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  1. Loving these threads!
  2. Yeah I wished they would change OT like college football.
  3. Got to score this drive. Holding them to 3 pts is big for this defense
  4. That was fast. Smh stop watching if yall want to enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving
  5. He deserves it. One of the bright spots in this D. Loved him coming out of college and his story. Hes always hungry, let's just hope that drive doesnt go away once we pay him.
  6. 2016 was the year. I hope he does though because if anyone who deserves a ring on this team its him. With the line and defense we had through out the years, I'm surprised he hasnt got seriously hurt. He's a tough sob with all those hits he's taken throughout the year.
  7. This game is important for us fans but I rather have him 100%. I wouldnt want him to risk another injury. This looks like a lost season so rather think long term.
  8. I was legit happy for dude. I was worried he was gonna get tackled at that one.
  9. Sign him now!
  10. Let's sign harry douglas and let them have an altercation again and have them both ejected. Nah but dudes pretty legit, def gotta watch for him.
  11. I don't think so but anything's possible. Hard to see us beating Rams or Vikings if we do play em.
  12. It's like every injury leads to the IR for this team this year. Wth! What a story though if we win the SB