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  1. this !! Thank you , thats what ive been saying. Ryan is the greatest falcon. You hit the nail right on the head with this one. its just the eye candy with jones which is amazing. He is an elite receiver but Ryan will always be first
  2. Do it for more than one game. Those two ints were basically gifted to you. Get more ints than ill give you props
  3. Dont count them out yet
  4. he wants 10 mil ?? lol
  5. Sanu knew he blocked in the back, missed call. Cant do anything about it now
  6. Well I'm not gonna go that far. Who's 3rd string on our receiver depth??
  7. lol like if hill was active and ito wasnt
  8. Yeah........ that's a no from me big dawg
  9. i think those discussions have already started. Ito started the 2nd half
  10. ito has looked so dam explosive. I think theres a chance he could start soon
  11. He needs to , it doesnt get any easier. An up and coming very good colts defense and titans.
  12. I have no problem admitting that , there were runs he didnt make that he would make 2 years ago. It's like he has lost some of his vision but that's strange because you never lose that
  13. What's your thoughts so far concerning him?? He dont look like he got it anymore. If ito was inactive, I dont see how we win this game