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  1. Well it seems as if the braves will be bottom feeders not worth paying attention to by june. Atleast our minor league system is loaded, they are helping us win a whole lot right now. This is depressing!!
  2. Error on the pitcher is an earned run brah
  3. I will just start posting pics like falconsin..so enjoy the show when i get off work tonight
  4. Ya you summed it up pretty good hahaha
  5. If I worked at BK I could still get what I want, and no matter where you work, you cant get what i get. So throwing fake jabs wont get you anywhere but a circle jerk
  6. I been thinking the same thing, but then I look at my yoga blonde that has no fat and a huge butt and tell myself if this dude wants to show off so much I can show him whats up lol. But I have mad respect for him because I truly believe we are the only ones on these boards that have a real sexy woman. Congrats bro, we have something these clowns dont!
  7. These boards do absolutely nothing to me emotionaly..sorry you let all these ***** bag clowns affect you like that. Me, I just stick to beautiful girls and dudes that act right. You all get off on escape goat and I ask myself how could such a bunch of losers have such a ****** sense of humor, then i show that upper class peeps and they say lol what a bunch of douches..which is why you are all now douchs to me. No life other than these boards. Congrats i party on roof tops and you party on WOW and TAFT. HAHAHAHHAA WE LAUGHING AT YOU ALL
  8. Well someone said he meant playoffs, which he defenitely did not..he did mean sacks but was looking at hits when he said it. Fail!
  9. Lol man this thread is a fail, you need to check up on those stats
  10. Pft on here lmfao...only douches care what the nerdy ***** bags on here think..look bad on taft, you have no life if you care what all these douches think. Prob cant even get away from the computer to **** there ugly fat wives
  11. Thats not a rumor, its a lie made up by someone, and repeating it makes you look bad
  12. Def Rico..Kazee doesnt make every player on the defense better. Rico is one of the reasons Jones has been so good, always adjusting him to the side they are running the play
  13. Be lucky to get a 5th rounder even before the option, dudes just not good and has managed to add nothing to his speed rush other than a terrible spin move
  14. Same story as every year, but this year they are really fast so more people jumped off that cliff
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