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  1. U really just said this 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
  2. Or ya know if he changes the play and runs the ball three times in the SB they win If he changes the play and runs the ball 3 times last Sunday they win. Yall will only blame the coaches and Matt Ryan can do no harm smh,
  3. But some people swear i dont know what im talking about. He's not solely to blame but he does have just as much blame as anyone else on the team
  4. Never said we needed to move on from him tho .....
  5. Yeahh i would say so But i would like to ask you a question, on that field goal drive last sunday against Dallas. Ryan being one of the smartest and most intelligent players in the nfl. Do you think he should have changed the play and let gurley run the ball two more times ?? This isnt meant to bash him or anything, im just asking what you thought.
  6. Im not putting the full blame on him , i said part of the team. Not individually,
  7. Ohhh my bad didnt mean it like that, not at all he is still my fave qb ever. I just thought every player on the team and the coaches should get a piece of the blame. Everyone has something they could have done better
  8. He has had alot of good moments from the bears, to the saints, to the packers and many more. It wasnt a post to knock him but i just get tired of so many people blaming the team but not Ryan. He is part of the team win or lose. Cant put the blame on solely one person.
  9. Again i never said he was fully to blame or the sole reason , the defense has been awful for him and ol , he has never had a consistent offense or defense. If he had either he probably would have won a few SB's by now and is a HOF QB, but as part of the team. I think he should get a piece of the blame too.
  10. Why is he the only that doesnt get blamed when everyone else gets blamed ??
  11. Ok ill give you a few, im not saying all are on him but just things he knew he should do that he didnt. Threw the ball right to the defender in 2010 nfc playoffs against GB Pats game, i still feel like he should have changed the played at the LOS and run it three straight times The eagles the next year in the playoffs that we lost, The giants game in the 2011 playoffs, The 49ers game in 2012, in playoffs Again im not knocking him but he has been these same mistakes for years now. I know people will come at me because of this but he has been making these mistake
  12. Gotta look at some of those losses though in big games, that really shouldnt be happening tbh.
  13. OL was not that good either but this is just not a good team. Problems go deeper than the team
  14. True but imo i Cant just say coaching , Ryan and Julio have been making these same boneheaded mistakes long before Quinn. I know people will act like they dont see it or use some excuse but its always the same thing with them every year. The defense has been showing its ineptitude long before Quinn **** even special teams. Its like there is something fundamentally wrong with this team
  15. With This Team , for years dating back to Mike Smith and Matt Ryan. The same mistakes and blunders that are happening happened in 08 and 09 and even before that. The inconsistencies, the mental mistakes, the same ole give up a big lead and try to hold on to win, the defense, the offense, coaching, execution, too many blunders and brain farts, lack of situational awareness, no accountability, cant finish games, have lost way to many games they were suppose to win, and no improvement. Cant Put it all on one person but the whole team takes the blame even the two you arent suppose to say, Ju
  16. Falcons Fans swear matt ryan isnt part of the problem. Its irritating too see and listen too
  17. Cam looks legit, happy for the dude. He has been through alot. If he keeps this up, i see no reason why Pats dont re sign him
  18. Julio in his feelings now, dam what happened with this team??? You can tell he is definitely annoyed. That Locker Room is like UFC Fight Night right now
  19. I was just being nice lol i say 5-11
  20. Him too, he's not the sole problem but he definitely has a part to play in it
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