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  1. This is the worst thread ever, I am gunnin for you when something bad happens
  2. I am def not new, been limgering sense about 2004..but hey of it makes u feel big then cool you are a big boss on these boards
  3. I dont either, I was in a wedding on the beach tonight..but holy F, these boards act like we just lost a playoff game, and its FN PRESEASON. Our first team balled out and still wasnt good enough
  4. Callin u a fake fan, super fake..dont care how u feel, respond, or react..i picture a noob watching on a computer acting like your the GM
  5. Its preseason, get over your fn selves like your judgement is going to fn matter on that first snap of the season. You guys are embarrassing, act like you have watched football before. Bunch a noobs on this board, you guys make me sick and are disgusting and depressing. I come to these boards because im from PNW and need some falcon friends, but if I wasnt thick skinned I would hate this team because of all the negative, and the **** season hasnt even started. Ryan lookin like a boss,,good day you pathetic haters!
  6. Pretty sure we had like a 10-1 lead
  7. You must mean leadoff, you are getting a lil carried away lol
  8. You must be one of those weird old guys that screams weed is for the devil to college students?
  9. Pretty sad how people get on here, its actually noob rookie ***** **** to really care about preseason. Like if your a Seahawk fan, they had none before there SB run, then I can understand caring about this weak *** preaseason bs.
  10. I liked what I seen out if him, he will be the starter and he will be solid with a lot of upside and room to grow. I am moving on from Riley, he looks exaxtly the same, but we got a gem to replace him.
  11. You may be right, but Ryqn play one series that was halted by a penalty. No julio, no free, sky hasnt fell yet
  12. I just said I am not going to feeak out in the preseason. Pump the brakes
  13. Im staying chill, I have seen this before, I and many others went off on Shanny in the preseason, then we had one of the best offenses of all time. So I am keeping it chill and so should all of you!
  14. I seen it, now i know everyone else seen that scrub riley