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  1. I remember a lot of people on here wanting to draft him and jags didn't pick his option up. Ties with Quinn might make it a possibility. Wouldn't mind getting him.
  2. If we can afford him, let's get him. He'll definitely help this Defense.
  3. Nice! That's what I'm talkin bout
  4. Speed kills
  5. Man I got a soft spot for each of em. I hope we win a superbowl soon so at least they get a ring before any of their departure if they do leave.
  6. I'm sure we will fill those spots soon in FA.
  7. Lmao I love it!
  8. There goes McKenzie to Chiefs
  9. Surprised he was still there. Draft looking real good so far!
  10. What a steal. I remember really wanting him and was so happy we picked him.
  11. Could we afford him?
  12. I'm so glad we drafted him. I wanted Cravens over him but thank god I'm not the one making the decisions. He's gonna be a beast for years to come.
  13. I ain't mad at that. I like Ish and his versatility. Glad hes back.
  14. Wish him the best of luck until he plays us.