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  1. Golden Tate will get his, just have to limit the yards best you can.
  2. Tevin Coleman on wheel routes all day long. Lol could have 200 yards recieving.
  3. Anyone think we get him for the Buffalo Game ?? Or the Miami game
  4. Detroit offense is good, they maybe the team that can match us point for point
  5. It was a good game enjoyed it , but i still would like to see Freeman and Coleman involved more in the pass game. It would benefit them tremendously
  6. I sometimes think that too as well though , but i think he has improved a lot. Maybe now he goes back and really studies the playbook
  7. Freeman and Coleman did work , i must say coleman vision and agility/ lateral quickness has improved , the way he got that 35 yard run . I was just like omg. And Freeman doing what he do. Nothing new, the way he ran for a few first downs
  8. I think we get these two young bulls going now. running game going take off now. Courtesy of EatFree and 26For6
  9. They alternate series, not every series , freeman still gets the chunk but still
  10. Which has happened today , dallas has been exposed now.
  11. Siemian missing wide open guys , it could have been 14-0