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  1. I will take 15 sacks a season, id wait to see what he does when healthy and used right
  2. Like the post that was titled we should not draft a DT in tge first round?
  3. Well when an avalanch falls on you (other peoples opinions on taft) and you crawl out just fine, a loud holler would come after!
  4. This is my whole thing on Sark, if hes not good he def goes, not after the season, but during the bye week. So all in all, by the time the playoffs come around we should be just fine either way
  5. All offseason I have made 2 things very clear, dont draft a DT in the first RD, and dont draft 2 DTs this year. BPA in the first, draft a DT in the 2nd or 3rd, sign a vet DT. Now that its done everyone loves it, even those who said no way! Gloating a lil, maybe, but its more about the Falcons brass actually doing the right thing, not a knee jerk reaction move like the fans when we lost POE. My quote was "No reason to go full John Wayne on DT! I feel a SB run coming with how we approached this offseason. Well played TD and Quinn, well played!
  6. Ya we did exactly what I said we would
  7. I member you!
  8. He didnt recover from blowing the 5-0 start
  9. Romo is garbage what are you talking about
  10. Dude is suing the NFL, we dont need that drama or bullseye on our team
  11. You make no sense..I didnt know JJ was the only guy Ryan threw too..stupid, just stupid!
  12. Im sure Julios stoked to have a Bama guy to play with and tutor
  13. Doubt he makes the squad, we will add another DT before the season
  14. I gave it an A, we got 2 studs in the first 2 rds, snagged DT in about the round I wanted. Then drafted Coleman or in a shocker, Freemans replacement. I also love how we attacked special teams hard while giving Hardy some competition for #4