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  1. He literally blamed everybody else but Matt Ryan in the first few sentences. The title doesnt help your argument either. I feel like people have a problem when you say Ryan is part of the problem. Thats not "ironic" thats just facts . Ive seen it with numerous posters on this board. **** in this thread
  2. Or did you?? The guy literally said "part of the problem" but u attack him and say he did not read the op. Nothing he said, lead to the post you made
  3. These ryan huggers believe they know more than you smh , if u say something negative about Ryan. Then you are the bad guy
  4. You getting mad lmaoo must bother you. Oh well ,
  5. And proceeded to take a sack and the drive reels
  6. He is still a problem tbh, one game doesnt change that . Get that qb of the future. So i dont agree with your post
  7. You see how brady stays aggressive ?? He does not let up, he sees the defense is struggling. He's like ok, ill do it myself then
  8. Nahh this is what I have been saying with Ryan. Brady has put his foot on their necks. No mercy, this team does not have that mentality
  9. Better yet lets start at the 10 everytime lmaoo
  10. Yeahh thats the way too do it, finally we have offense and defense working in perfect sync 😬😬
  11. Off to a good start, lets keep it going 💯💯💯
  12. This new staff is gonna want their guy, the fact arthur and rich said that makes me believe that they are building for the future. I see them drafting a qb and having him take over for Ryan in 2022
  13. That wasnt the point tho lol we arent comparing a rookie qb too a 14 yr vet, 36 yr old qb.
  14. U just put words in my mouth smh All i said was that he has had good defenses, they were not great but did their job
  15. Same thing i said and was called a troll and didnt know what i was talking abiut Matt Ryan has had good defenses throughout his career. Were they great ?? No but they didnt have to be. They did what they were suppose to
  16. They seem to forget this, Ryan is not in the same league as Rodgers, Brees, Brady. Its kinda annoying how they compare him to those 3 elite first ballot hof qbs
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