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  1. 3rd string D seems to lack awareness.
  2. Better than expected for sure!!
  3. I saw that Willie had his first Chemo. Your family is in my prayers. I gave what I could, I wish I could do more.
  4. Win or lose, we win. Saw some good stuff from many players.
  5. Good offensive drive.. shame they had to settle.
  6. Benkert looks sharp
  7. Schaub gonna get fired
  8. Im not done either FF567. I will donate again when the kitty gets refilled from work. There but for the grace of god, go I.
  9. Edited to take out my own sarcastic reply. We are getting off on the wrong foot here and its not necessary. I don't wring my hands over the wins or losses of the preseason. Wins and losses wont matter. I dont worry if we are 0 - 4 or 4 - 0. Makes no difference to me You are right that Q doesn't care about wins or losses. You are also right that Q puts them into positions that will make it difficult if not impossible to win those games. But for me, the individual performance of the players does matter. If they suck at their position, then they will not be effective if brought up to the first squad after an injury to a starter. The quality of the scrubs in these games that end up on the 53 man roster speaks to the quality of the depth of the team.
  10. Dude you can leave the unnecessary sarcasm at the door! I read your post. I disagree with it.
  11. How our scrubs perform when under pressure and playing the better opposing team players is exactly what the coaching staff wants to see. But as I said, if your scrubs are inept when playing the scrubs of 4 different teams, then you know you have a depth problem. Look at last years preseason games. The one bright light in preseason was Kazee. And he was shining in every game.
  12. Our scrubs vs their scrubs!!! CAnt wait to see the battles for different positions. But most of all FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!
  13. +1 Agree. The wins/losses in preseason dont matter as much as how well the backups/scrubs are playing in preseason. Your scrubs play their scrubs. But when your scrubs are inept when playing 4 different teams, then it shows a lack of quality depth that will show up if the injury bug hits hard.
  14. You beat me to it. You can opt to pay it all up front, or have up to 3 payments that are auto-charged. But the caveat is that its all due by June 1. I finally got tired of all the different bills hitting my account and just paid off the PSL so I could just deal with the seats
  15. Too early for me to say. Each year seems to play out differently for different teams. Last years scary teams are this years crappy teams. I agree with a few others at this point. The Falcons scare me the most.
  16. I got your back! Falcons fans stick together!
  17. Exactly what I had on my list..... On the flip side, if we stay relatively healthy this can be a very good year.!!!
  18. My two "PSL's" are paid for. I enjoy every game I go to. I will say the experience is not as good as it was in the dome even if it's more shiney.
  19. MR was the 6th most sacked QB last year. If that continues you would be wasting his prime years. I thought defense too but I think these two picks were spot on.
  20. And off to Buffalo
  21. Holding my breath right now for Oliver.
  22. What a snoozefest!!! Yawwwnnnnn
  23. Hands to the face. Cant jeapordize a Brady win...