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  1. I went to their message boards and there were a number of balanced posts over there. A few only watched the game against the Vikings and have some misconceptions. Those that watched SNF were impressed with our Defense and think that might be an issue for them. A few homers said that the Falcons weren't mentally tough and the noise, environment and pass rush will wear them down.
  2. Bosher being injured kept us in poor field position most of the 1st half. The Defense continued to step up when we needed them. That Rico hit!!! WOW!
  3. This was a great game. Nail biter to the end with some gutsy calls for both teams. Loved it!! I think having two weeks of dealing with blitzing teams, this team can turn the corner and be ready for whatever comes at them. The game against the Vikings was a wake up call and gave the team film on what "not" to do. The game against Philly showed that one game doesn't define a team and they can learn from their defeats. Both the D and the O line looked like totally different teams this time
  4. Jake does that too often
  5. Neutral zone infraction missed
  6. Grady earning his paycheck!!
  7. D will have to carry this.
  8. Good stop! Now let's get the O going
  9. Everyone is sitting at the bars there.
  10. Jags got screwed on one of those blown whistle fumble recoveries a couple of years ago
  11. Oh they are already calling it rigged etc etc... But you cant blame them. I hate them as much as anyone and every I can see they are getting the raw side of some game changing calls.
  12. That was a fumble... refs blew the play dead but the Aint ran it all the way back..... wonder how they will rule this.. Rams pretty much gave up on the play as soon as the whistle blew the play dead.
  13. LA moving the ball pretty well right now. The Saints run defense has been stout so far.
  14. They arent used to the speed of his passes. Drew has a lighter touch. He is putting it in there for the most part and they are missing the passes.
  15. Bridgewater is actually doing pretty good. I didnt expect that.