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  1. Its gonna f everybody over, nobody is at an advantage this season. There will be rust, timing, and rhythm issues. So football will look really ugly probably almost the first 8 weeks
  2. Never said trade for him, i just said he would be great. Similar to Mahomes
  3. He cant play forever though , need to start planning for the future. He's 35 years old, time to start look for an heir apparent. Lawrence would be great. Let him sit the first few years and then let him loose
  4. Definitely was not, 2016 almost seemed like he was running on adrenaline the whole season. Like he was doing it for something or someone
  5. Definitely was not, 2016 almost seemed like he was running on adrenaline the whole season. Like he was doing it for something
  6. 💯 i cant disagree with that. One thing we know for sure is fans have driven him into a corner. Im not talking about me n you saying he is bad but when it goes beyond football. A nice guy like him most likely got overwhelmed by the things people said. He is a bad player however And lacking drive means you lose your love for the game but at least still put in effort but there were plays where he literally just stood there like he did not care anymore. He did yhat mosy of the season, just didnt give a single f at all. It lpoked like he just didnt wanna be here anymore. Looked worn out and defeated
  7. You lose 3 important people to you, there is never a time table for that. Life can just start wearing you down. Everybody has stuff going on but sometimes its just too much. This was just 5 years ago, its not that he didnt have drive. Its that he just did not care. Those are two very different things He's just going through the motions
  8. There's just no way he is fine right now. Losing 3 people in a short span of time and the onslaught from fans would easily destroy the toughest man. Again he was a bad player but fans took it way too far with him.
  9. Late last summer, Vic Beasley Jr. visited his old high school coaches and addressed the Adairsville High football team. The players faced a rebuilding season, and Beasley believed he could deliver a pertinent message. The previous fall, Beasley recorded four sacks after the Atlanta Falcons drafted him with the eighth overall pick. His rookie season had been labeled a disappointment. “I got a lot of things I need to accomplish this year to prove people wrong,” Beasley told the players. “My first year didn’t meet some people’s standard. I’m not going to let that define me.” Beasley did not reveal the turmoil behind his season, the pain he had played through. Beasley had spent his first year as a professional visiting his father in the hospital, where Vic Beasley Sr. fought the ravages of alcoholism. Beasley’s father, who played safety at Auburn and introduced him to the sport, would succumb in April, the latest death in a tragic stretch for Beasley. Beasley has reached those heights despite unfathomable personal loss. Beasley’s older brother died in a car accident before his final season at Clemson, as the defensive end was trying to decide whether or not to enter the draft. During his senior season, his uncle, a pastor who had great influence on him, was diagnosed with cancer and died. And then his father fell ill and eventually died, at 53, in April. Through it all, Beasley relied on his deep faith and rarely betrayed his hurt yeah this was crazy too hear, it took me by surprise. He does not talk alot and keeps alot bottled up, fans probably have made it worse. This along with the stuff from fans would affect anybody.
  10. I feel like i couple of times he referenced it on twitter but didnt outright say fans were getting too serious and too personal. I also just read he lost his Father, Uncle and Brother pretty close together. I didnt even know that tbh, i feel like fans just made it worse with Vic. Was he a bad player ?? Yes , Is he a good person ?? Yes. He was too quiet and nice.
  11. Definitely 100% agree with this , some people just cant handle what they read from fans. While i agree he needs to man up a littlr and handle it but we as fans gotta know when to back off. Death threats, harrassment, personal attacks and family comments have nothing to do with football and have no place being sent to any athlete let alone person. We drive players to this point then wonder why, ( im not talking about this board but just in general). He definitely has some stress and other things you mentioned
  12. Thats where i think lies the problem, if he does not love the game anymore then why not retire??? I feel like there are those pushing him to keep playing you can clearly see his heart is not in it. He's just there and going through the motions
  13. I know people think this is funny but i believe something is fundamentally wrong with him. He showed up late for camp and didnt pass the physical, thats very concerning. I hope he's not going through depression or anything like that. Just feel like some thing is not right with him that goes deeper than not wanting to play football
  14. I agree with all of this, if he can take TE's out of the game that would help this defense greatly. Taking Kittle, Kelce, Ertz etc out of the game, kills about 50-60% of their playbooks, since the offense revolves around them alot.
  15. He was beat, im not saying Foye is bad. I guess i have to see more of him playing.
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