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  1. Even Ito looks better than he has in a long time
  2. I know everyone always expects a shootout when the falcons and saints play and it doesnt happen as much as one would think. That being said there D is swiss cheese and I feel like Brees will pick apart the middle of the field without Jones. This is the matchup we will miss him the most
  3. Hes still a top 5 cb, had a down year last year, but hes def back
  4. I did not notice he was not in on the final drive
  5. Or Ryan could hit him in stride when hes wide open
  6. Ya Id like to see us with a full game of kazee, but we need linebacker help really bad, maybe DQ will finally cave and get us one
  7. Bro you sound like a bucs fan..2 games bro, philly is not that good with Foles,HE IS WHO WE THOUGHT HE WAS, AND WE LET HIM OFF THE HOOK. Foles is garbage, how we lost to that puke twice is baffling to me
  8. This was not posted after the game, I also did not state my opinion. Frees not healthy, and idk if he ever will be. Thats my opinion
  9. He started off really good last year, now hes a ghost
  10. Takks stock is way up, hes all we had as far as a pass rush for mlst the game Beasleys stock is way down!
  11. If we lose,thats the play that turned the game in the wrong way..He coulda ended the game if he cstches it
  12. Jones? Woa
  13. Every playnits evident that tgis D is not good without Neal and Jones
  14. Schaub cant even handle a snap and Ryan cant hit a wide open wr..what a waste of money we have tied up in.our qbs
  15. I was a Ryan lover..WAS!!
  16. Can someone give me a link to live stream the game? Thanks
  17. Sweet i got it..thanks a bunch
  18. U didnt have to sign in?
  19. Still asking for credit card info
  20. Keeps taking me to sites that want credit card info
  21. Braves had some teams that were historically good that never got the ring so will never get credit. I feel like the last year of Javier Lopez as a brave was one the best offenses in baseball history
  22. Nats had momentum which the cubs stopped, I think cubs beating them took a lot of gas out, after watching Sherzer get shelled they have to know its over
  23. After the SB choke and turning our offense to Sark and pretty much drove one of the most talented offenses ever deep into there grave. SB window is officially closed after the injuries we sustained in week 1. So how will DQ be viewed when hes gone in a couple years?
  24. I dont agree with myself on a lot, im usually drunk when i post stuff