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  1. Man! That punt!!!!
  2. Texans missed an opportunity
  3. Texans missed an opportunity
  4. Well designed QB keeper/screen...followed by a trick play. Bill's want to win!
  5. It's on! Go Texans!!!
  6. I would love to argue this but you are right. Saints are the better team. However any given Sunday.... maybe the Vikings make us wrong!!!
  7. How many of you were ready to run Kyle out of Atlanta after the first year he was here? I remember this board being full of similar threads talking about how bad he was and WTH were they thinking.
  8. Read this morning: The Falcons have restructured the contracts for Matt Ryan and Grady Jarrett to free up at last 12M in 2020 cap space.
  9. Someone's salty! If your team is so fulfilling to you, why are you over here reading our board and posts? Go home to your goats, chickens and voodoo women.
  10. Let's win this 49'rs!!!!
  11. Anticlimactic end of the half. Early start for me tomorrow. Will catch the score then. Go 9rs!
  12. That SF game will be my offseason Falcons rewatch.
  13. I should have used a better King Richard III voice.
  14. Horrible execution on that shuttle pass
  15. My kingdom for a running game like that!
  16. We will see. It seems that the first year under a new OC is always a bit sketchy. But if they suc again in 2020, it will be rebuild time
  17. That's what a pass rush should look like
  18. I agree. The way he puts people in motion in different directions that confuses defenses is a thing of beauty.
  19. Love the creativity on that offensive play!
  20. Good YAC by Samuel!
  21. Saints lose a bye if 49rs win
  22. Man their offense looks familiar!
  23. Congrats!!! Nothing more fulfilling than having children. Except maybe Falcons SB win, which is more like a Sasquatch sighting than reality. LOL
  24. Ahhahahahahahha.... Well go see if you can get it! All rivalry aside you guys have a good team this year. But I still hope you lose in dramatic fashion.
  25. Definitely harder. Swamp rats home game advantage is no joke, some kinda voodoo crap there LOL. I hope its -18 and snowing in GB assuming you get that far.