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  1. I dont think they overturn this. He clearly landed a hip inbounds
  2. Titans have a good running game as well... Henry is killing it
  3. And then Lamar throws a pick, then gets a penalty
  4. Baltimore's running game is excellent. The RPO with a QB possible as a runner is a game changer.
  5. Yep. Falcons have to start the season better. They looked like they were still playing preseason for 6 games
  6. Every time I see the Niners offense I notice how similar to the 2016 Falcons offense it is.
  7. Go Vikings!!! Love to see Cousins do well and move to the next round.
  8. Time for football!!! Niners selling out to stop the run....as they should.
  9. I live in Cincinnati now.... That would be a good plus..... I would become a Bengals fan for that.
  10. There was contact between both of them... I could have called Defensive PI as well. The fact is the Saints defender got beat in a contested play. The right call was made. The Aints can suc it.
  11. Love it. Say it ain't so but that one game you didn't win cost you another game you didn't win. Life is good. See ya next season slackers.
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