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  1. I feel like we've been spoiled over the years by having 2 legitimate top 5/10 receivers on the field at once. We're so used to it that not having it on paper feels worrisome. I think he'll do what's expected as a typical NFL number 2.
  2. I thought about this, but im gonna assume competition is a focal point and if Patterson shows promise at RB they already have strong depth at the return position.
  3. Bro, for real. That's exciting and it allows the team to use Patterson more sparingly on the special teams side of the ball if RB is his late career calling and Williams and this kid show real return potential lol.
  4. Flirting with being the dunta Robinson of the offense sometimes. I hear you.
  5. I'd be slightly more optimistic about him than most here seem to be. I like him at safety when on the field. Though I'm also with the majority here in that I'd prefer a CB or edge. Wouldn't be mad at all.
  6. I agree, though it's a bitter sweet. Upon drafting Pitts, the idea of julio, ridley, Pitts and even Hurst, sounded incredible. With the absence of julio, though still great on paper, doesn't draw the same feeling of excitement. I do agree and believe that moving forward with a new identity is also exciting and i think Fontenot, Smith and pees will bring out something in players that have been here that we haven't seen before. I.e Hurst, Oliver, fowler and the project high potential players. Which will result in closing the gap noticed with the absence of julio.
  7. I'm glad it's over. I've been lurking since the rumors, anxious everyday to get a set in stone answer, because honestly, all of this took the excitement away from drafting Pitts. Now there's clarity and I can begin to enjoy the endless possibilities of what he'll bring to the offense.
  8. It's weird because they would most likely become the greatest QB/WR duo in history following this season. If true, he's just as ungrateful as the extreme critics
  9. 85 pages. Just commenting to be apart of it lol. History has to have been made.
  10. You came in aggressive lol. That's arguing energy bruh. I understand what you're saying, but there's not much to talk about and people are optimistic. This isn't a gage vs Sharpe post. It was a question to hear people's hopes and thoughts on the signing. You've stated yours and others have stated theirs. It's ok, relax.
  11. Do analysts piss their pants about anything falcons related? I mean really. His resume speaks for itself. Im excited about him being DC, and as I can tell, your unmatched consistency is to not be excited about much regarding the falcons. Time will tell what the defense looks like though.
  12. The best outlook for me is, if he comes in and does well for a couple years, he's not looking to get promoted. So 2 good years of defense, we won't have to worry about losing him to a HC job. If he retires, he retires, if he doesn't it'll be because he wants to continue coaching. His longevity, if all goes well for the falcons with this regime, will be determined by how long he wants to keep doing it. He's either fired or retired.
  13. The leverage for the falcons is gone now thats its public. Teams know he wants out and those teams aren't going to offer the farm. One way or another julio is gone and to get out of the cap situation the falcons can't play hard ball for too long either. So I agree with you.
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