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  1. What you should have asked for a far more productive discussion is "What do you guys think about trading for (insert player name)?" and then maybe list reasons why it would be beneficial.
  2. I didn't say you can't or shouldn't ask questions but you have to admit this thread is kind of pointless based on your premise.
  3. Didn't you hear, Julio Jones isn't going to play at all this season unless he is paid 30 million dollars per year, get part ownership of the Falcons, and the soul of every firstborn child in the state of Georgia. Guess Ridley will have to do it by himself.
  4. So is this thread about a rumor which you derived from a fan asking a random question productive?
  5. And the moon landing was actually filmed on a sound stage by Stanley Kubrick.
  6. You forgot to put in that asking for a raise makes you greedy and that a lot of people here behave like petulant children.
  7. I don't think that's how that works.
  8. This whole thread is stupid. People are complaining about a second hand news story that might or might not be true.
  9. Peyton just got back to playing, Brees didn't have his head coach, the Chargers weren't good, the Giants weren't good, the Cowboys weren't good, the Lions weren't good, the Eagles weren't good, and the Raiders weren't good.
  10. That defense in 2012 was smoke and mirrors.
  11. So basically 2 players which might or might not be good, a safety who came off an injury and played average, and two positions we can fill even with Julio's contract.
  12. NFL contracts are different than what most people see. Julio might have signed a 70 million dollar contract but he is only guaranteed 67% of it. Like a lot of jobs, you can ask to change the terms of your agreement or ask for a raise if you think you deserve it.
  13. So basically two rookies and a safety who had an underwhelming year?