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  1. Much respect to Rico. Made a good transition from CB to S and was a good leader. Wish him the best of luck. Would be dope to see him coach in the future for us.
  2. Dupree go hard but he’ll be another Beasley with no help on this line
  3. Happy birthday bro, always enjoyed some of your post
  4. Man wish we find another big explosive back like MT soon. Really miss seeing him play in his prime.
  5. Best of luck til we play him. He did the best he could here.
  6. I’m from SJ too. Glad to see some Bay Area Falcons fans.
  7. Trey Lance is who I’d definitely considered if I was going to draft a QB. Dude has an arm and I miss seeing that from our QB.
  8. Id keep him at DC if the new HC is down with it. DK just need to pack his bags and get far away from ATL.
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