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  1. What KD did is like Richard Sherman or Michael Bennett coming here to beat the Pats
  2. Yes
  3. How long is Jones gonna be in the walking boot??
  4. 4 to 5 weeks is probably what was meant...let's hope
  5. Khalil Macker to Atlanter
  6. How old is Weis Jr?
  7. I'm ready for the draft...I hope they are too In TD I trust
  8. We gonna be referencing this game for the next 30 years. Aye dios mio
  9. When you heard the Patriots got Moss you already knew they were gonna be unstoppable...it seemed unfair. We need to make a move like that - bring Megatron out of retirement.
  10. Miami Dolphins followed up their Super Bowl loss with a perfect season...the last time a team lost the SB & returned to win it the following year.
  11. I would be deeply disappointed...one of the positives from our super bowl berth is we will be featured on national TV often in 2017. I want the Falcons to represent well and possibly grow the fan base, even if we don't make it to Minneapolis. We could become known as the most exciting offensive team in the league & have folks across the country tuning in when we play and pulling for us to get back to the super bowl.
  12. I wore my NFC Championship shirt and hat to IHOP yesterday and as I was leaving a lady laughed mockingly and 'Falcons huh'...I just replied 'yes ma'am, Rise Up'. I'm ready.
  13. More Matt Ryan no-huddle will be just what the doctor ordered.
  14. We definitely need to bolster the O-line. I felt that the injuries started to tell on the line in the Super Bowl. We def need to start molding the next guard and center & have them ready as quality depth. Maybe even get one in FA (guard or center). Keep Robinson & Gabriel
  15. If the Falcons get Calais Campbell they might as well book the hotel and flight to Minneapolis next year.