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  1. Changed the channel already. Blowout ensuing
  2. I would like to see these new guys that had to step in, to turn the corner and finally not look lost. It bites that Grady and Derrick are out. Hard to generate passrush without them. If we cant get to Winston, it will become a shootout...again.
  3. Agree. I should have said, look like the Falcons did in game 1 and the game against the Steelers
  4. And they settle for 3
  5. And another crappy roughing the passer
  6. That run was a thing of beauty
  7. Giants look like the Falcons in the Redzone. Knocking off two yards a play. Then have to settle.
  8. Nice defensive move created a turnover
  9. 4 and 12 coming
  10. Falcons are gonna say there is still alot of FB to play. Yes and more L's
  11. In my FB feed this morning was a memory from 2013 about the state of our D. We went 4 and 12 that year we look familiar to that team
  12. Ahahhaahhahahhaha D makes several mistakes. No one holds them accountable. Smh
  13. You drive to work and people do stupid crap that you avoid. The one time you dont, someone runs into you. It's your fault. Smh.
  14. 7 mins of ball and we let their offense control it all. D is on life support. Sadly this is looking more and more like a lost year.
  15. It was a good D play but there were hands all over, he thought he could slip it through and it got batted.