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  1. This is actually funny fr lol You never told who that was in your pfp pic tho. Coaching played a part but cmon this offense and defense continue to crap the bed week in and week out. Execution has been awful. Playcalling may not be the best but the plays are there. Players are just not executing
  2. Didnt even say contender i said superbowl team. A team can have all the talent and look like a SB team like eagles when they signed so many big stars, an experienced and well coached team can be a sb contender. There is a big difference I also didnt say you said it, i said you made it sound like they were a sb team but did you not from a talent standpoint believe this team was an elite team ??
  3. Thank You, finally someone understands what im saying
  4. For the record, yall are thinking im talking about the record when im talking about the talent. Ryan , Julio, Gurley, Ridley, Hurst, Grady, Fowler, Takk, Terell, Oliver, Neal, Debo, Foyre But so we didnt argue over the offense and defense during the offseason ??
  5. But i didnt bring up Ryan tho.... yall did. So take your own advice
  6. Ok But im not lying though. Ive even been in discussions with you during the summer where you were making the offense and defense sound hella legit And we argued over it, i definitely remember that
  7. It wasnt only you but it was a group of yall
  8. Did you read the rest ?? I also remember you hyping up the defense even before the season started. You really made it sound like this team was a SB team , now watch you twist it
  9. You said back it up but thats to my other text. So did you not say Dirk was the problem on offense ?? That this offense should be tops in the league ??
  10. That sounds really good Your my new fave !!!
  11. Some of you are playing dumb lol im talking about from the beginning of the season to this point. Offense has not looked good at all this year even though it was suppose to he top 5. Defense ..... i dont even need to say anything. Defense was suppose to be top 10 this year Players get much more hype than they should
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