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  1. I was pissed I couldn't pick this game up here in Ohio. Guess I'm not missing much.
  2. I wondered where this post ended up. Deleted since it belonged on another thread.
  3. I see this team as 12 - 4 based on the talent and the ability to stay healthy. . Sorry if I confused you with my rambling. I don't have any decoder rings to interpret the rambling I do.
  4. Hard to predict until we see a few games. I see this team as 12 - 4 based on the talent and the ability to stay healthy. But would not be surprised to see us 10 - 6 and making our way into the post season as a wildcard. I know all the pundits are up on the A'ints but my bold prediction is we take the division from them this year in a couple of shootout games in both cities.
  5. Agree they need to get off the field.....and they did
  6. Someone figured out the protection. Rodgers had all day.
  7. We will see as the season progresses. Maybe as a unit they regressed. If they continue to look like this, it will be a long year
  8. Not really. I think GB's oline is awful. Chicago D is really good but Falcons Offense is much better than Greenbay's
  9. Neither of these teams scares me.
  10. Bears need to keep running rock and wear them down.
  11. Agreed. The honeymoon will be short!
  12. Packers dont seem prepared
  13. Well that was an embarrassing handoff
  14. I agree Vel. But with the Caveat that most Falcons fans could not do a well written and complete write up of a team they don't play very often. But you would think that since he or she took the time to write this up, they would have taken a moment to look at what last year was really about, especially on the defensive side of the ball... injuries.
  15. https://www.dailynorseman.com/2019/9/3/20848402/the-falcons-are-eerily-similar-to-the-vikings Decent write up by a Viking fan. They of course feel they have the edge mainly on Defense. They rightly point out that the key will be in keeping MR uncomfortable and off the field.
  16. That was incredible! Loved it.
  17. O line will be fine. You dont get that many running yards unless your line is getting push.
  18. Hope to see a better oline tonight
  19. Holy crap that was funny!!!
  20. I would rather this come up now than in the regular season. Granted you dont expect that many blitz packages over and over again in preseason, however as others pointed out, the O-line was getting beat in 1 vs 1 all too often. The good thing is we got all of this on tape and can use this to work on their technique, which is what was wrong. they were getting out of position, using poor leverage and not getting squared with their guy, allowing the defense to beat them. But... although this looked horrible, I am not concerned that this will be a problem when the season starts. There is still plenty of time to learn from this and get the line ready to go. To me it looked like Matt wanted to go long and wasn't getting time, so he changed his approach to change the snap counts, use short passes and get the running game going. After that the ball started moving down the field much better.
  21. No he didnt.
  22. Good to get this on film....they are losing on technique
  23. O line will take time to gel..... nothing like game experience to straighten that out.
  24. I like the Falcons chances. You want to be the best, you gotta beat the best. This team is incredibly talented and this year I see the Falcons having at least a middle of the road D ... if they gel quickly, maybe top 10. Looking at the schedule, the Falcons have their work cut out for them. Vikings, Eagles, Colts, Titans. If we can win week 1 away vs the Vikings, then I like our chances at home vs the Eagles. If we win vs the those two teams, then I see their chances for a post seasons run go up considerably. The schedule is hard this year but by competing with the best, we sharpen for the post season. Iron sharpens Iron. The good and the bad.... We have to play the 'aint's and much as I cant stand those guys, they are not going to let the Falcons just walk away with the Division. The Falcons have to win those division games and at least split with the 'aints.