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  1. I'm going to treat this year like I did 2016. I was and still am a Season ticket holder. The previous year 2015 was crap and I really didn't think 2016 would be better. But my wife and I decided that we were going to go to every game (last one in the Dome) and win or lose, enjoy what we could out of every game but not be pissed off regardless. It was amazing to me after losing to Tampa in game one, how those around us acted like someone had stolen their favorite toy. Same ol' Falcons! Put in Matt Shaub! Fire Quinn! Fire TD! Time to rebuild!!! etc etc.... We won games and we lost games that year and some of them were not pretty.We lost to Philly in a game that made the Falcons look like pretenders. But it turned out to be a great season regardless of how the SB turned out. I dont know if we will have a good season or not, but life is too short to be stressed out all day on Gameday because a team I root for had a bad game or is having a bad season.
  2. Gotta make that tackle
  3. TD!
  4. Need to keep running the rock. Slow it down and wear that D out!
  5. Saint got away with a hold that made that TD possible.
  6. No good!!!! Love it!
  7. 10 second run off. The tears are sweet!
  8. TD!
  9. 1st and goal!
  10. Notice the variety of plays on Offense? Easy when your protection holds up
  11. Looked like he was in the air when it happened. Only thing that saved his knee
  12. Good D! Now block the kick!
  13. That was ballsy on 4th
  14. Beautiful 1st down throw.... cant believe they didnt call 1st down
  15. They have to atone for the Rams game last year
  16. Now you gotta keep that ball moving
  17. More of that please!
  18. Interception!!
  19. True....LOL...
  20. Texans have similar protection issues we had.
  21. Good 3 and out!
  22. Noise is impacting them. They gotta shake that off. Also that pass is coming back.
  23. All I could think of was Doc Holliday in Tombstone. "Well that certainly was a bust. Come on darlin let's seek our entertainment elsewhere."
  24. Run D hasn't been the same since Dontarie Poe left.
  25. Run D is almost non existent