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  1. I said 38-0 after I saw how it was going early in a chat, looks like it could've been that if it weren't for that calamity in the 2nd quarter.
  2. I think the offense needs to play for the rest of this quarter honestly. They've been so out of sync that leaving with confidence is not just what's needed.
  3. This is going to be one of the most hated 10+ win Georgia teams in history, perhaps even worse than 2015...Kirby is going to have to do something in the offseason.
  4. Collins is a rah rah'er…a lot like James Coley is actually. Can get you pumped up, but probably actually isn't that great of a coach.
  5. Georgia right now is the defense coordinating things and a pile of recruiters. It's the same mistake Saban made... Can only hope Kirby learns and gets his **** together. Fountain might not go this year but he's not long with Rodrigo leaving.
  6. Special teams might suck worse than the offense...I'd get rid of Scott Fountain.
  7. Potential shutout blown because of an unsold weakness, special teams also having regressed a lot. It's Rodrigo and the pips, and Rodrigo hasn't been totally himself either at times too.
  8. One trick pony since he was shook against SC. All he can do is throw the ball outside the numbers.
  9. Chaney's not exciting as an offensive coach to me but he's gotten the most out of his QBs in his history. and yeah, beside something really crazy happening, I'm about to concede another 2003/2011 complete beating in the SECCG. Maybe it'll be bad enough that it'll knock some sense into Kirby's head.
  10. Pickens was held some. Weird to die on that hill. It's something I even told my parents (which they understood and they laughed some at it) and I'm not sure why Gary didn't pick it up on video. I guess he did make a mistake by not trying to rip through there but that was a penalty. I think the bigger thing to pick up on him is although he'll get there, he doesn't fully understand how to leverage his body yet as a big body in 50/50 balls.
  11. I will also add here that I'm not going to be forgiving to some guys though. Matt Landers might be getting thrown poor passes, but he's shown just about nothing to deserve being forgiven. Maybe the flashbacks dancing in my head to Jayson Stanley, 2016 are too much here and he does deserve forgiveness, but still.
  12. I don't have a problem with the young wideouts and I think most shouldn't anymore. George Pickens has clearly shown he's going to be a star, he's tracked very well compared to some of Georgia's best receivers from the past in their first year. Blaylock has had the year that I thought he would have with him flashing, and Kearis Jackson has shown at times that if he didn't get injured he could've been a big factor earlier lately. Even Demetris Robertson (veteran) is most likely okay, considering that Fromm has struggled a ton on Robertson's main routes all season this go around. The guys that have been on campus for longer have to be looked at. Honestly, there is a tiny problem with what I stated above. I listed 1 big receiver, then 3 receivers that have skillsets that overlap in some way. In base in 8 days, I'd honestly probably consider starting Robertson outside, he did that at Cal more than he has at Georgia from what I see. I don't think the tight ends are as good without Nauta. Woerner's case is confusing, but it seems like he's a guy that doesn't really have "want to". Eli Wolf is less talented but he has more "want to". He came to Georgia to TRY to catch some eyes for the next level even if he's not anything too special and has worked for it. I think I even saw somewhere that it's been said that Cager going out against Auburn was a big blow mentally to the WRs but they were prepared against Texas A&M, so really, with this TL/DR, it's flipping back towards Fromm here.
  13. Bout to clean up the BPAs. 3, possibly even 4 BPA spots. Hopefully Burch makes it to Athens to make it 3 instead of 4. This class is now effectively a complete mystery for the most part though on the finish. No "inside source" or I have a source people know anymore.
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