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  1. Group of 4 going, flying into Chicago that Friday and then driving up Saturday night. Crazy expensive hotels in GB so staying about an hr south. We will be there early Sunday to soak it all in, bucket list stadium and experience for sure and super excited
  2. Your completed invoice in account manager has each game broken out so you can see the face value for each game
  3. Nice! Hopefully mine come soon, got email on the tracking number last month but still nothing and it shows it hasn't shipped yet
  4. Here is the link, it's actually 599 not 499 for 2 seats and the feet you will need. I bought mine after I got home from the game last weekend http://www.georgiadomesale.com/
  5. They should allow us to buy our actual seats. They would make some additional revenue and we would get a pretty kick *** memento. I hope they have something like that planned for after the season
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