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  1. Freeman was not scoring a touchdown , but the play was broken. Matt had no time too look over the field because Hightower was right there. Thats why, even if he did see Freeman it would still have been a sack. He was right there in his face by the time he put that back foot on the ground. The right play was called. He was relying on freeman too make that block ,
  2. Tbh i think We took our foot off the gas in 3rd , they believed it was over and relaxed and started celebrating. Got complacent.
  3. They tried running it with Freeman on first down, ended up losing two or three yards. We were behind the chains early, not sure what field position we had. I know the Jones catch got them inside the 30's.
  4. Must be a slow day in tampa florida
  5. Not talking about you in general , just the consensus around here Freeman puts on muscles , hes gonna be more disrepesctful Coleman puts on muscles , hes gonna be slower and less effective and lose snaps. you havent said it but i saw other people that were saying this
  6. See , people are fine when it comes to Free but when Coleman comes up .. they do the opposite
  7. Its happened all season longg when we get big leads, we let up and team score 2 or 3 consecutive touchdowns to make the game look close, **** the saints game came down to an onside kick. When it should have been a 4 touchdown lead.
  8. I get that and i understand your point but with so much time left in the 4th , like 12 minutes , we couldnt get conservative. We needed to keep the pressure and be aggressive
  9. Matt wasnt even looking to that side , he was going deep. They brought the blitz , it was single coverage with Robinson and Jones. They werent running well as they were in the 1st half , the defense adjusted. It was hard to even pick up a yard most times
  10. Either way , you execute the play that is before you. Make the block and its a touchdown. Simple as that
  11. Better reciever ?? Better blocker ??
  12. Just shut up and show and do it on the field ,... period .
  13. And vice versa , cant say for one and not the other
  14. Then you havent been watching , hes broken off long runs last season .