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  1. Talk about bad ball bounce... 6 Falcons and 2 Jets and somehow they come up with that. UGH!
  2. I am frustrated with the level of play. What I was referring to is those that were bringing up Sark.
  3. People have to know there is no actual game plan from the OC in preseason. This is almost backyard football.
  4. Me too. Can't wait to start wearing the new jersey!!
  5. This was a well.played game. Agree the defense came into it's own if the offense had caught fire we could have made a legitimate run for it. I watched the 2002 Falcons vs Rams last week. That was a satisfying game to watch
  6. Incredible picks so far. Can't believe Oliver was still there!!! Will we go DT next? Seems like an obvious gap that needs filled.
  7. I'm pumped that we start the season this way. You want to be the best? You gotta beat the best!!!
  8. I would stick with Ryan. We know what we have and know what pieces he needs around him to be successful. He has proven to be durable over some years where he spent most of the year on his back. Lastly we have seen that you don't need an 'elite' QB to get to and win a SB. Ryan's the right guy and will be for another 5 years for sure. I am optimistic about this coming year. More-so than I was at the start of this season.
  9. I still.say we have a five year window...it's still open. We just gotta get there again.
  10. Anything but another Pat's win... Eagles did what we couldnt. Good on them!
  11. That's a TD
  12. Of course not