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  1. o line running is not good this year, same here. Me as well, i agree
  2. surprised no one has worked with him on that yet
  3. yeah i gotta admit those toss plays were the worse honestly. Seattle’s lbs are very fast, not sure why sark thought toss plays could work. Coleman was doing fine running off left tackle or right tackle granted he had to make a defender miss in the backfield everytime ( which he did) but toss plays just killed the running game.
  4. sure didnt help that the d lineman was in his face alot.
  5. i agree ,they both were running well last night. They both matched seattle’s level of physicality in the run game. They were picking up the tough yards and just knocked defenders backwards
  6. i was impressed with running game, may have not been the best but those two were running hard all night. It made seattle respect the running game, there were alot of PA passes that were successful so yeahh i agree with this grade
  7. we dont really right now , let him get back healed up 100 %
  8. seems like o line was better when garland was in anyway
  9. get him out , rather have garland in there
  10. im just surprised no one has worked with him on that. And keep his body low to the ground
  11. what kind of nonsense is this lol
  12. i saw no slipping except on that screen place, wait one other run play too
  13. so what does this thread have to do with anything ??
  14. so youre proud of that huh ??
  15. THAT WAS GONNA BE AT LEAST A 10 YARD RUN IF NOT MORE, until Schraeder whiffed completely