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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to youngbloodz in Falcons expected to set up a visit with Hooker   
    I hope we sign him. He won’t cost much of anything and could strike gold
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to WhenFalconsWin in Falcons expected to set up a visit with Hooker   
    Not that far-fetched.
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to FalconBlood in Falcons expected to set up a visit with Hooker   
    I would have to admit. With Harmon, Grant, Harris, and Hooker. Our safety group will have a tremendous amount of stability AND upside.
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to RING OF HONOR in Should Julio's number be retired?   
    If his number was retired... we'd have a 50 page thread discussing why he deserves it or why he doesn't......
    So it's a no for me...
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to AUTiger7222 in Wide Receivers   
    Were you guys aware that Russell Gage changed his number from 83 to 14?
    With Gage now in line to be the #2 WR I really hope he takes better care of his body and tries to avoid some of the big hits that have knocked him out of games in the past because we are thin behind him. We have a lot of young guys with limited NFL experience. These guys like Christian Blake and Olamide Zaccheaus have shown some flashes but they're never played a whole lot. The staff seems extremely high on Frank Darby.
    Also like the Tajae Sharpe signing. Like that Sharpe has experience in Arthur Smith's offense and can help to implement it among the receivers to make sure the little details are taken care of.  We don't have much experience at the wide receiver position now that Julio is gone so having someone that has played for Arthur is important.
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to Mr.Blank in Falcons Preseason Schedule   
    My god, I'm literally hearing him say that in my head.....
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to JayOzOne in Falcons Preseason Schedule   
    Michaels: Well, it looks like Matt Ryan's done for the night after a couple of series. He finishes with 8 completions on 10 throws for 130 yards and a touchdown. You know, a lot of people were wanting the Falcons to take a quarterback in the draft.
    Collinsworth: Yeah, while most think that Matt Ryan still has a couple of good years left they're going to be judged harshly if Justin Fields turns out to be an all-star.
    (A.J. McCarron fires a 25 yard pass to a receiver to put the Falcons in field goal position)
    Michaels: Young Justin Fields, who had an excellent night for the Bears last night. A lot of high hopes for that young man.
    Collinsworth: Right, Al. The coaching staff has a lot of really good things to say about his willingness to listen and pick up on the game plan.
    (McCarron scrambles on an RPO for 15 yards to the 18 yard line)
    Micheals: Five quarterbacks selected in the first 15 picks. It'll be interesting to see how they compare to the immortal first round in 1983, when six quarterbacks were selected. Including a couple of hall of famers.
    (McCarron fires a dart to Frank Darby, who makes a great catch on the sideline with two defenders covering him)
    Collinsworth: That was a really good year for quarterbacks. Dan Marino and Jim Kelly are all-time generational talents. I wonder if any of this year's rookie QBs will reach that level of success?
    Michaels: We'll talk more about them after this commercial break...
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to Jesus in Falcons Preseason Schedule   
    Vs the Browns on NBC? I wonder what they'll talk about during the game?
    Matt with 150 yards passing and a couple of TDs to Pitts and Ridley.
    Collinsworth: "You really have to think about how the Falcons are going to get past the loss of Julio Jones."
    Michaels: "Factor in that they were up 28-3."
    Collinsworth: "Yeah you really need to wonder what they are doing out there."
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to dodge_birds_fan in My profesional observation to atlanta fans   
    I didn't notice the typo in the title. If I had, I wouldn't have stumbled on here.
    Had me in the first half, not gonna lie.....
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to mattyicefalcon in My profesional observation to atlanta fans   
  12. Haha
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to HASHBROWN3 in What we learned from third day of Falcons minicamp   
    So it’s good to see someone else besides MR answering stupid questions from the media with sort of mundane answers just for the sake of answering lol.  
    Uh, hey Russell, we need to make this about Julio so what things did you learn from julio? lmao.  Gage is like Uh this & that, but kept reverting back to whatever AS wants him to learn.  The media is never your friend period.  Fk em & feed em fish heads.
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to Herr Doktor in What we learned from third day of Falcons minicamp   
    Yep, running and pushups when you **** up, not fist bumps and "**** Yeahs"!
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to raysnill1 in What we learned from third day of Falcons minicamp   
    my only beef with Gage is that he needs to go ahead and slide sometimes. I appreciate the effort but as a smaller guy, he needs to live to fight another play.
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to JDaveG in WTH is a Jeff Holland?   
    We signed one.
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to kschreck in FFWD to 0:57   
    I will never get used to DLed's voice.  Grinds me every dang time I hear it.
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to marvinthemartian in Do you think that it was Arthur Smith's and Terry Fontenont's plan all along to trade Julio?   
    I think they knew Julio wanted out
    i think they knew he would be traded
    i think knowing Pitts would be there at 4 made the whole thing easier. 
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to JayOzOne in Official 2021 UDFA Tracker Thread   
    The hits, they keep on comin'...
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to Jesus in Anyone else intrigued by Malik Hooker in free agency?   
    Let's just all remember that during one of the biggest prostitution weekends, outside  of the republican national convention, that our boy Eugene still found the cop.
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to ryantlanta in Anyone else intrigued by Malik Hooker in free agency?   
    Perfect free safety signing and won’t be too expensive and can play at a high level. Bring him home TF!
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to peoriabird in Falcons At Crossroads   
    So let me get this straight...We should have passed on the best player in the draft to draft the 4th best Quarterback who went 11th??
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to Mister pudding in The Julio is traded thread   
    I actually thought there would be more friction regarding Julio one way or another. I think you can kinda tell the deal was pretty fair by the lack of outrage on both sides. TATF actually was fairly pacified for as huge an issue it was/is
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to ROMERO in Calvin Ridley: Minor Foot Surgery   
    If this is your attempt as a troll account, you already failed. 
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    Outmyfalconmind reacted to dirtybirds233 in Calvin Ridley: Minor Foot Surgery   
    Foot surgery? 
    This isn't what we meant when we said Ridley needed to replace Julio
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