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  1. He had bunions removed from his feet over the summer.
  2. Who here doesn't love touch downs?
  3. The only way he would get fired is if he is found with a live boy or a dead girl.
  4. Fixed it for you.
  5. You shouldn't worry about other people worrying about what Cam wears.
  6. Why isn't this an option?
  7. I finished repiping my house yesterday. It was a **** of a job. I got a new level of respect for plumbers.
  8. BREAKING: Police reveal photo of Patriot's owner Robert Kraft's prostitute to the public.
  9. I choose not. You seem to be just another troll from what I've read. Beasley was graded as a first rounder by everyone, so choosing him in the first round wasn't a stretch and why would you look at college tape to evaluate how good a NFL player who has been in the league for multiple years?
  10. That sucks. Hopefully, it's not as bad as it appears but if it is then I hope he comes back next year.
  11. Poor kid, it looks like you need a nap. Does anyone know what type of fracture he has in his foot?
  12. The most cogent thing written in this thread.