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  1. true true
  2. i think Mods abuse their power a lil too much
  3. exactly !! big facts !!! i remember i posted a rumor totally falcons related and a mod told i had been warned because of some bs reason. I was pissed.
  4. one of the problems is that This board is too sensitive, I’ve seen posters get in trouble for such crazy , stupid and pointless things on here. It really gets annoying
  5. i’ve said this too, i think part of it is because he doesnt wanna fumble. you can see it. When he gets too the line, and feels like he has no chance he immediately puts 2 hands on the balls. Thats another problem right there
  6. exactly lol i look at him every week and how big he is. There is no way people should be taking him down by first contact lol by no means am i saying is he a power back but i wanna see him use power when he has the ball in his hands. His legs are huge , which is sad like you said. Idk why he gets tripped up so much
  7. i would like too see him use more power, that block on lavonte david showed how strong he really is. His legs and arms are bigger, he could pick up at least 5 more yards every run if he used power
  8. a team will definitely pay for him, has nothing to do with me being a coleman fan but if Jerrick Mckinnon and Lamar Miller are being paid like elites then he will as well
  9. Lol this game about to be over
  10. Int actually lol my bad
  11. ohhh announcers said fumble i thought, i flipped it at the last minute
  12. Int on either the first or second play and return for TD
  13. Lmaoo already??
  14. Quin up to his old tricks once again lol