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  1. I didn't mean that we shouldn't draft Sewell, I just meant it wouldn't make sense to draft him in order to trade an asset on the line already.
  2. I just don't think they're going to go the route of upgrading at a position that doesn't need upgrading. If they ride next season with Matt ryan and or julio Jones, they're looking for immediate success. And to use the #4 pick to upgrade a position doesn't need upgraded doesnt seem to make the most sense. But I understand the interest in the scenario
  3. I would think that it matters how much TF values Arthur Smiths opinion in the draft, being that it'll ultimately be his decision. I don't mean that they won't gel together, but Arthur Smiths contract has been brought up in here as a 3 year contract. His longevity vs TFs longevity is relatively different. AS may be looking at getting better right now and may want to go OL or Defense in the draft, where TF has a wider window and will be willing to go QB. Essentially, theres too much going on to factor what they're thinking. That including how vague they've been on the roster. IMO
  4. May not be popular, but Curtis Lofton and Sean Weatherspoon were ones that I thought could've been one of the faces of the ATL all time LBers. Though spoons reason were injury related. Offense- off the wall pick: Ashley Lelie i had high hopes for.
  5. If foye makes another leap like the one he made last year, he'd be the most important piece not named Grady Jarrett on the defense.
  6. I'm not even sure why this was so funny, but I spit put my beer upon reading this. My wife looking at me like im crazy 🤣
  7. Not only that, but he also said he wants to drop the entitlement culture and to come in and start naming starters isn't the best way to get that point across, even if your name is julio Jones or Matt ryan
  8. When he talks about adaptability, I think he builds his philosophy on making it a point as a first time HC to continuously speak as if thats the case. He can say Matt Ryan will be the starter week 1, but as he has also said, there are many things that can happen in between now and then that makes that not the case. A irresistible trade, injury, anything could happen. I won't read into this too much other than when he says he wants adaptability, he's definitely on the next man up train in every position and situation. I don't think he'll ever commit to a starter on this team until the week 1 de
  9. I'm pretty sure he was mentioning who was on the roster to be QB had the falcons not drafted Matt Ryan
  10. Long term OC ability from the HC position. Matt ryan hasn't had an OC or offensive continuity for more than 2 years pretty much his entire career. Adopting previous systems from previous OCs that the new OC has to work their strategy into. Constant losses of OCs have been critical to the lack of success offensively. Hopefully AS is the long term answer to offensive consistency that Andy Reid has been and established.
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