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  1. Lol how The So called Swamp Rats got yall this shook?? Lol they livin inside this board’s head 24/7 , being freeloaders .
  2. Underwhelming and still had 1,000 all purpose yards and a 5 yoc average, But this goes back to this philosiphy that we need to pass more to win. Since Sarkisian came in, there’s no balance and we pass more. Even if Freeman or Coleman are having good games. They both had games where they were absolutely killing teams on the ground but they decided to go away from that and become pass happy.
  3. lol right , u usually come across as more wise and sensible than most here. And even though i didnt always agree with you, your posts were very respected by me because it was nothing but facts that you spit. You do your hw. But if your asking why he didnt have alot of carries just go back to last season, did freeman have alot of carries last year? No he did not. Kerryon actually had an OL though. I didnt hear that from everyone, someone is gonna pay him like the eagles, chiefs, packers maybe even the bears. Baltimore and Houston have also been thrown around. There’s definitely interest in him as a feature back.
  4. Coleman had 167 carries while Chris Carson had 247 ...... Kerryon is nowhere near Coleman rn.
  5. its not a skill position ??
  6. and all of that is opinion, ive seen him break numerous tackles. Thats a word i havent heard in awhile “1 trick pony”. but nahhh because its not true, yall act like every back has the best vision like bell or freeman. the middle point is half right, i’ve seen him be physical and downright hard hitting. If thats what u mean, he dont do that all the time. You’ll probably start to see freeman do that too
  7. LMAOOO , i cant take you serious about this topic anymore lol this is the best you could come up with ?? ya know what nvm
  8. not a strokefest if im speakin facts
  9. and who are the rbs ??
  10. Lmaooo, ok chief, whatever helps you sleep at night. Suree, go ahead
  11. i dont count ryan tbh , i count the players/ skill positions
  12. how so ?? there were some games where he was the 2nd best offensive player and some games where he even was the 1st best player on the offense
  13. ok but nobody is talking about their ability. So how can it be underselling ??, 2 are about contracts, 1 is about a mesh of injuries happening at the sametime and most people here know Ryan is a great QB.
  14. are you really counting ryan?? and he is tho, after julio and freeman. He’s the 3rd best
  15. this doesnt make any sense , why would someone undersell elite players?? like julio ?? or deion , or Freeman Its called critcizing and having your opinion.