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  1. 6 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

    The media already crying over this, JC. Wonder if it will make it to Congress this time? It’s so great since the Saints forced the leagues hand to make PI reviewable, and officials were like “naw, I’m good man!”

    PJ Williams had his hands all over Rudolph’s “push off” arm as well.

    Besides, it’s all fair play since there was a no call when the Saints DB had blatant grabbing & holding on a 3rd down pass that forced a punt.

    NFL has already released a statement that they stand by the no call and it was the right call, so they don’t agree w you OP!

    There was contact between both of them... I could have called Defensive PI as well. The fact is the Saints defender got beat in a contested play. The right call was made. The Aints can suc it.

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