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  1. Why didn't we fire Quinn sooner!! This looks like a different team
  2. Atlanta recovery... looked like we forced a fumble on our own guy and had to recover again.
  3. Nah...time to send a message that should have been sent at the end of last season.
  4. I have given DQ the benefit of the doubt long enough. He has to go... If I could unload my psls they would be gone
  5. Watching from Ohio. Told my BIL....we will lose just watch. He thought I was over reacting yet here we are. I have season tickets that I deferred this year. I may very well cut my losses soon. Its very much like the Atlanta Fulton County stadium days all over again. Its no fun when there is very little to no hope of winning.
  6. Well said. If someone is that down on the team, they are no longer a fan and should find a other team to support. Even better just get away from Football entirely, get an emotional support dog and a box of Kleenex. Competitive knitting might be more his speed.
  7. Davidson is a really good pick! I think for some of ya'll if we picked the next JJ Watt or Reggie White you'd be mad AF.
  8. The first three picks of draft were recruited by Urban Meyer...
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