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  1. The whole point is the Hawks don't win this series even if Howard is allowed to drop 20/20 every single game and play a lot more of it. It's because he should change his name from Dwight Howard to Empty Stats.
  2. And when Howard was in it was AAU caliber transition defense bubba, there's no solution that is good here, it didn't matter that he did not play in any of the 4th quarters that were losses, if he had played, it would have still been losses bubba. The only solution that would have worked, is something that Bud did against Westbrook/OKC that DID NOT HAVE HOWARD INVOLVED AT ALL. This was an absolute disaster matchup for Howard from the start. Howard is absolutely the MAIN reason this was a loss, the MAIN reason. AWFUL season with him and it's likely to get multiple times worse. The Howard acquisition was an absolute disaster.
  3. http://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/even-when-dwight-howard-plays-well-the-hawks-cant-beat-the-wizards-with-him/ *mic drop* *won't be back again for a long while so no need to slam me*
  4. Go ahead and get me permabanned. I don't give two rips, all of you are a bunch of CLOWNS that can't see reality. Forget the bet in CFB season. I'm gone. I won't post anymore here. Bye!
  5. Ilyasova is a HORRID SF, look at who looks like the total CLOWN here tonight. He can't keep anyone in front of him, he'd be GARBAGE at SF.
  6. I don't mean Gasol HIT three 3's, I mean that he GOT three PRACTICE three pointers against Dwight because Dwight is lazy as hll. After the last one, even thought it was a MISS, he got yanked. Deservedly so. So talented but a lazy bum. Bum.
  7. I actually DO know the offense. This offense is best run out of the high post but Dwight doesn't give a s*** about it he only cares about posting. And what does it matter if he draws fouls if he can't shoot free throws? He sucks. The Hawks failed to take advantage of SA starting slow because he's a dum dum and because he doesn't care to close out, Gasol got three warmup threes.
  8. It is. He doesn't run the offense. He only gives a rip about himself.
  9. Wonderful job Dwight Howard. Those 13 rebounds really mattered that much. Except you didn't bother to run the offense out of the high post as you were more worried about posting up. Failed to take advantage of a slow start. SA did nothing special and won by 9 without key players.
  10. Today's the day that +/- should be thrown out, Dwight offered nothing and allowed Gasol three warmup threes.
  11. The difference between when Dwight is in and Dwight is out is astounding. When he's in, a team that can't rely on great individual play is relying on great individual play. When he's out they move the ball.
  12. Look at that, Dwight returns and outside of two possessions the Hawks don't generate a quality look in the half court. *cough* *cough* *cough*
  13. This is about Dwight Howard and Serge Ibaka. This isn't even me posting it: ;););););););)
  14. Howard doesn't play PNR at all with Schroder, all he wants to do is post up.
  15. You have 14 players that buy into the concept, even guys that don't play. The one that doesn't is Dwight Howard.