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  1. He did well when CMC was out so I’m sure he will do well plus under AS scheme should help.
  2. I want Julio help coach up Pitts like he did with Ridley. He can still ball when healthy.
  3. Foreal, I can see him being the best RB in this draft class. It would be a for sure pick if we didn’t pick Davis but we could find value at that position in the 3rd or 4th.
  4. Yeah that would be solid, I’m still on the fence with Hennessy. I’m sure AS will get the best out of him though.
  5. As much as I want Javonte Williams, the defense need some help. JOK, Moehrig or Samuels Jr.
  6. Yeah I word it wrong. Didn’t mean Ryan makes excuses but I meant there’s no excuses for Ryan to not light it up. Totally agree with what you said though.
  7. Let’s gooo! Ryan got no more excuses. Let’s win now.
  8. Always gonna be in my top 5. RIP to a legend. Gone but never forgotten.
  9. Much respect to Rico. Made a good transition from CB to S and was a good leader. Wish him the best of luck. Would be dope to see him coach in the future for us.
  10. Dupree go hard but he’ll be another Beasley with no help on this line
  11. Happy birthday bro, always enjoyed some of your post
  12. Man wish we find another big explosive back like MT soon. Really miss seeing him play in his prime.
  13. Best of luck til we play him. He did the best he could here.
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