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  1. I'm not a big DK fan but **** you guys lol , Offense is not our problem.
  2. your something else. Telling me how and what i should feel about my team like you have some seniority because your on a message board all the time.
  3. Because you gave me down the road when I said our defense is trash and you said it was because of scheme and how the Seahawks were so much better than the cowboys and how I was entitled and **** lmao
  4. Dont think anyone is really surprised with dairy queen at the helm. What a joke. Maybe if we give him 5 more years he can finally build that Seattle d.
  5. This makes me want to cry. The fact we have wasted all these years with a HOF QB and the greatest WR of all time do to putrid defenses is just sad...
  6. Why? What part of any of the statements i made were untrue? Auburn dude says im entitled and lack objectivity lmao because he disagrees with me . Now if you wanna disagree and respectfully debate our points ill be glad to.
  7. lol i wasnt calling anyone out you did . But keep making excuses for Quinn. The sooner you admit to yourself he isnt the answer the easier its gonna be. But please tell me honestly why anyone should have faith Quinn can finally turn it around?
  8. Yea we sure are entitled. We have gone through this crap for six years, own the biggest sports collapse in sports history and we are still here because we want results . And SEA is so much tougher then Philly and LA? I sure wish our idiot head coach only lost by 3! Imagine hurling an insult at me when we let Russel complete what was it 31 out of 35 passes? Had 500 yards of offense and still lost? and people like me huh? People like me who sink money and countless hours into a team they love? What was the excuse when Marcus shredded us last year? Whats gonna be the excuse when this happens aga
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