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  1. Yep... The more I think about this, the more I believe the problem is on the leadership side. The Falcons have too much talent to be playing this poorly. So if the players are this talented and cant perform, who is at fauilt? The players have to execute. I get it. But when they have the talent to execute and they still dont.... That's directly on the leadership. I know the Falcons wanted to keep all this talent, but signing these HUGE contracts have put us in the position of having our cap space locked out for years to come. I said when we went to the SB and didnt win, that we had about a four year window to go back. That window may well have closed and a full rebuild may be necessary to get this team rolling again.
  2. I've said this alot. But we are losing games because the team has no energy and no urgency to win. Top tier talent, lower tier results.
  3. Nothing inspiring about this team. Something has to change.....
  4. Please serve my crow breaded with ranch dressing.
  5. N idea why I do this every week....
  6. Bad enough that I might sell my psls....oh wait no one wants them...
  7. I hate to say it outloud but this team is mediocre at best.
  8. This is a 7 win team at best....no more excuses
  9. I have been Mr positive, but the Falcons blow this year.
  10. Ive made as many excuses as I can. This team bites this year.
  11. The Titans are just blowing through our D line at will. Just moving the ball at will.
  12. It's way early to write off the season. Many teams have started slow and righted the ship and many have rattled off early wins to fall flat later.
  13. 27 - 24 Falcons
  14. Quinn's record with this team is 8 - 8, 11 -5 NFC Championship and SB loss 10 - 6 NFC wildcard and divisional round loss (lost on the last play to Julio) Last year was a shambles.of 7 - 9 So its not like he hasn't put a winning team on the field in 4 years. But I will agree that if this year is another losing season then they need to re-evaluate his leadership on this team.
  15. The Browns had Bill Belichick and turned him out. Alex Mack came from the Browns.They had decades of first round picks so if they didn't have top tier talent it wasnt because they couldn't get picks. Possibly the GM was making too many poor picks. But with a slew of firings of coaches and coordinators they could never develop enough players to get out of the sewer Truly I'm not comparing the Falcons to the Browns. I do however believe that if the fans had their way, we would toss coaches every one to two years because fans have been waiting on a Lombardi for 50+ years and their unlimited patience is running out. But if the owner did that, we would never have enough consistency in leadership to have a good team, much less an elite team.
  16. I hate it for him. If he could have stayed healthy he would have had a really nice contract coming up. Instead it will be another year of working his *** off to get back and then the uncertainty of even staying on this team.
  17. I remember these same discussions when Mike Smith was here. Same complaints about how a guy who was a defensive coach become HC that couldn't put a good Defense on the field and could only play 1/2 a game of football. Seems those things haven't changed. I know one thing that the Falcons have to be careful of is trying to fire your way to a Superbowl. The Browns have tried that for two decades.
  18. Looks like last in the division after today.
  19. Absolutely true. I am not so far from retirement and I always tell my wife when she talks about us working "1 more year", " We can always trim the budget but I cant add another day to my time on this rock". That being said, they are away from their families for extended periods during the season, and the off-season to hone their skills. What they do can have physical implications for years if not for life.
  20. Falcons 32 - 27 in another nail biter
  21. Good and improving. Oliver (CB) is fairly new. But he is fast and when focused shows his potential but there are times when he doesn't get his head around and gets penalized. Trufant has really turned a corner (corner LOL) and looks great this year. If I were the Colts I would not target whatever side he is on. The Falcons can be dinked and dunked against because they play a lot of Zone coverage. But they are fast and physical and will knock the ball out on the tackle if they can. The pass rush has the potential to give QB's nightmares.Grady will be everywhere. However if the QB breaks contain and goes into backyard football mode, that's when the Falcons typically will give up a long play or two.
  22. I went to their message boards and there were a number of balanced posts over there. A few only watched the game against the Vikings and have some misconceptions. Those that watched SNF were impressed with our Defense and think that might be an issue for them. A few homers said that the Falcons weren't mentally tough and the noise, environment and pass rush will wear them down.
  23. Bosher being injured kept us in poor field position most of the 1st half. The Defense continued to step up when we needed them. That Rico hit!!! WOW!
  24. This was a great game. Nail biter to the end with some gutsy calls for both teams. Loved it!! I think having two weeks of dealing with blitzing teams, this team can turn the corner and be ready for whatever comes at them. The game against the Vikings was a wake up call and gave the team film on what "not" to do. The game against Philly showed that one game doesn't define a team and they can learn from their defeats. Both the D and the O line looked like totally different teams this time