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  1. Well said. If someone is that down on the team, they are no longer a fan and should find a other team to support. Even better just get away from Football entirely, get an emotional support dog and a box of Kleenex. Competitive knitting might be more his speed.
  2. Davidson is a really good pick! I think for some of ya'll if we picked the next JJ Watt or Reggie White you'd be mad AF.
  3. The first three picks of draft were recruited by Urban Meyer...
  4. Ok everyone dreaming... take Chase off your board...
  5. 10 mins later..still talking about the first pick Geez.. let's roll this thing
  6. I hear ya, but if they can get there without giving up too much, this would be a great pick.
  7. Went with the black vapor MR jersey. Wife got the Julio black. Love the new look!
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