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  1. exactly i agree fully . their front 7 is still very good. sheldon richardson , clark, bennet, freeney , wagner, to name a few. We have to play the best we can and dont let up. Always keep them offguard
  2. if we can connect on those pa deep throws. We can stretch that young defense, i wouldnt be opposed to a few draws and shovel passes either. I think we all know they are going to blitz alot, they dont want their rookie cbs to have to cover our recievers too long. So like you said, gotta use their aggressiveness against them
  3. Russell Wilson said doctors had to re-set his jaw. It was nearly broken. Liquid diet, smoothies thru last weekend. Tough to talk until last couple days. #Seahawks i know they are our opp. this week but this kid is one tough cookie. I respect him unlike a lot on the seahawks
  4. like i dont get it. He is still one of the best in the game today. He is also dealing with 2 to 4 injuries at once , back , knee, ankle and theres another one
  5. your right though im not sure we’ll be successful running at the start of the game but we could. I think OL is gaining some momentum now btw, could be huge monday. That would be smart , come out with PA, confuse them. do you think this is the kind of game for screens and short throws to rbs and recievers? let them make the plays
  6. he has ?? who did he face?
  7. baldwin is going to get his, he can be very physical
  8. This is the game that i believe he needs to go off in, he affects so much for the offense. Get those safeties n lbs out of the box. Lets not get carried away, seattle has injuries but their front four is still good . Running may not work early in the game , i dont think they respect anyone other than julio on this team. i think he will be triple teamed at times on monday but i still believe he goes off for 175 yards +
  9. i cant believe Quinn and matt tabeek and others really believe freeman has a chance to play sunday. they are not ruling him out yet but they already should have
  10. Anyone else agree that Murray is so slow to the hole and los ?? if freeman or coleman were running , these 2 yard runs would have been first downs.
  11. that should have been a flag right there
  12. speaking of that.... we all need to be patient with the run game. I dont think we’ll have alot of success in the first quarter but i think coleman has the best game of his career
  13. piss and **** hole thats 7-2 and one of the best in the nfl. i dont think he’ll have too much problems
  14. then there was a stretch where he wasnt scoring tds as well as stats but most def on mack but julio ?? we’ll see but like others have said. will probably get in on reputation if nothing else