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  1. Ugh
  2. If Takk cut his dreads, there may be a chance. Does anyone know if he went through with his bet on himself?
  3. Ahh different event though. I thought it was him throwing it in the video above. Thanks for the link.
  4. I read that Cam Newton was out there throwing the ball and practicing with Falcons players, was this it... anyone know?
  5. Just a week ago they wouldn't be able to sign anyone but bottom barrel pickings, and yet some how.. soo I'll let the pros do their pro thing.
  6. Saw that after I posted. Thanks
  7. Brian Poole anyone?
  8. Wreh-Wilson has to be retained right? This guy the last half of the season has been legit.
  9. “Anti tankers” are people who understand that this is not a realistic game plan. People are fighting for their jobs. Tanking isn’t real and I don’t see any person who has their lively hood on the line being ok with tanking for an organization that may not keep them the following year. Football is competition and competition is football. To think that people plan to take that aspect out of the game is delusional. Whether they’re kept or not, tanking or competing wouldn’t change that.
  10. The thing is though. Dan Quinn is still a coach on the falcons. He made the changes to the coaching staff, and it’s working. That’s not really clueless. He’s not just doing nothing. The team is in fact playing better without him calling plays, but he put the team in the position they’re in now by making the changes. A coach made coaching changes. He didn’t give up on the team, when he could have, knowing his job was toast. You’re argument isn’t inaccurate that DQ calling plays as the HC wasn’t working, but he made the changes and that’s ultimately what us fans wanted, and it’s still being complained about. If it’s broke, you fix it. And so far he’s done what needed to be done to fix it by putting the team before himself. That’s not cowardly or clueless.
  11. He’s a football player. First and foremost. And you sound ungrateful. He did everything asked of him, being a 1,000 yard receiver was not asked of him. He had the potential to be that if needed. His value and role spoke for itself, I’m sorry you didn’t see that.
  12. My oldhoe wack, but my younghoe koo
  13. Younghoe koo. He kicked for the chargers a few years back
  14. First, he’s a problem because of the early turnovers, then he’s a problem because he’s not winning the games himself, now he’s the problem because he’s cleaned up the turnovers but his stats are “skewed” or “padded.” All this talk about players not doing their job and y’all are wanting one of the only players doing their job shipped out? Common man