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  1. Always enjoyed FlemLo videos, glad he did one on Roddy.
  2. If he makes our defense top 3 he better become HC here.
  3. Freeman definitely lost a step since all those injuries but he still might be slightly better. Ito showed flashes but he’s gets hurt often and Hill hasn’t proved himself.
  4. I completely agree with that. Our coaches definitely suck at developing. I don’t have high expectation from him just hope he can provide solid depth. Any LB out there in the market you rather have that we could afford?
  5. Was high on him in the 2014 draft. Didn’t perform like I thought he would but he did have a few good season. Still young so hope he contributes to this defense.
  6. As much as I love the Lattimore hit, I gotta go with Kwon because it shows how he doesn’t give up on the play and how fast he is.
  7. Being there live and seeing all the Niners fan reaction was so dope.
  8. Don’t worry my man, I thought the same thing.
  9. Hunter Bryant or Thad Miss, AJ Green or Lamar Jackson Nick Coe and Jonathan Gavin
  10. After watching his highlight, don’t mind this pick at all. Love that he can do both and that hang time sheeesh.
  11. I’m definitely a fan of this pick. Hopefully he turns out to be a beast.
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