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  1. Watson could have run the first down. Bad call and bad throw
  2. They have to go for it here
  3. Face mask missed
  4. Watson looks lost.
  5. I think he gets one more year but his seat has to be getting warm.
  6. Look at how clean his pocket is. Just maddens me when I think of how many times Matt gets the ball out but still gets crushed. MR is incredibly durable.
  7. If Clowney is out the Texans have no chance IMO
  8. I dont believe this team is cursed. We have a had our chances and blew them. But that was on players and Coaching not curses. Our window is still very much open but I'm concerned we are wasting Matt and Julios best years.
  9. Colts look great but maybe because the Texans are playing horribly. Texans QB stared down his receiver. If he had pump faked to him, the cover guy on D left a guy wide open to jump the route. Inexperience of the QB caused that.
  10. Do you see how big their run package is? That's what we need
  11. It helps that their O- line allows them to be creative. But even with that, the Texans have no answer and are back on their heels.
  12. That was on Ryan making a rookie mistake. He threw for the penalty against Roddy that wasn't called. Dont need another young guy learning on our dime.
  13. When Koetter was OC and Ryan had the ball in his hands with 30 seconds or more on the clock, I never doubted we were going to win. With Sark, I always knew that we were going to go 4 and out. I would support him as a choice for OC.
  14. And the Browns are again not in the playoffs and the colts have the lowest seed. It's really helped put them in a SB. / sarcasm
  15. That was a horrible call for PI
  16. See how a couple of calls determine the games
  17. Sometimes a bad call sets up a TD two or three plays later
  18. Or call them out when they are obviously wrong.
  19. Surprised they call the PI on the Saints
  20. If the Sttelers win this it will be by beating the refs and the Stains. Most lopsided calling I've seen since 2009
  21. They are gonna set them up for another SB.... this is too obvious
  22. Everyone has been pushing the Saints or Rams as the contenders. Chicago looks as legit than either of the others.
  23. Great game!!!! Congrats Arthur, Congrats Atlanta!!!
  24. I was over it within a couple of weeks. After that and to this day its just another shake your head and agree that we blew it, when we had a SB in hand. 2012 was hard as well. I was at that game and the previous one. At halftime we had a great lead (sound familiar) and funny enough this young lady is sitting beside me and my wife has her dad on the phone. Not sure why, the dome was rocking and she hands me the phone and says "my dad is on the phone" I grabbed the phone and yelled into it "Superbowl baby, we are headed to the Superbowl !!" I remember it like it was yesterday. What a disappointing loss, made even more so by some of the horrible calls we got in the second half.