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  1. I was hoping to see this
  2. Not to get too far off topic but that seems like throwing a grenade to get rid of an ant hill.
  3. Who the **** prescribes codone for a cold?
  4. He started playing well in the playoffs in 2012.
  5. What you just wrote is hypothetical. We don't know until it actually happens.
  6. Well, the player with the best QBR on the Falcons is Sanu. So maybe he should play QB?
  7. Leave Byrdman alone. Who cares if he has a hard-on for Cam and he has some unnatural hatred for Matt Ryan?
  8. I don't think this is right. Edit - Nevermind, we haven't faced Winston this year.
  9. Cam and Matt Ryan are no Blake Bortles.
  10. You've been listening to Colin Cowherd a bit too much.