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  1. He's a bad person for thinking about how much money he wants to make? You are really hung up on this, aren't you?
  2. I don't think you quite understand how cap management works.
  3. Louisiana would be ranked 48th in education instead of 49th.
  4. It was one achilles injury surgery and a second surgery for bone spurs.
  5. He didn't make it. Apparently, he is a bit on the light side and needs to gain weight.
  6. I don't know your financial situation but most people don't have the earning potential as a high-quality professional athlete. There is a difference in having tens of millions of dollars vs having hundreds of millions to over a billion dollars. Quality of life might not change as much but you can do a lot more altruistic work with that much more money.
  7. That would be the most horrible contract ever, the amount of money lost due to interest would be staggering.
  8. I never saw anyone mention that the Pro Bowl was on January, 28 at 3 PM.
  9. The one thing you post in this thread somehow relates to QB compensation, something you've been harping on in your other posts. For the receiver comment, Alshon Jeffrey is not making Julio Jones/Antonio Brown money. Currently, there may be 5 wide receivers making huge money, Alshon Jeffery isn't one of them. Julio Jones accounts for about 8 percent of our cap. Alshon Jeffery is at about 2 percent for the Eagles. Don't get me wrong, I want Julio Jones to stay, but you are pretty thick headed if you think any team would get rid of a good QB over a wide receiver for cap implications. If there is any violation of rules, the Patriots would be heavily penalized. The fact that they haven't been should tell you that the other owners have been told and agreed that nothing is amiss. Don't you think Jerry Jones or Arthur Blank would not bring this up? Tom Brady is in a situation where he doesn't need to maximize his value with contracts in the NFL. His wife makes more money than him so how much would his life change if he had an extra 20 or 30 million dollars? He has probably made more money through endorsements by taking a bit less so they can field a better team but his situation is unique and should not be looked at as some standard to judge everyone else on.
  10. 1999, at a Best Buy, I wasn' really into sports at all at that point, I watched the overtime for the NFC Championship on.
  11. You see what they don't have, a high priced receiver.
  12. They have to use their money, might as well gamble it on a QB. It's not like they were winning many games before he got there.
  13. A team with a lot of cap space and a means to get out of the contract in two years without much of a consequence.