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  1. If you see Suzuki more than once in this series, Acuna will be at 38 or 39 SBs heading into the next week. With Gomes its less certain.
  2. It’s already been beaten around the bushes well in the thread but 2019 baseball doesn’t consider the strikeout to be a folly anymore like it used to be even just 15 years ago (heck, maybe even 5 years ago it still was more than it is now). That’s not to say Acuna hasn’t been slumping recently but the strikeout was a part of his game when he blew up the minor leagues in 2017, the strikeout was a part of his game even after he settled in during the 2nd half of last year, the strikeout has been a part of his game this year even when he was going well. He had more than 1 period this year where he was crushing the ball and striking out 30%+ of the time. The end point is striking out will probably always be a part of his game. Can he get better? Absolutely but “better” for him is likely to still be around 20-22 and striking out 100+ times a year. Albies is a guy that actually became known for high contact instead of athleticism and power and he already has 100 strikeouts. In today’s era, a guy good at contact can still often have what seems to be a fairly moderate K rate.
  3. I think it’s fair to say Dansby so far hasn’t met 1-1 expectations of being an absolute stud but in 2019 baseball (and frankly baseball in 2016 and on period) the “he might not be better or I don’t think he’s better than a .250 hitter” is a weird insult. Gets even weirder when Josh has been a perfect epitome of power/OBP on the team with a not exactly high BA himself (he's mostly been home runs or walks in the last 15 games with a low BA then to boot). In fact, I’ll go ahead and say it, Josh is doing what the Braves wanted and didn’t get from Dan Uggla in the past. I’d like to see him work with Chipper again, but I’ll be contrary to what Chipper said and say it, I don’t think he has Jeter upside. I think his upside is what he showed in the first 389 PAs this year. That’s night and day from all of his career except then but still isn’t like what Bregman has turned into (and it’s fine).
  4. Stockton is actually 2022 and an early battle with Clemson, which while Kirby is in better position with this generational Georgia QB talent, it's too early to call because of how tough Clemson has been here (I'll give the benefit of the doubt below however). The next tenured Georgia QB is likely Beck or Stockton though (maybe both) if you want to take a very early shot on looking at the long haul. While he'll probably not do what Fields did to burn bridges, I get strong vibes that if Williams becomes a Georgia commit, he'll end up being the odd man out. That is, unless Beck doesn't impress and Williams kills it...
  5. George Pickens man Glad he got eligible. He already understands that he's gonna have to block like crazy to be on the field, and those hands that he has. Whoa.
  6. Would like to see the passing game worked on a bit more until halftime in the next possession or two. Pickens and Robertson are talented (that was a nice catch by Pickens), but they seem to need to get situated together. Then maybe we can see Bennett...HOPEFULLY without the playbook shut down completely.
  7. I don't think its Jim Chaney's plays or even conservativism. They've played balanced right now. This team as of right now is not the #3 team in the country.
  8. The pass blocking at least so far honestly a big ole WTF to me. There was some points last week where Fromm just missed but this OL still seems to have issues with twists and stunts...those were issues last year against teams that are closer to an even match.
  9. Hot take (maybe not too hot for me given that I love this RB draft class)... I like JK Dobbins as a future NFL player better than Fields.
  10. @Falconsfan567 Keep @'ing me with every Melancon save all you want. An apology is not coming from me because I don't think there's anything mystical or magical with the 9th inning AT ALL...
  11. I thought the first few drives offensively were actually a bit of a breath of fresh air to me, but after that this game started dragging last night, especially due to the defense getting sloppy in the last half of the 2nd quarter and committing what felt like 100 penalties. I appreciate Herrien and Simmons for their hard work, but it’s too obvious to me that Herrien is 4th in talent of the RBs and Simmons just doesn’t do it for me outside speed and run blocking. Trey Hill might already be great at run blocking but he has a way to go in pass blocking.
  12. Fried pretty darned desperately needs to hone in that sinker. Pretty darned desperately. Most of his issue is he's a complete and thorough disaster in the third time through. The curve and slider can run into each other. And yeah, honestly preferably guys that "act" like two pitch pitchers are more like the modern day "bulk" guys that have an opener or one to two times through the order RPs and not straight, old school type starters that soak up innings and go deep. It's figure that sinker out or he's forever a 3.8-4.2 ERA number three or four stuff pitcher that we have and not going to do any better. That or learn how to go through the wars and emerge on the other side in 3-4 years if you don't get hurt as a guy like Rich Hill.
  13. Max Fried.... is simply a number four or five that would be better as a multi inning reliever without fine tuning that sinker. .800+ OPS allowed the third time, Cervelli even inverted how he usually pitches and he still absolutely lit the third time in flames there.
  14. If we actually manage to cross the bridge into the NLCS, which is a long way from here and it's no guarantee since the Braves haven't won a playoff series since '01 and have injuries/pen issues... Fried commanding his slider is going to be a key. I've learned in other channels that the Dodgers hit curveballs, even ones that look like spot up ones very, very well this year. It looks like after the game started terribly that they started going with more sliders and it worked. Would have however probably preferred to not show that haha.
  15. I'm starting to come around to the idea that a lot of people have of if you're going to lose, lose with your ace/big guy on the mound first instead of your worst bullpen in the majors by far since the break, at least in that inning. Just let it ride, and if he loses it, oh well, your big guy lost it and you gave your team a shot. The problem is, it was likely coming regardless. Mike's cues are easy to read. He's tired when his sinker is up and all over the place and that was exactly how he looked in the 7th. Even the DP ball was a seed that was just right to Mike. Perhaps the Braves themselves with their plan that was likely told to Snitker of not pushing young pitchers hard have made it to where he's tiring early because of modern baseball saying that you overly coddle and baby youngster pitchers. He's had multiple yanks with his pitch count in the 80s-low 90s.