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  1. He statistically has one of the worst seasons in NBA history
  2. Ya everyone would be complaining that the falcons are just good enough to not get a high draft pick and that the falcons always do this
  3. Lol I'm sorry, it seemed directed at me. And had it been you would need to learn English, which a lot of people on these boards will misinterpret what I say and turn it around, for a moment I thought u were 1 of them. So I apologize
  4. So winning 3 strait and going into Washington and destroying them didn't set the right "mood" before our 5 game losing streak? I understand what your saying, but had we beat cincy and NO this would still be the team we see on Sunday but with 2 more wins and a bigger collapse
  5. Sir, learn how to read English before you comment on a post, no one said he made the team worse, I even stated that in the post! HERE'S YOUR SIGN
  6. In no way am I saying we are worse with him, not even close, Jones is a monster! But the rest of the team just keeps getting worse! Point is to all those that thought he would turn this team into a contender all by himself, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL What's sad is anyone who said otherwise was a troll, OR WE KNEW THIS TEAM WAS BAD AND 1 MAN COULDN'T SAVE US!! Knowing and admitting your team is bad doesn't make you a troll, it means your not a homer!
  7. Well it depends what you mean by good, because according to half the board he by himself was going to turn thus team into a contender, and we may have gotten worse, not because of him, just the team. But first gsme back he had 15 tackles 13 solo and a sack, not sure about last game
  8. Until I have proof I won't think anything is rigged..cowards way out
  9. Ridley was a flashy pick, Oliver seemed like a steal. But to blatantly ignore the trenches in the first 2 rounds when that's what we needed most was and will continue to be our downfall for the next couple years. Once again TD went for the flash and totally ignored the beef!
  10. Misses hardy who coulda walked in..fugly
  11. Dudes killing's finally time to admitt it for me
  12. I will never be over it, and I will never forgive the key personal involved
  13. Don't worry we will be top 5 in a couple weeks