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  1. I think we need to give the young fellas some rest down the stretch. Fatigue leads to bad habits and he is definitely fatigued.
  2. Wow lol doesn't fix him getting kicked out but it's a slap in the refs face
  3. I think Doncic had too much hype and actually came out the gates and fulfilled the hype for Trae Young to overcome for rookie of the year, unless he can somehow continues to light it up like a HOFer. Either way Both will be the starting PGs in the all star game in a few years IMO. But Trae is more explosive and can put up gaudy numbers in games that I don't see Doncic matching, and we got the draft pick. I am amazed that with Doncic and all the bigs in the draft that we ended up with Young and a draft pick, I feel like the Nique curse went away on that draft day
  4. Sad part is we didn't even need to show up for the draft, everyone knew that's who we were drafting. How many bigs and wingman did we draft in a row. Holy **** batman
  5. How many does he have now? Side note, Remember when Sheldon Williams got rookie of the month in February, I thought that dude may have turned it around at that point
  6. He started off slow and I was of the mind we were going to watch Luka be a star for years to come while Young would be out of the NBA. Now dudes a bonified star already. When the Hawks start winning JC and Young will be very well known by everyone
  7. Ya it's getting more and more obvious that he is going to be a superstar, next year is going to be fun
  8. I agree but hes got a long ways to go, I don't see him as a big 3 like some on here think.
  9. You guys are way overselling huerter
  10. Until Huerter is on Klays level or even close I will not consider him a 3rd star. We need to do whatever is possible with our assets to ensure we have the #1 pick next year if at all possible. And Imagine the looks a guy like Huerter would get with Collins, Young, and Zion collapsing the D at all times.
  11. I just don't see him as a 3rd option for a contender
  12. Ya he's the real deal..him and Collins are special, we need to get us a 3rd guy in the draft. Need atlest 3 superstars in today's NBA
  13. Lol mavs are not drafting in the top 5..they could lose out and still might not get in top 5
  14. I can't argue due to the stretch both teams are on...Hope it continues
  15. That Dallas pick not looking like it's going to be a lottery pick. I'd rather have Doncic!
  16. He statistically has one of the worst seasons in NBA history
  17. Not digging the name..reminds me to much of the Matturation..but dudes looking like he could be a boss..Add that with the Mavs pick next year and we coulda had a franchise changing draft
  18. Sambraillo showed his value last year, I never heard of the other guy
  19. We could be picking at the top for a while, hopefully the next GM in 2-3 years gets it right
  20. Seems like the guys on TV really liked our first 2 picks. All I am seeing is a bunch of complaints backed by no name tweets. Cool you dont like the draft, we get it!
  21. Basically some dude started a post that no one could understand and "HIVE SOP DAP" was like his main point
  22. I will take 15 sacks a season, id wait to see what he does when healthy and used right
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