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  1. I posted a thread givin him love yesterday..seems like he gets a sack every week
  2. Seems like he gets a sack every game, I love this dudes motor and the fire he shows after a sack.
  3. I knew they had used this tactic! Haha might be wrong about GB but I remember Sherman going at it with media about it being legal
  4. Pretty sure Sea used this tactic vs GB in one of there matchups
  5. Love Teco but dudes numbers would be insane if he didnt go down on finger tackles like Sean Alexander
  6. Mad props!! 6 sacks, nuff said!
  7. Amazing stat. Congrats, needed the win to truly celebrate it
  8. Julio drop was icing, this is a 6-7 win team. I say we draft 8-10, 8-12 at worst. Who or what position do we target?
  9. Am I the only one thinking that the deal not going through was good for the browns. 2nd and 3rd rounder for Mccaron? Wtf?
  10. Sherman gave uo some huge plays today, more than I ever seen Tru give up thats for sure. He must be garbage too!
  11. Dude had an injury that ristricted him from any upper body movement...dudes rust as ****
  12. It was not same week but close enough together to really hurt. 2012 Georgia vs Alabama and Falcons vs niners. I thought we were double dippin on the trophys that year. 1 play in each game and we would have!!!!!
  13. Lol Shanny had Hankerson, White, Pearson, etc in his firat year. He loaded this team up and knew how to use them
  14. With that being said my season "ended" with an "end around" I quit watching after that and will leave the tv off on sundays for the first time in 25 years..later fellas, until next season!
  15. Inside the half yard line and you do an end wtf??