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  1. and he’s already said he wont change his style either. If i get another concussion, oh well. That sounds ridiculous to say out loud. Concussions can lead to serious problems
  2. which means more troy aikman and joe buckk woohoo lol
  3. doesnt that sound weird to say ?? lol
  4. This ^^
  5. what subject ? lol
  6. i mean actually you are, Free should have been sat. Anybody can see that
  7. lmao thats all you can say every time huh, free should have been out period. He couldnt pick up blitzes against the eagles either
  8. As a man you know when its not your day. It was more at stake than just pride. Its about trying to get to the SB and coleman gave us a better chance than freeman at that point. Both Freeman and the coaches should have known that. If coleman touched the ball 20 times, the falcons would have won. He had 10 yards or more on almost every touch that he had. When you see that you are doing the team more harm than good, support your fellow teammmate. Suck it up and move on, thats just one game. Maybe freeman would have played much better like his usual self in the next game, idk but we could have gotten there.
  9. he could have recommended it though, Quinn has to shoulder blame too. If he saw freeman wasnt in top condition should have taken him out
  10. its not that . Trust me . He’s talking more now and i didnt feel like he lived up to that big contract
  11. what does that have to do with anything ?? Coleman has definitely taken a step back when he needs to. He lets freeman do his thing but freeman can’t ?
  12. should have told coaches to use coleman more than himself
  13. Freeman is falling out of favor with me really quick but Teco should have gotten more carries, freeman should have been sat down. Freeman is starting to annoy me
  14. how so ?? im a victim of the momenf ?
  15. Ya know... i think your right !! Thats gotta be it. I sure am glad he wants revenge for making the offense look so unstoppable. We want the offense from 2013 and 2014!! /s