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  1. I choose not. You seem to be just another troll from what I've read. Beasley was graded as a first rounder by everyone, so choosing him in the first round wasn't a stretch and why would you look at college tape to evaluate how good a NFL player who has been in the league for multiple years?
  2. That sucks. Hopefully, it's not as bad as it appears but if it is then I hope he comes back next year.
  3. Poor kid, it looks like you need a nap. Does anyone know what type of fracture he has in his foot?
  4. I understand he isn't playing at the level most reasonable people have expected him to but he does have a lot of pressure put on him from the coaching staff, his fellow players, and the fans. I can understand his anxiety but I believe once he gets more experience he will start showing signs of improvement.
  5. Injuries happen with or without conditioning. Over extending, getting hit, getting bent in awkward positions can cause injuries and none of those things have anything to do with conditioning. Injuries are random and can happen to anyone by anything. I remember a player a few years ago who tore his ACL from jumping in celebration.
  6. Dude has 7 or so starts and currently playing a new position and for some reason if he isn't playing at a pro bowl level he needs to get cut. I'd hate to be their children because they would be disowned for not being the next Jeff Bezos.
  7. Most running backs production is tied to OL play.
  8. Never mind then, I thought you were talking about the injury that sidelined him last year.
  9. It's not the same injury. I believed he tore his triceps last year.
  10. Isn't that leading with your helmet to initiate contact?
  11. The most cogent thing written in this thread.
  12. You know you don't have to be. You aren't obligated to be a fan of anything.
  13. That's not true at all.
  14. Line play in the league has been declining over the years. It seems now the more older, experienced linemen have produced better results.
  15. 8 weeks at least.
  16. Something, something our last years receivers.
  17. If you got fired, after you thought you did a good job, without an explanation wouldn't you be salty? Of course his opinion is wrong but leave the man alone.
  18. The man doesn't think he is being fairly compensated and he's going on strike. There is nothing wrong with that.