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  1. I'd say we have a terrible GM and ownership after this offseason. All we did was add Donaldson. McCann is probably a downgrade from suzuki. So ya AA grabbed a buddy for a 1 year deal and called it good lol
  2. Acuna will be leadoff on opening day
  3. Ya we already have a pitcher who can't pitch at home (Julio)
  4. I don't believe in coincedences
  5. So you think Newcomb pitched good down the stretch? Lol I am not even the one who brought him up lol. Why are you arguing with me, sad look on u
  6. Jordan Richards 5'11 210 and just as solid
  7. So we will sign a tackle and draft for the interior of the line.
  8. Newcomb is a terrible example, his downfall was the racist tweet or whatever that surfaced the day after the ump blew his no no. Hopefully he can shake whatever emotional strain it had on him. My biggest issue with the young guys is they had a tendency to throw a lot of balls at times. Even if they fix there control issues this could lead to them being more hittable. Too many ifs for a team that could have put themselves in the drivers seat for a WS
  9. What if it's not a wall and they are who they are? Be a long season
  10. Last preseason he looked good enough for people to call for Matt Ryan's head, so your whole he sucks thing doesn't hold ****** water man. He looked better than and MVP caliber qb and he sucks?
  11. Or major league bats adjusted just like major league arms adjusted to Albies. And like Albie's our pitchers never reinvented themselves, just stayed the same and sucked
  12. Or I just thought you were talking about blown saves in the fashion that everybody be else in the world talks about them, and your blown saves don't take into account tied games. Just look at our record in extras, I know we started off like 0-6, and didn't finish much better. So ya our BP sucks
  13. Yet you guys are leaving out the fact the every young guy got worse as the season goes on, so in reality those foggy numbers are deluted more by the fact that our pitching was way better in the first half
  14. This is comical, good job, he's obviously not the Schaub we traded years back or he would be a starter, in fact he could still start for about 10 teams
  15. Ya we have a big pitching problem, get over yourself, we had weeks stretches where we were ranked dead last in era, so yes they were very inconstant and very bad which means they are not reliable which means they are bad. Your baseball input is bad