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  1. lol lmaooo you’ve ever seen a swinging door ?? lol they both would put ryan out lol probably best if we put the backup qb in actually lol
  2. LOL , . This was my laugh for the day lol Chicago would knock the bird piss out of us while Ryan is seeing stars.
  3. Mack had so many crucial calls this year and alot of dts were pushing him back. Jake, what can i say?? He hasnt been elite this year. The pressure from dlineman and lbs came from everywhere tbh
  4. Shows you how bad this OL really is, Mack and Jake were absolutely terrible this year but they were our best lineman.
  5. nope , i saw it on twitter
  6. People are saying canadian radio stations are reporting that Dimitroff has been fired? I dont know if its true or not.
  7. Ido think Quinn is in the player’s ears some
  8. it made him look bad with this team’s effort today. He doesnt usually say stuff like that
  9. lol we do suck, but julio ran his mouth earlier this week
  10. lol i forgot about him
  11. thank you, finally!!! lol there have been so many Ryan DR’s this season. He has been bad this season. He deserves blame too ..
  12. this is not making anything up tho , But ig i’d expect that reply from you
  13. and Dj’s lol
  14. do you not remember Campbell, Freeman, Beasley ?? **** even Trufant or Alford cant remeber which exactly
  15. he should not get that big contract anyway but im sure the falcons are still gonna give him it