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  1. Faxx lol this 747 needs to be grounded permanently
  2. That's generic af tho, numerous people ask that already. " if you could pick anyone in the draft , who would u take"... i hear that so much. Like questions like these better. Why is it a hot topic on TATF ?? The team brought this on themselves
  3. If he's not taking Seattle's deal then he wont be playing this year. Even Seattle's price is too high, how does this guu think so highly of himself when he has 3 to 4 sacks a season ?? Why tf would you pay 20 mil to someone to get 4 sacks a season ?? He needs to lower his price significantly. Teams aren't signing him for 20 mil , he overrates himself too much.
  4. No possibility about it , he is getting a new number
  5. I think a lot of NFC south games are going to be high scoring. You can throw defense out the window for those games
  6. Idk Carolina offense is looking real good this year
  7. You dont need him to be great , just Good. When you have CMC back there , it takes pressure off him Its either him or PJ Walker
  8. You have Julio, Gurley, Ridley, Hurst, Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, Emmanuel Sanders, Jared Cook, Tre'Quan Smith, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Ronald Jones, Cameron Brate, OJ Howard, CMC, Curtis Samuel , D.j Moore, Robby Anderson and possibly Lamb, Ruggs or Lamb ?? Cant really see a division more talented from an offensive stand point. This division has more talent than the AFC North which is the only division even remotely close. All 4 teams will be better than they were last year. All QBs are great as well. Where do you think each team ranks on offense ?? In the top 10 ??
  9. Im not confident he plays this year , you're going to have a shorter offseason. Probably you're going right into training camp. Thats not good for Neal. They might just sit him
  10. Its definitely going into june or july at the earliest , so thats already bad because players are thrusted into training camp at that point and you know what happens as a result. This nfl season may look very different , if it aint cleared up by august they are cancelling the season or at least postponing it
  11. If he plays to his potential , he beats out Gage for #3 receiver no doubt. Gage goes to the bench
  12. He played for the titans right ?
  13. Similar to Dwight Freeney