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  1. Will yall quit acting like it's then end of the world. Quinn will win us a Super Bowl. This offense had wholes. Our oline sucked ok plus our d suckes Thomas and Kyle will be gone.
  2. I think so we win in it 2 years or 5 Quinn walked into a dumpster fire.
  3. Look Thomas and Kyle go I think dled and Thomas are combined at the hype no Quinn and Thomas
  4. I think Quinn had no say in this oc hire. I think Blank and Quinn gain control
  5. This should tell you something Thomas said
  6. Thomas might gets fired and Kyle leaves Atlanta.
  7. Dimitroff and dled Quinn will fix it just I think Thomas and Kyle leave. Blank and Dan. A day before Kyle was hired dled wrote a article on Kyle and how the west offense is so great. For Ryan bopm Thomas makes the hire.
  8. I'm telling you Dan had no say in this hire he was hired before we looked at Quinn
  9. I think we need to fire both bring the no huddle air raid guy. As for gm make Quinn the gm. Say screw the gm. Tank and get a top 4 pic
  10. Has got to go we need a top draft pick and draft a real pasrusher
  11. I got a fealing that might start a slide or a win or a pop storm
  12. ESPN as hole has gone down hill. Ever since Disney baught them out. It's funny watching fox beating them.
  13. exactly Alabama has always struggled with spread teams. It mind blowing why sec teams realize this. I wish UGA would realize this it drives Saban made.
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