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  1. A lot of teams usually start the season slow.
  2. My point is that this game has no real implications on how the team will perform 5 weeks from now.
  3. The defense crapped the bed but I don't hear people talking about wanting Manuel gone and don't give me this crap about how good they were last year.
  4. It's funny, the offense wasn't working but the defense was just as inept. No pass rush, bad tackling, bad angles, bad reads, etc.
  5. I thought Reddit was bad.
  6. Yes, generally the subscriptions will cover multiple devices. I haven't used any on a Firestick or PS4 but there should be instructions on how to set them up.
  7. It helps with people who can't get great reception with an antenna and don't subscribe to cable or those who want to stream it on a mobile device.
  8. Generally they are pretty cheap. Usually 5 to 10 a month.
  9. It's probably advertising agreements since the pre-season games have local advertising. You should be able to use a VPN to get around it though.
  10. Cause he is wearing one of these
  11. If you live in market, you can get PSVue, which should have all local channels, has the NFL Network if you want it, and you can DVR for a month before it gets deleted.
  12. If you are in market I recommend PSVue.
  13. Give it a rest