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  1. Can you back this up? Id like yo see some numbers
  2. Nah man..Alfords strait trash this year..hes been in position to make 1 play all season, int in the endzone against the bengals and he just knocked it down...Atleast Tru has been in position multiple times to make a play..if dude could catch hed be pretty fn good this year... So as bad as they both are, Alfords way worse this year
  3. Lmao you should check phillys record the last month or so..seems to me like they really wanted to lose
  4. Bad play call from another SB appearance? What in thee ****? We still had to win another game lololol
  5. We were not a playoff caliber team, luckily we were in a division in which the other teams did not want to win. But it was clear we were outmatched and overpowered by legit contenders
  6. I used to think this team was loaded, then the 2018 season started. Its clear we need 2 new corners, 2 more pass rushers, a tackle, guards, and some depth at linebacker, dt and safety. Also a kr/pr and a big RB. Just seems we have a lot of needs if we want to be contenders.
  7. Rico looked good as a nickle, but we still need 2 starters
  8. I sent a group message at the end of the game that said "falcons suck, enough said"
  9. I think you have to or he goes on season ending IR
  10. I have zeke in fantasy..might get a double bonus this week
  11. So glad that bum zunino got traded so you will shut up about him
  12. Woa
  13. Nailed it!
  14. You do realize that Ricardo Allen and Keanu Neal were on the field too. And that Alford and Trufant were good, now there not even starter material. Also Beasley was a threat as a pass rusher for one of those seasons. Take away all that, you are asking a whole lot out of one man
  15. Ya they showed the end if it on tv whenever it was
  16. They showed the very end..every looked fine at that point
  17. I saved mine for you, in fact its bird hunting season up here in the PNW, I will make sure there is plenty for everyone! This teams been garbage sense the jump, sorry some of us seen that way before you guys
  18. No..just ready for the season to be over with
  19. Nope im sober. Seeason just ended how it ***** crazy
  20. I told u it was going to get uglier
  21. Not looking good..but still a lot of time