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  1. I think thats a lil obvious man..anyone who says otherwise is a hater. Julio and Matt are the heart and soul..but ridleys the key, the missing piece we needed so desperately
  2. Awesome..i missed it..thanks for the info!!
  3. For real? Everything is saying he was limited
  4. Need the dude to be 100% healthy for this offense to click. I just hope we dont force him out there early only to lose him for a while..ala Roddy! If he is not a 100% we will lose and the season is a wash so lets not force the issue with this young kid..We need him in the long run because he is the key to us winning a SB in the next few years..
  5. They already started poole at safety and it did not work at all. Everyone was out of position. Poole probably had his best game of the season last week, lets see if he can build on it
  6. I never said you guys did anything wrong, just the odds
  7. I mean I dont disagree with any of them and I aint no snitch but there is no hiding in this situation sooo Jedi, Mash, ya boi J, and Cap are def on the hot seat lol
  8. I have come and gone for the last 15 years and usually dont pay attention to the politics. So may have been around but have no clue what you are talking about haha
  9. Mods are pretty fair now..they used to ban or suspend for anything
  10. I wondered how many high school girls were on this really makes sense that you are 1 of them!
  11. This is what we have all been waiting for..this is the guy thats going to save our season..PURPLE..sad dude couldnt make this piss poor defensive roster
  12. We very well could win in a shootout..but not without Ridley and Sanu
  13. Its someone that follows the boards lol
  14. You think we will win without Sanu and Ridley? Ahh man i dont need this BS in my life..Im moving on..we can talk after the game lol..Hopefully they play!