeman. It feels like they're trying too much to force it to their shiney new toy Ridley.
  10. Smart post. No idea what happened to Reed but you're right, he was our most consistent pass rusher last year and he is a ghost right now. I think Sanu is still a bit overpaid just for how little we are going to utilize him now that Ridley is the #2. Maybe a renegotiation, but I can see him ending up on another team next year (Dallas?) I agree with the Freeman/Trufant sentiment. A trade is wishful thinking with those bloated salaries. Maybe bite the bullet and just cut them. I haven't looked at the salary cap hit for that though. Fact is, were in trouble from being too quick to
  11. He looked great! One thing I did notice though was him really looking blown up on the sideline after his 3rd down sac in the 2nd half. Pretty sure we've all mentioned that the Falcons need to make a change with their strength and conditioning coach. That shot of him ducking down oxygen in huge gulps a couple minutes after that play pretty much confirmed it for me. No wonder we keep blowing it in the 4th quarter.
  12. I wish I had an answer but I'm just stunned at how shallow our defensive depth is in the 4th year under our supposed defensive guru head coach who has a significant say in our draft picks. I realize the injury's to our top draft picks the last 2 years has been huge but jesus effing christ where are the over performing 5th and 6th round defensive picks (not named Grady Jarret) that we all figured Quinn would find and be ready to step up. We all saw this potential issue in the last couple pre seasons and now the chickens are coming home to roost.
  13. Thank you. I think a lot of people dont realize that "trade" means to take a player and their contract. It's annoying and said way too often (Freeman comes to mind). You cant just snap your fingers and trade under performers for Patrick Peterson and a 2nd round pick lol.
  14. People need to stop with the "they need to trade him" talk. No team is going to take him and his bloated contract (same with Freeman). The other 31 teams are seeing the same games you are. You can't just say "trade him" with an underperforming overpaid player and it magically happens. Likely he will be one of the ones released after this year to clear cap space for players who want to ball.
  15. I predicted something like this happening the moment I read he was working out with Terrell Owens a month or so ago.
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