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  1. My wife kept snacking my shoulder and saying OMG his foot is the wrong way.
  2. Hurns leg/ankle just snapped UGH
  3. Cause we are cursed? LoL
  4. Boys looked good between the 20's. Not so much in the redzone
  5. Go Cowboys!!!
  6. Hopefully this game is better than the last one.
  7. We can only hope
  8. Agreed. He looked horrible. There were some catches to be made but he couldn't make the throws
  9. Here is the game day throw. Either he gets it or they lose
  10. Watson made a play then
  11. I stand corrected. I do remember it being humiliating. Cheese heads took over the dome.
  12. Records for all the wrong reasons LOL. But Ryan gets an Oline and a D that can stay healthy!!!! Gonna a big March through to a SB.
  13. As I recall we were ahead at the half but by Q4 the cheese heads had taken over the dome
  14. Just not as fun to watch unless you are a Colts fan.
  15. Second half. Hope the Texans can at least make it competitive
  16. JJ Watt has to be tired of 1 and out in the playoffs
  17. Watson could have run the first down. Bad call and bad throw
  18. They have to go for it here
  19. Face mask missed
  20. Watson looks lost.
  21. I think he gets one more year but his seat has to be getting warm.
  22. Look at how clean his pocket is. Just maddens me when I think of how many times Matt gets the ball out but still gets crushed. MR is incredibly durable.
  23. If Clowney is out the Texans have no chance IMO
  24. I dont believe this team is cursed. We have a had our chances and blew them. But that was on players and Coaching not curses. Our window is still very much open but I'm concerned we are wasting Matt and Julios best years.
  25. Colts look great but maybe because the Texans are playing horribly. Texans QB stared down his receiver. If he had pump faked to him, the cover guy on D left a guy wide open to jump the route. Inexperience of the QB caused that.