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  1. Oh, it was more technical than jump balls, he was actually killing it to the medium range for 2018, but it was mainly to the sides, and if you look, another interesting thing was while some were jump balls, a lot weren’t. Scheme, skill, and accuracy, but it’s interesting as you’d think teams would really shade to the sides. It has not happened. All this isn’t to say that I like Chaney because I don’t. He’s very slow at adjusting and the offense never wove in everything that could have been done. You saw signs of it here and there, but usually not in a full game.
  2. What if they don't see it as an important fix? The OC can't do everything. Rewatch the games. There's passing play calls that have guys running routes to the middle of the field. It's up to Fromm to throw it there, and although he's gotten better, he's usually chosen to not throw it there and his second SECCG is actually the most he's ever thrown it there in games (and it only really lasted for 2 and a half quarters). I'm 100% pinning it on Jake and not the OC.
  3. Getting Bowman would absolutely be great given that Lakeland is a Florida pipeline. This is actually the second we've heard of this. Definitely feel that deal isn't over though given that he's at Lakeland, so keep on keeping on with recruiting.
  4. Nah, based off the tea leaves, I think it's more like this as our board: 1. Lloyd 2. Milton or Evans (whichever is easier) 3. Bowman 4. Bigsby We might take 3 at RB, but if we get one of the 3 ahead of Bigsby, assuming Lloyd is wrapped up, it's probably not going to be Bigsby and more like a guy like Kobe Pryor.
  5. WRs/TEs were running routes to the middle of the field/seams if you watch the cut up videos you can easily find on YT. Most of the time, it was Fromm choosing to not throw down the middle. He has gotten better at it but when he pre reads his preference is still to not do it. I don't like Chaney, but I'm not going to pin the not much passing down the middle on him. Sometimes, there was a player open when he chooses to not do it, sometimes there isn't, and sometimes there's pressure too quickly to make all the reads based off what I've seen in the videos. Edit: I have bigger questions anyway, starting with why didn't they try to find the mismatch with Mecole more, similar to that long bomb TD vs Georgia Tech.
  6. One of the things that I've seen said is the Saban/Kirby defense is not easy to learn, and it takes at least two years for defensive coaches to learn it. Outside of perhaps a Richards, the DC was going to come from within the Saban tree of coaches or not at all. You can make your arguments about what makes the thing run the most (hinting at recruiting here), but Kirby is not going to go away from anything he learned as long as it is working. I don't feel like finding the article as it's late, but there was a good article written about the Kirby defense that said it's basically an evolved defense from what Saban has been running for forever.
  7. Outside of Claxton and Hammonds (and he needs to be not as lazy) there's a good chance that the other 3 starters, including Edwards are new, outside of maybe Fagan as a possible 3/D type PG that is a secondary ballhandler (I'm not calling Edwards a PG, but I think he could be like a more athletic Harden/bigger Mitchell and those guys pass well enough to be main ballhandlers). Starting lineup: PG: ??? (My feeling is either Tye Fagan, a JUCO guy, or a grad transfer) SG: Anthony Edwards SF: Jaykwon Walton (incoming 4 star) PF: Rayshaun Hammonds F/C: Nic Claxton 6th man: Tyree Crump Jordan Harris (also possible he starts at SF instead of Walton) Toumani Camara Amanze Ngumezi That looks like top 20 caliber talent in the top 9 and it also, even if a guy like Harris does end up starting, relieves pressure on the other guys.
  8. If Young is a shoot first PG, then I guess Dennis Schroder was Carmelo Anthony caliber. It's actually true that Kevin Huerter was gun shy offensively to start. I've flushed a lot of the early part of the season from mind as it was ugly, but some of the stuff I do remember as I was putting focus on rookies was that he'd get the ball and be gun shy to make any kind of offensive move to score. Now he's not, but you're really only seeing 75% of his game, I finally looked again and Maryland did have him running off of screens and the Hawks don't seem to do it, he does move off the ball but its mostly backdoor cuts and the occasional lob. Now this could have to do with youth too and the simplest thing to with young players seems to me it'd be to run PNR and push the ball off of misses.
  9. I've hinted that the seniors were pretty much lost causes because of the deal outside of Ogbeide...which is unfortunate for multiple reasons. Outside of that, other than interestingly, Hammonds, I don't think there's a problem with buy in at all. There's a rumor that Hammonds wanted to quit and transfer after a horrible loss (that I don't want to mention), but then a HS coach of his said "Son, do you think you're doing all that you can?"
  10. Yeah I'm a little worried that Crean mouthing off caused him to lose his shot at Edwards, and if so, I'm going to be irritated and honestly probably done with college basketball outside of the tournament for a year or so. He might think that, but it was really dumb to say that before Monday.
  11. The thing is it's not even like that. With CKS it was mostly transitioning to another philosophy, the philosophy of hard work, you have to work to keep your jobs, and a championship game isn't just "another game". The defense is harder to learn, but it was the philosophy that got a bunch of players as I remember, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was even more players that didn't take to it from what was known. This is different. Carter summed it up correctly based off what I've seen from triangle teams transitioning before. This is like a college football team changing from the triple option to a normal offense. The triangle offense is that out of date.
  12. Definitely lean much more towards this than the talent on the team besides guard play being a problem. Maybe I sh*t talk the triangle too much but I hate that as a system a LOT and it's archaic and so out of date that everyone on the team that isn't new are basically relearning how to play. Combine that with another issue that I'm sure y'all have recognized as well (hint hint: the seniors on the team outside Ogbeide are as good as a lost cause), and Maten leaving from what was already a mediocre team, and this season isn't too surprising.
  13. Very possible it's meaningless and that guy was trolling over on said forum (as he's done his best to crap all over Crean...did so about Smart earlier too and had to eat crow, but quite a few did including me) but the main thing I read that was not Kentucky fans going why would a top tier prospect choose Crean over Calipari was I think that Hagans had hosted Edwards on his visit and was telling him how I chose not to be the hometown hero and it worked out for me.
  14. I think Kentucky is actually the bigger threat on Edwards right now to Georgia based on what I've read. Maybe I'm too traumatized to believe though. It sounds like Georgia but I'll count the chickens when pen is put to paper. Talent also does mean something but it's not as meaningful in basketball or else you wouldn't see Tennessee with their 2 and 3 stars ranked #1 or Villanova winning a couple of titles.
  15. The Hawks could play Collins, Young, and Huerter, then bad players from UGA's roster and they wouldn't budge from where they're at.as the bottom 4 teams are all very bad. For those that actually like the idea of tanking hard, the Hawks chose to rebuild at a bad time, because Silver said I'm cracking down on teams that are tanking on purpose after last year and giving them penalties. They have no choice but to continue playing as things are. A trade/buyout or two will happen, but the three players I mentioned are too good to lead to a major slide.