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  1. Where was the rest of the team while Free was getting manhandled? Reminds me of a game in Smitty's last season
  2. Hard to watch the calls in this game. Rams get away with holding, but Falcons are getting called over and over
  3. Well designed play for Rams
  4. He has been way behind all game
  5. Gurley making tacklers miss.
  6. Refs are screwing the Falcons.The team is bad enough without their help
  7. Kickers....once missing gets in their heads
  8. Yeah....how did they miss that..the jersey pull was obvious.
  9. Even if the Falcons get a sack, the refs will find a way to make it a penalty.
  10. That was clean . Not sure what the refs saw
  11. Ok that was BS
  12. DAng.... that was funny right there...and oh so true
  13. Offense is scoring. D cant make stops.
  14. By your logic every losing team should be in a race for the bottom.
  15. Sounds good in theory but there are many 1st round busts selected and many 6th round diamonds selected. Its not a given that a top pick is going to give you a winning team. Frankly I don't think this team could make a winning organization if they got the first 4 first round picks before any other team picked, each year for 5 years. The wins were meaningless in the scheme of things. Winning those games didn't make this team suc this season and losing those games would not have made this season any better.
  16. I dont see more than two accidental wins in balance of our schedule. Sadly 3 - 13 and a full rebuild coming. It will be another 3 to 5 years before this team is truly competitive on both sides of the ball. The O-line and offense will continue to improve but the D needs to be blown up and restarted by a proven Defensive coach. When this season is over keep Grady, and Takk, tell the rest to hit the bricks. Anything less is a 2 inch bandaid put on a bloody stump.
  17. You mean that's not true? Actually I didnt know how slow he really is. His combine was not good when it came to speed and there were already questions about his decision making in college.
  18. Another Winston INT. Young mobile hotshot QB, just like some want the Falcons to have.
  19. Evan's dropped a lovely pass that could have been a TD
  20. Winston shows poor decision making twice in a row.... fumbles the snap then holds the ball too long and gets it knocked out. Back to back.
  21. Sadly, both those teams look better than the Falcons have for 4 out of 5 games
  22. Great late bats and pitching!
  23. Agreed. Dang it, I agree. I need to get a paper sack
  24. Historically bad D. Time to go into rebuilding....selling any tickets for games I planned on attending.
  25. More embarrassing is that the Falcons are gonna get smoked by the Swamp critters. I was planning on going to the Thanksgiving game. Thinking about selling my tickets now.