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  1. Just a comedy of errors in the first half... The Falcons did everything except gift wrap and run the ball in for the Saints. Stone was a HUGE part of the problem. He was snapping wildly, the ball was left, it was right, it was low, it was high. When the QB has to spend so much time trying to figure out where the ball snap is going to be, it takes away from his ability to make a play. There was the blown assignment on the punt that gave up 7. A fumble on the 10, And again those snaps that caused at least two turnovers. Julio needs to be healthy if there is going to be anything in the post seaso
  2. I see the Falcons leaning on the run game early and getting some scores from the ground. The Saints try to respect the run and that opens doors to the pass game...By the 4th quarter the Saints know they are beaten and beaten soundly.... the normally loud crowd is silent..... the Saints players just want the game to be over.
  3. The D was pretty good. Better than we have had in a long time. The running game was very good against a team that had not given up much on the run so far this year. The pass offense and special teams were off in that game. More off than normal. At least one of those picks wasnt on MR. It was because Julio wasnt as vertical as he usually is due to the hamstring and he wasnt able to get up to the ball like he normally does, although you could make the case that MR should have known the limitations before the throw.
  4. I will take my chances. It may not pan out, but if not then I will still take my chances getting to games via stub hub. It's very likely that if I changed my mind I would find PSLs to purchase later
  5. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2015/03/12/49ers-fans-reselling-seat-licenses-for-thousands-less-than-they-paid-a-year-ago/
  6. My wife and I chose not to renew for the new stadium. It wasnt just the PSL's it was also the increased price per seat, per game. For me to have the same seats as I have today it would be 4K per seat and about 40% increase in seat price. I only go to Atlanta for football, so for us, its 8 regular season games per year... and that kind of money for 8 games??? I did get contacted for the upper level but again we chose to not renew. I'm going to bet on StubHub and perhaps if the Falcons have an off year and people are bailing on their PSL's picking a couple up on the cheap. Look at SF this year.
  7. 2nd post!!! Hi this is Jeff. Im from south of Atlanta (McDonough area). Ive been watching the Falcons since they were at the Atlanta Fulton County Stadium (yeah that ages me a bit). Season ticket holder for the last 6 years. I went ahead and bit the bullet on Season tickets when I got married (about 7 years ago) and my wife and I were both into football and decided that would be something cool we could do together! I've been reading the board for a long time, I just never took the time to register.
  8. First post!!!! I've been reading these forums for years but never contributed and Season ticket holder for the last 5 years.
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