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  1. Let’s say the Falcons has to fill out their roster with the best players from their state, i.e. those who played HS football in Georgia. What would the starting lineup for that team look like?? Would Cam Newton be QB & Calvin Johnson WR? Somebody help me out
  2. Bottom line Falcons need an OLINE, specifically guards.
  3. I agree with everything except I’m good with the corners. Give them more interior d-line push & their jobs become simpler. 2 OG’s would fix everything on the offense
  4. Those fans need corrective surgery to their perception. Falcons are are in the middle of an injury riddled season after b2b seasons with playoff wins and a SB berth. It’s wrong to blame coaching so soon. Its a knee-jerk reaction & lacks imagination. Personnel issues due to injury & talent deficiencies have prevented this team from playing to it’s strengths. All the weaknesses are glaringly apparent to opponents and there is no way to mask them right now. There is nothing the coaches can do until they have the players. It’s frustrating for everyone on the team to be pushed to do the impossible, the team game plan & philosophy can’t be followed through right now. Let’s talk about what adding two NFL starting caliber OG’s would correct: 1. MR2 would be able to climb in the pocket away from talented edge rushers, step up to plant his feet for intermediate & deep throws. 2. Give MR2 time to complete his timing throws, a staple of this offense. 3. Allow stretch run plays to make it to the edge and gain yards. 4. Open lanes to rush up the middle consistently, & set up a competent play-action that pulls defenders out of coverage. What about a big competent DT to play with Jarrett: 1. LB’s can fly around & edge rushers get more 1on1 matchups. 2. More sacks & pressures. 3. Less overcompensating in the secondary leading to penalties & blown coverages. Three players would totally change this team. You could get away with adding just one OG & a DT & make this team a contender. Falcons will not win without these corrections. Coaching is not the issue.
  5. There are three teams whose records are more impressive than their underlying statistics. All of them are still very good. The Rams are 8-1 with the point differential of a 6.5-win team. The Chiefs are 8-1 with the point differential of a 6.4-win team. They will probably settle in comfortably around 13 wins by the time we get to January, and they're comfortably favorites to finish as top seeds. The Chiefs have a 62.0 percent shot of claiming home-field advantage in the AFC, and the Rams are at 61.9 percent in the NFC. The largest negative gap in the NFL between point differential and win-loss record right now, though, belongs to the Saints. At 7-1, they've outscored their opponents by 61 points, or a little over 7.6 points per game. Their Pythagorean expectation is basically of a 5-3 team at 5.1 wins. They rank seventh in DVOA and 28th in defensive DVOA. Most metrics would say the Saints are closer to good than great right now. Fortunately for New Orleans, it just swept the toughest part of its schedule by beating the Ravens and Vikings on the road and overcoming the Rams in arguably the Game of the Year last weekend. The Saints have a 96.4 percent shot of making the playoffs. Since the league went to its current divisional structure in 2002, only one 7-1 team -- the 2012 Bears -- failed to advance to the postseason. The division, though, might still be vulnerable. The Panthers are only a game behind and still have a home-and-home to come over the final three weeks of the season. Carolina has rode its luck with some late-game heroics from Graham Gano, but the Panthers have a point differential within 21 points of the Saints and rank third in DVOA. Both teams face difficult schedules the rest of the way, with the Saints up against the league's third-hardest slate and the Panthers just behind in fifth. There's a reasonable chance that Week 17 will see a Panthers-Saints game that could both determine the division title and serve as Drew Brees' final statement in the MVP race. The Falcons probably can't win the division, but they still have a 34.7 percent chance of making the postseason after winning their past three games. They could serve as a spoiler if the race comes down to record within the South. The Falcons beat the Panthers but narrowly lost to the Saints in Week 3, while the Saints' only loss came at the hands of FitzMagic and the Bucs in Week 1. Atlanta could ruin Thanksgiving and make playoff life more difficult for the Saints by beating them in New Orleans on Nov. 22. They'll need to maneuver through a three-game stretch with the Saints, a home game against the Ravens, and a road trip to Lambeau in December against a Packers team who could loom as a wild-card rival. AND Julio Jones is going to score more touchdowns. He finally got one last week, but the Falcons' star receiver is touching the ball too frequently to avoid the end zone. Jones has 60 catches for 933 yards through eight games, but after a three-touchdown 2017 season, he has only that lone score to show for his efforts. To put things in context, the receiver who had previously racked up the most yards with one touchdown or fewer over the first eight games of a season was Calvin Johnson, who had 767 yards during the first eight games of 2012 and one score to show for it. Megatron scored four times over the second half of his record-setting campaign, and unless Jones gets injured, he's going to score more frequently out of sheer volume. The Falcons haven't been throwing Jones the ball much in the red zone -- and they've posted the best red zone offense in football since Week 2 while playing keep-away, for what it's worth -- but Jones is too talented to keep out of the end zone
  6. It’s possible his agent let teams know he was only interested in playing for a contender so no one claimed him off waivers. He was able to turn down more lucrative offers because he knew where he wanted to play...him in a rotation with Vic, Takk, & Jack is a best case scenario. And don’t forget he is fresh after getting limited snaps the past few games...gonna be a great second half of the season.
  7. Feels good bro...brotherhood in full effect
  8. What happened to our society?? When did everybody become so sensitive?? Amazing people can’t tolerate another viewpoint different from theirs.
  9. I’m here to promote Ozark on Netflix...one of the best shows I’ve watched this year
  10. The Saints want nothing more than to play in the SB in Atlanta this year...how do we stop them?
  11. Got a serious question... If you’re in a play-action play & you see a blitz coming, shouldn’t the play-action get cancelled for protection? Or did Ryan just not know where the blitzes were coming from today?
  12. Got a serious question... If you’re in a play-action play & you see a blitz coming, shouldn’t the play-action get cancelled for protection? Or did Ryan just not know where the blitzes were coming from today?