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  1. Is there video of this “drew a gasp” play by Barner that was mentioned? Just curious
  2. Tak’s focus on football. I haven’t seen anything here about his shot at Brian finneran
  3. Forget that he earned every bit of the money he got. That he played through injuries to be out on the field. That he was drafted in the 4th and when healthy is one of the best in the league. He been hurt, sure, but he earned that contract. To belittle his character because you don’t understand the business is ridiculous. He was on his rookie contract as one of the best in the league, and got paid as he deserved to. Injuries happen and botched plays happen.
  4. wow. Just wow. How quickly we forget.
  5. Devonta Freeman’s comment though! I hope it comes to fruition.. obviously. But he has got to stay healthy. I pray he’s 100% and doesn’t get bit by that bug again. I’m excited
  6. Defensive end
  7. Respectable theory. Could be the case.
  8. Shaq Lawson’s 5th year option hasn’t been picked up. Maybe a better option than Shane Ray on the cheap side of the house. Again, this is assuming the bills don’t keep him.
  9. Whether true or not about who HE says starts at guard, it’s not his decision to make. DQ said he will put the best 5 on the line. I personally don’t care about who was paid what, if the best 5 start, so be it. It’s in DQs job description to name the starter. Not that what TD said isn’t coming from DQ, but until these are the words from DQ, I dont believe TD knows how the line will be laid out.
  10. Zach brown over Jamie Collins. And ziggy for me as well. Morgan is intriguing, but isn’t he a 3-4 LB primarily? Not sure if he plays with his hand in the dirt much. suh and McCoy (it cut) are my out of reach dream signings.
  11. Cool, I was hoping it was true. Thanks
  12. Tony Brook-James isn’t on our list of agreed to terms UDFA players. Anyone know anything about this? I thought he was mentioned to have agreed to terms.
  13. I think only one of them was drafted and he is expected to make a full recovery, while the teammate (who wasn’t drafted) passed away.
  14. This ^ in the moment, the excitement of the trade up came, and then the selection of .. “who” set in, and the realization of not having a 2nd day pick because of “who” set it as well. So safe to say I was in question of what the FO was doing. AND THEN the run of OL on day 2 came and it all made sense. its easy to question things as a fan in the moment, but when people are (doing their jobs) and understand what’s to come from other teams to start the second round, the acceptance of the trade up set in and I am now much happier than I was in the moment of the 31st pick. They saw the run on OL as a possibility and made a move to set us up at RT before it was too late. And the selection of Howard by Houston was probably the make or break point for them.