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  1. I think it looked that way because Campbell just wasn't that good at LB. He looked decent rushing the passer which is why it looked like thats where he belonged. Where walker seems to bring a bit more intelligence and football IQ to the position. Campbells decency was brought out by D Jones. Hopefully he has a foye type of impact, which I can see happening
  2. This is him setting up an excuse as to why he isn't utilizing the run game.....
  3. Goose egg Tom Brady and the Bucs twice in regular season. Goose egg them again in the playoffs. And beat NE in the superbowl.
  4. Huh? I'm talking about how many times Matt Ryan has been sacked.
  5. . The man is doing family things. He doest exist solely for your entertainment.
  6. Its a message board for fans dawg. A fan is asking fans what they think since fans had an opinion about another player.
  7. I really really wish this message would get across, but it won't. Every pick so far has been considered a reach. Everything the falcons do, these dudes cry and complain. Some of them can't wait for Quinn and TD to be fired but will cry and complain at whose signed to replace them. This place has to be full of saints fans because I don't sense many falcons fans in here.
  8. Or maybe Rico or Kazee are tradable.
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