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  1. What a snoozefest!!! Yawwwnnnnn
  2. Hands to the face. Cant jeapordize a Brady win...
  3. Well that will do it.....bah
  4. Another no call
  5. Goff is getting burnt
  6. You gotta get in
  7. You need 22 and you run!!!
  8. Late hit no call
  9. Another horrible call
  10. I just said the same thing to those watching the game with me
  11. Bah dont take that sack!!!
  12. Wow good D on the Pats
  13. And than he delivers that ball
  14. I was too LOL
  15. Edelman...cant stand that guy
  16. I'm a classic rock guy..
  17. Agree
  18. Hate to be that guy. Cant stand Rap or hip hop.
  19. Finally getting their run game going
  20. After finding out that he was elected to the Hall of Fame, the longtime face of the KC told an Atlanta reporter that playing for the Falcons “honestly made my career” Apparently this has their base livid.
  21. Horribly played by the Rams O
  22. Wow... why not offsides
  23. That's the calls that make people say the Patriots wins are rigged
  24. Neither. This last years team had potential but was the suc if everyone is honest. The Falcons, this year, are like the other 30 teams watching from home.
  25. Rams win it all. Would love to see the Pat's give up a 25 point lead in the 4th.