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  1. They are butthurt and a bit salty. Today some swampy smelling turd trolled my personal Facebook posting that I made last night after the game. I eventually just blocked him cause he wouldnt let it go
  2. As I told people on FB and other message boards. That call didn't cost them the game. They were still in it. Throwing an INT is what cost them the game. If you want to throw blame throw it at Brees for throwing a ball he didn't need to throw.
  3. Need to run the ball and pick up 5 or so
  4. There is that flag to return the bad call.
  5. Sean still working the refs. Expect a bad call the other way
  6. Goff got scared. They had a guy open for a TD
  7. He had all day to knock that ball down... bah...
  8. Goff had a guy open on the right