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  1. I'm in Cincinnati at a bar with Aints fans. They hate me right now.... not going down that way. LOL
  2. **** the Aints.... hope they choke it away! Did someone say that already?
  3. This is hard to listen to. It's the Tom Brady love fest from the announcers. They would speak more clearly if the would get off Bradys nuts.
  4. Good running game. Wondered what that looked like... LOL
  5. Brady still gonna make some plays....but they are not sharp right now.
  6. Time for the Titans to take down the Pat's. Go Titans!!!
  7. Wow...say it's not so.... going for it on 4th and 27
  8. Same thing the were doing for Josh Allen in the first half
  9. That guy is versatile and tough to bring down.
  10. And there it is. Time for Texans O to make this game more competitive.
  11. Texans D needs to make another stop right now if the want a shot at this.
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