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  1. First, he’s a problem because of the early turnovers, then he’s a problem because he’s not winning the games himself, now he’s the problem because he’s cleaned up the turnovers but his stats are “skewed” or “padded.” All this talk about players not doing their job and y’all are wanting one of the only players doing their job shipped out? Common man
  2. How many other QBs can have the stats Matt Ryan does with skewed stats? He’s top 5 in almost every category.. in the NFL. I would hate for him to be traded, but I hope it does so that reality hits everybody that there aren’t many at all like Matt Ryan in the NFL right now, and to think that drafting a new one will put us in a better position than Ryan ever has.. y’all are trippin with this fairytale that Matt Ryan is remotely a problem at all
  3. Same guy signed for 3 days then cut??
  4. Kinda feel like you’re mad bro.
  5. Yeah but he’s got that look in his eyes
  6. Players only meeting?... please
  7. One of the barbers... got it lol
  8. It would be a sign... that’s why I wish for it to happen immediately!
  9. Hahaha
  10. My bad if my questioned seemed to imply that if he had a bad game he’d definitely be considered a reach. What I was trying to ask was that if he had a good game would the “reach” talks cease.
  11. That’s true, but a good game against watt would have to kill that narrative? Right?... you’re probably right