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  1. If Von was playing for sure we would have problems but I think we could hold it down.
  2. Calm down guys it’s the Falcons we talking about. They always play down to their opponents level. Lock might even get a career high. Lol
  3. Team is weird. When defense get stops offense doesn’t really do well. When offense does well, defense is atrocious.
  4. Lmao he was bout to say have an effect on how he handle the bag. Secure the bag Julio. My favorite Falcon of all time so hope he keep playing at a high level and retire here.
  5. The lions game I thought for sure but this game I thought some calls went our way.
  6. Everytime we go prevent something happens haha just play like it’s a regular 3rd down
  7. Foye one of the few bright spots in this horrible season
  8. Decide to kneel but Matt Ryan fumble on snap and they score a TD to win.
  9. I think he’s the one that wanted to go for it on 4th and 5 lol but Morris fault for even letting them go for it instead of kicking.
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