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  1. Wish him the best of luck until he plays us.
  2. I would love for him to come back but I understand if he chase the check. Appreciate his time here. This shows how incredible a coach DQ is though, even tho he makes bonehead calls he def get the respect from all the player.
  3. Man are the Rams active this offseason. Their secondary gonna be pretty legit
  4. As long as he live up to that money. Hes still the future of this franchise. Gotta make him happy.
  5. Nope pass. When Olsen was hurt and it was his chance to step up, he didnt do anything.
  6. If not sunday ticket then you can always stream it. Go on reddit nfl streams and they got plenty of links for you.
  7. Man even though his catching ability isnt so good he was a helll of a blocker. Wish him the best.
  8. No thanks. Hes a cancer and a dirty player. Dont need that in this brotherhood.
  9. Man I really wanted to keep Kemal because his versatility. Hope we find a good replacement
  10. Yeah new jerseys would be nice but I don't mind the current ones.What if they somehow make it even worse?
  11. Yup, can't waste any more of Julio's prime. Who knows how many years he got left. Need to get that ring.
  12. Man hes EXPLOSIVE. I'm totally with it.
  13. He's def a tough sob. With the line we've had in the past im surprised he hasnt got seriously hurt. Thankful to have him as our qb.
  14. If he fall even close we might have to make a move and trade up but i doubt he'll drop that far. Would love to have him though. Hes a beast
  15. What the? We can find a WR in the later rounds. We need to adress DL, OL or LB with the first pick