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  1. but will he get it ? ,thats the question
  2. now thats what im talking about. Contacting higher ups or writing a letter to flowery branch. If they get enough letters they will have no choice but too. I agree with you
  3. Blanks needs to be and Dimitroff as well. They always talk about pleasing their fans but can’t do the little things.
  4. Instead of making threads on a discussion, people need to do something. Actions speak louder than words, those who want it do something about it. Saying the same thing over and over isnt going to help. No offense to op, just in general.
  5. why ? everybody has the right to say whats on their mind
  6. And just to clarify something my title was more of a question than being a statement. I didnt know if this was true or not because it came from LedBetter
  7. which is why im wondering if another teams signs him for a good contract. Ive just heard endlessly how this team drafts well, and that some guys are more replaceable than others for example. Last year there were some people that thought Kazee could come in and take the job at some point
  8. non contact injuries. Let me rephrase Do they tackle in ota’s ?
  9. Do they hit in OTA’s? this isn’t being sarcastic. Seriously i have no clue.
  10. where tomorrow isn’t guaranteed ?? but ok sureee
  11. which i dont have a problem with, but he is just one guy that is going to be a hard decision , just like coleman and possibly sanu are. Thats really what i was relating it to. Is he a guy that is an absolute must for the team or is he replaceable? I guess we will find out at some point
  12. i want too see if they give him a long term contract. He’s one guy that i couldnt determine if he would get a new contract or not, there were alot of people saying he is probably walking after next season .
  13. honestly?? Not really, because i think he knows that there are guys on defense that are more pressing.
  14. that they signed ryan and julio this offseason maybe ?? and do you think he has earned it ? Im asking tou
  15. Cover 9@9: Allen wants long-term deal, too 10h ago, May 23, 2018 0 CCOMPTON@AJC.COM/CURTIS COMPTON December 7, 2017 Atlanta: Ricardo Allen celebrates as Falcons linebacker Deion Jones hits the ground intercepting Saints quarterback Drew Brees pass intended for tight end Josh Hill in the endzone to hold on to a 20-17 victory in a NFL football game on Thursday, December 7, 2017, in Atlanta. Curtis Compton/ FLOWERY BRANCH — Good morning! Welcome to the Cover 9@9 blog. It’s our weekly list of nine things at 9 a.m. Wednesday that you need to know about the Atlanta Falcons. 1. The Falcons’ money train. The Falcons have paid quarterback Matt Ryan. Julio Jones has reportedly taken notice of the shifting wide receiver market. The Falcons have said they want to address left tackle Jake Matthews and defensive tackle Grady Jarrett next. Then, there’s the matter of free safety Ricardo Allen. The team has tendered the restricted free agent at the second-round level at $2.914 million. “I have a tender,” Allen said on Tuesday. “I haven’t signed it yet. That’s what you all hope for (a long-term contract).” So, Allen, who recently graduated from Purdue, is also hoping for a long-term deal with the team. “I just take it day by day,” Allen said. “I come out here and do my best for the team. I put myself in a good situation and I want to keep going.” Allen, who played at Purdue from 2010-2013, was drafted by the Falcons in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft as a cornerback. After a bumpy start to his career, he’s settled in nicely as the team’s starting free safety after a position switch under coach Dan Quinn. In four seasons with the Falcons, Allen has played in 46 games and made 45 starts. He has made six interceptions, 10 deflected passes, one fumble recovery and 158 tackles. Allen was proud that he returned to college to earn his degree. “It was good, just going to school for all those years, when I left, I didn’t come out with anything at first, but I always knew that I had a plan to go back and finish,” Allen said. “ It felt great to be able to walk on that stage even though it wasn’t with anybody that I personally knew, but it was all good.” I know it’s Bedwetter but still its makes you wonder if the falcons would give him one. He has been a good safety the last few years. Has Ricardo done enough to earn himself a long term contract?