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  1. Say no to Bennett, total trash player. I don't care how good a player is if they got baggage like he does we don't need him here in Atlanta.
  2. Thanks mane!
  3. I bet that energy at the rose bowl after the dawgs won was awesome!! My mom, a uga grad said to me on the phone, "do you see all the red? What a sight that is!" Uga fans definitely travel well!
  4. It's gonna be a tough game, I just hope we can go out and be consistent and get a win!
  5. I was just thinking watching Trufant game in game out, he is so overrated it ain’t even funny. He can’t keep up with any receiver!
  6. I’m ready to see Julio make a big TD catch!
  7. Jeez what a weird start to the game, at least they missed the FG.
  8. I don't feel like the blame is on Ryan, at least not all of it. Does he overthrow? Yes sometimes, but all qbs do that from time to time. It seems like just lately Ryan doesn't have the confidence in the receivers, and they are dropping passes too making things f up. Something is just totally off with the whole offense. Could be Sark, could be Ryan, could be our receivers.
  9. Yup, Sark belongs back in college ball.
  10. Totally agree! Guess that happens when you come from a place like Seattle where everyone there is all about not hurting anyones feelings lol!
  11. Yeah I thought that seemed funny too like they have it all planned.
  12. I don't think Matt is the problem, the receivers aren't catching his passes so it's kinda both. Sark definitely doesn't seem to be helping our offense.