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  1. I would love to be able to consistently open holes for our backs to run through...especially if we can keep Coleman. Get Ryan more time in the pocket and he can execute any offense. I just dont don’t want to become Seattle 2.0 where all the talent is on defense and our franchise QB stays running for his life. Please let’s not let that happen...we will never win a SB that way
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/DrPayne/status/952723865867816960
  3. Jaguars can beat the Patriots...I hope to God they do
  4. Now I need Jacksonville to beat NE. Please
  5. I wanna see Vic and Grady feast on Foles today...don’t let the Philly offense breathe
  6. Is Meek Mill still in jail?
  7. Big win today then focus shifts to game before Super Bowl
  8. We don’t feel the pain they attach to us anymore, we INFLICT IT!!
  9. Love having the Falcons in the playoffs...this is lots of fun
  10. 27-6 Falcons Falcons defense shines, 13-6 going into fourth quarter, two fourth quarter TD against demoralized & tired Eagles team
  11. Perfect timing...that’s what’s needed this time of year.
  12. Even the commentator was like “he did just enough” lol