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  1. lol man was fat michael turner with dreads. Only one play he is known for here..... pulling a hammy on a td lol
  2. Actually the board wanted him to start over Jackson so what are you talking abour ??
  3. lol could Jackson ?? They can pick up a hard yard , all pf them. Tbh Free and Cole can too, its just that most of the time a defender has already penetrated to deep in the backfield
  4. If Quinn picks him for 3rd string, based off him so far, then Quinn is crazy. This team has speed all over From Julio to Sanu to Coleman and Freeman. He looks too slow
  5. i saw him on the goal line and the 3rd down play. He could not pick up a yard on both occasions but never mind me, idk what im talking about lol just giving my 2 cents however
  6. No, he’s still inept to me, Was i supposed to be impressed or something last night ?? Lmaooo Yeahhh lol sure he did
  7. ill take your word for it lol
  8. lol if you really look , my posts really havent lol u may think it is but its not , its just what i think.
  9. ummm who are you ??
  10. Thank you finally someone agrees. He is awful, have not seen anything from him. Took him 13 attempts to get 34 yards right ?
  11. Yeahhh Ito is pretty bad , anyone agree ??
  12. well since you put it like that, i cant argue with ya lol just hit me with nothing but facts