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  1. I, for one, welcome our new potato overlord coach. In all seriousness, does MVP in your name stand for most vapid person? Bill Belichick is 70 and he is going to retire as Patriot.
  2. I believe he is a Panthers fan. I also think he is a bit jaded with the Falcons because he might have lost money betting on the team the past couple of years.
  3. I don't post often but I peruse every now and then.
  4. Is it me or are there too many people who think Spts1 is being serious?
  5. Why bother arguing if Matt Ryan was or was not the sole reason the team lost the Super Bowl? It's like trying to convince flat earthers that the world is round, they choose to be ignorant because it makes them feel superior even though everyone laughs at them.
  6. I ride on the Silver Comet trail and I see black people all decked out with expensive road bikes looking like they're training for the Tour de France.
  7. He had bunions removed from his feet over the summer.
  8. Who here doesn't love touch downs?
  9. The only way he would get fired is if he is found with a live boy or a dead girl.
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