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  1. The Hawks didn't lack talent for the last two years and look where that got them. Should've been the 2nd team in the east BOTH of the last two years. Mike Budenholzer is overrated.
  2. Like I consistently constantly said to someone over at another forum, every single coach in basketball and football has major second year jumps unless the coach is a total bust (and this is going to get me a self ban imposed by me until at least the start of the 2018 college football season in two, three weeks at most). But that is not where you see a coach's true colors. The true colors is what you see in the following years. Does the coach maintain said jump and even progress it into the next level? Or does it stay at that level or regress? As we saw with Mark Richt, it was maintenance after the year 2 jump and never really a true jump to national title glory, which ended up getting him fired. It looks like Dan Quinn is going to regress, like Mike Budenholzer did. He will not be the one...just like all of the other coaches...
  3. Believe me, when that 5th SEC win comes, I will self impose until at least the start of the 2018 college football season. That is what I meant. It looks like it will, but y'all have to wait, sorry. And yes, y'all can jump and scream when it happens.
  4. Even though I will likely be serving a self imposed ban until sometime in 2018 by after the SCar game at the latest, you actually don't get the coach's real colors in the 2nd year, it's just if a coach is not a total bust, you see a jump that year (and I don't think Ray Goff saw that jump so yeah he was a total bust). It's the years after that matter. The coaches that can maintain the jump are truly good. The ones that go farther and win the title (or super bowl/NBA championship...it's different in MLB to me) are great. Dan Quinn is still at the proving point. I think he will but he has not proven himself.
  5. Drew Lock will make 3 mistakes for you a game. And that's one. Georgia wants to follow the "Alabama way" but the honest truth is for now, the secondary is thin and not that great.
  6. Sorry, but this is correct. Dormady is an absolutely awful passer, his wideouts were beating the secondary but his passes were so bad it didn't matter and Shurmur was having guys drop the ball that were open.
  7. Sadly, there was some warning signs of this. Subtle, but there. The world of difference came with the front 7 being much better.
  8. Sigh, I said on another forum that I didn't want to see Drew Lock pooping all over this defense again, but that is exactly what is happening. I said 1-2 big pass plays, it's going to be at least 10-15.
  9. I have multiple forums that I use. I can't always be here and I likely won't be by the end of this month.
  10. The big difference on defensively was mainly the front 7 coming to life. Which I give props to the coaches to get through Lorenzo Carter's head and they had Bellamy go from good to great. Not the secondary...
  11. It's not that the D didn't come to play, it's the secondary is still as lousy as it was last year. Hidden by the front 7 coming to life and a lot of the early QBs either being Vanderbilt (Kyle Shurmur is talented but is a Vanderbilt QB) or runners that are average passers.
  12. Georgia's never had that great of a secondary, idk why but you can still have a good defense with a bad secondary. Georgia is good but I don't think a top 5 team in the country. Never have, better version of 2014 with the same major flaw that is going to come back and bite big time. (I like Jake Fromm but he's just as disrespected as Hutson Mason) This just got hidden because the first 5 QBs were either good runners and not that good of a passer, and the last team played was Vanderbilt.
  13. Let me fix that for you. This is a good team, similar to 2014, I'll likely have to ban myself. But a QB not being respected is usually going to be a fatal flaw.
  14. This is why I said earlier that even if Georgia plays well, I'm sorry but it shouldn't be the end of Eason...Georgia was mainly not winning due to QB play but other things (that yes, were very improved on over last year). he might be a dud, but THREE throws is not enough. Fromm has a good future but most freshmen aren't ready for big time football.
  15. Will be 8-4. They are not THAT improved from last year.