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  1. How are things going?
  2. No RB had a chance with our oline last season. He is worth a chance if no one bids him out.
  3. I thought that SF abandoned the running game for the most part by the 4th quarter. They left over 2 minutes on the clock that they could have taken off just by running the ball. Would that have been enough? I dont know, but it sure would have helped.
  4. Kyle didnt learn a thing
  5. I paid off my PSL's last year. I have every intention of going to games every year, good years and bad. I will say that I preferred the Georgia Dome atmosphere to the one in MBS. That last game in the Dome will forever be high point for me! The thing is since we haven't had a winning season in MBS, I have no idea if that can or will be replicated. Time will tell.
  6. A rehash of the 2016 game in Atlanta? Sure looks like it
  7. And next weeks games are set! Good game!
  8. That should put this away
  9. Ahhahahahahahhaha
  10. If GB can just get a FG that will put this one away
  11. Good play call!
  12. Now we see if they can control the clock and run it out. Need to convert two first downs.
  13. Big sack!
  14. Well. That certainly was a bust.
  15. Dont run "yellow weasel "